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Reader Stories: Talking to Parents About Sex and How To Get Birth Control


Updated September 09, 2012

Have you talked to your parents about birth control and/or sex? It may be embarrassing and intimidating to ask your parents questions about sex and how to get birth control, but it can be a wonderful opportunity to open the lines of communication. When it comes to something as important and life-changing as sex, it’s wise that you also get information from a trusted adult who has already been down this road. Your parents’ perspective can really help you in your decision whether to “do it” now, to wait or to choose abstinence.

It’s important to have your questions about birth control and sex answered with correct information.Female teens who discuss contraception with their partners before sex are twice as likely to practice safe sex. Research about teen birth control decisions shows that consistent teen birth control use happens in relationships where partners have discussed birth control prior to first having sex. Sixty two percent of females and 51% of males who discussed birth control with their partners before having sex for the first time reported always using contraception. Having the birth control talk, first with parents, may help facilitate these conversations between teen partners. Many teens have questions about how to talk to their parents about sex and birth control options.

So, if you have had the sex talk with your parents, please share how your sex discussion went. By doing so, other teens may gain some helpful tips on talking to their parents about birth control and sex.

Do Your Research and Be Prepared!

We mainly focused on weather or not I was active or planning on becoming active and my feelings as to why I wanted to go on the pill. I discussed the pros and she discussed the cons. My mom wasn't th…More

I Talked to My Mum About Getting on the Pill

One major point was if I was having sex (I didnt tell her because I thought my mum would overreact) We also talked about if I wanted to have sex with my boyfriend (that I told them)I asked them if th…More

My First Sex Talk

The major points were on the biology behind sex and how it can impregnate a woman if proper precautions aren't put in place. She discussed methods of birth control, and we briefly went over how to te…More

Being Educated

saying with my body and my mouth that " i'm not pregnant"!the rest is a long story that has not been published to be honest i dont really remember what was said by the way it did come out we both sai…More

Be Open With Your Parents

We discussed whether I had talked about it with my "partner" and talked about that it was a big decision but that at least if I did decide to do it that it would be with someone who truly cared about…More

Be Honest and Just Do It!

I asked for her to put me on birth controlShe says if she finds out if me and means my boyfriend are having sex then she will charge him with satuatory rape. She doesn't agree with me trying to be as…More

I Wish my Mum Woul Talk to Me About Sex - I Was Ignored!

Of what was discussed:I was to young I shouldn't be thinking about thisI should wait until marriage I'm 16 and I've been with my boyfriend for a year. I don't have any answers and any sexual activity…More

Talk to Me About Sex Mom and Dad!

NONE! I just heard my mom talking to a church friend on the phone. This is what she said (no kidding)...My mom said, "all this teen pregnancy stuff is just hype. Its propaganda (SP?) with the intent …More

Talked to death!

I'm 15, turning 16 on 2nd of aug. Basically, my mum and I have talked about sex and some basic contraception. She does not know a lot about the various hormonal and prescription methods out there. So…More

Talking to Mom About Getting Birth Control

My mother was very open to this discussion and we talked at great length about the pros and cons of being put on birth control (we already had the "sex talk" when I was younger, so this discussion fo…More

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