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My Sex Talk

Share Your Story: Talking to Parents About Sex and How To Get Birth Control

By Tim

Updated June 14, 2012

Who Initiated the Sex Talk and Who Was Present?

My mother and my dad and me.

The Major Points That Were Discussed

* Masturbation feels good and is perfectly normal.

* Oral sex can be just as risky as regular sex (though it doesn't cause pregnancy). You can still get sexually transmitted diseases.

* Vaginal Sex should be avoided unless you have a condom on, and that withdrawal is not effective.

* They told me that if I ever needed a condom, to ask and they will buy me some.


  • Talk to your parents and they can help you when you have questions on topics that are akward.

How Old Were You When You Had the Sex Talk?


What Questions Did You Ask? Were They All Answered?

We both asked and answered questions.

How Were You Feeling During the Sex Talk?


How Satisfied Were You After the Sex Talk?

I felt more knowledgeable.

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