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Submit an Entry: Tell Me About Your Birth Control Blog

By CycleTechnologies

Updated August 17, 2010

Name of Your Birth Control Blog:

The Fertile Window

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What Do You Write About in Your Blog?

The Fertile Window explores research, news, and information surrounding women's health and fertility awareness. The blog looks at family planning from a slightly different perspective than most with an emphasis on fertility awareness-based family planning options and an open mind.

Why Did You Start Your Blog?

Natural family planning has long been an area that has been misunderstood, dismissed, and on occasion even vilified. Natural birth control options are good choices for many women and should be included as part of a full range of options. New modern, natural methods are especially good at addressing the need for better birth control options for women and women need to know about them.


  • Explore your options.
  • Know your self.
  • Understand what options will fit best with your lifestyle.
  • Consider costs.
  • Consider your future fertility plans.
  • Make sure it's something you will actually use consistently.

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