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Reader Stories: What Advice Convinced You to Get an IUD?


Updated September 09, 2012

The IUD is a T-shaped device that is inserted into the uterus and is an extremely effective contraceptive method.
  • Mirena IUD continuously releases a small amount of progestin and is effective for 5 years
  • ParaGard is wrapped in copper, is the only non-medicated IUD option in the US and works for 10 years
Many fear IUD use due to reading false information. Some are afraid of the IUD insertion or IUD removal.

IUDs are long-term options, so you want to make sure of your choice.

For those of you who have had an IUD insertion or IUD removal, what questions are you glad you asked your doctor before having your IUD procedure?

Questions I Asked My Doctor

The questions really helped in my decision-making as my doctor’s answered lead me to decide to go through with the insertion! He told me that Mirena was like 99.9% effective… one of the m…More

My Savior - Treats Heavy Bleeding

The question that most affected my decision was when he provided me an answer that sounded like music to my ears! He told me that Mirena had just been FDA approved to treat heavy menstrual bleeding a…More

ParaGard: Nonhormonal but Effective Method

These questions helped as I was hooked as soon as my doctor confirmed that ParaGard did not contain hormones, as far as birth control effectivess goes, ParaGard is over 99% effective, and lasts for 1…More

IUD Insertion

Because the IUD was so long-term, it saved me money monthly compared to the pill or the Nuva Ring. I'm on my second Mirena at this point, and I haven't had a period in seven years (perk: laundry is r…More

Why I Choose to Use an IUD

I was apprehensive because I have never had a child but my doctor was very reassuring about the reversability and success rate if IUD's I feel this website and hearing personal stories may have been …More

Ask Questions About an IUD Insertion

I had the copper T 7 IUD inserted when I was 25 years old. I think that I was too young and naive at that time and did not know enough about IUDs (and their potential side effects) to make the best d…More

Ask the Right Questions & Be Weary of Ranting Stories

My doctor explained that since I have already had a child, have been able to tolerate hormonal contraception in the past, and was fairly certain that I would know whether or not I wanted more kids wi…More

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