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I Wish my Mum Woul Talk to Me About Sex - I Was Ignored!

Share Your Story: Talking to Parents About Sex and How To Get Birth Control

By rah!

Updated June 11, 2011

Who Initiated the Sex Talk and Who Was Present?

I had a condom in my room from a festival when they were handing out free ones, my mum found it and asked why I had it. I told her I got it free but commented that if I was having sex wouldn't it be better if I was having safe sex. I tried to then bring it up with her but she basically ignored it and just concluded I was too young and shouldn't even be thinking about that stuff.

The Major Points That Were Discussed

Of what was discussed:

I was to young

I shouldn't be thinking about this

I should wait until marriage

I'm 16 and I've been with my boyfriend for a year. I don't have any answers and any sexual activity is condoned

I wish my mum would be open to talking to this stuff with me as I'm obviously going to have questions.


  • Try and be considerate of your parents values and beliefs if they are willing to talk to you
  • Be as honest as you can
  • I would love to be able to talk to my mum about all this stuff, appreciate that you can
  • If your mum completely avoids the subject find another trusted adult to talk to it about

How Old Were You When You Had the Sex Talk?

I've never really had the "sex talk" as such

What Questions Did You Ask? Were They All Answered?

No - my mum didn't answer anyhing.

How Were You Feeling During the Sex Talk?

Frustrated - since my mum basically ignored the whole conversation.

How Satisfied Were You After the Sex Talk?

I was frustrated my mum couldn't or wouldn't talk to me about it

Dawn Stacey M.Ed, LMHC, About.com Contraception, says:

These are some great bits of advice - if you are a teen, and your parents refuse to discuss sex and birth control woth you, find a trusted adult or counselor to speak to. If you are going to be having sex, you should be protecting yourself. Parents, this teen's post should OPEN YOU EYES and it is representative of how many teenagers today feel... talk to your kids!
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