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Talk to Me About Sex Mom and Dad!

Share Your Story: Talking to Parents About Sex and How To Get Birth Control

By Macie

Updated July 27, 2010

Who Initiated the Sex Talk and Who Was Present?

OMG - my parents refuse to have the sex talk with us. I am 13 and my siter is 11. If I even attempt to bring up the subject, my parents will tell me that I am "too young." Give me a break, I have friends who are having sex already.

The Major Points That Were Discussed

NONE! I just heard my mom talking to a church friend on the phone. This is what she said (no kidding)...

My mom said, "all this teen pregnancy stuff is just hype. Its propaganda (SP?) with the intent of trying to scare parents into having the talk way sooner than it is really appropriate. I don’t want my daughters thinking that I condone sexual activity, so I will address the topic with them when they are more emotionally developed. Even then, the only option they will need to know about is abstinence. Sex is not something that teens need to be doing. Its reserved for a man and a woman who have pledged their commitment through marriage. If a parent conveys this to there child, the child’s behavior will follow suit."

Are you kidding me???????


  • My parents stupidly think that if they tell me about sex, I will think this means they think I am ready to have sex. I just want to know the truth. There is so much information out there that I am confused. If I can't talk to my parents, then I have to trust what my friends are telling me.
  • Teens need to know about birth control options. More than just abstinence. If a teen wants to have sex, she will, even if her parents tell her not to. My 14 year old friend just found out she is pregnant Bcuz her parents didn't talk to her.
  • Teen pregnancy is REAL! Why can't my mom realize this?

How Old Were You When You Had the Sex Talk?

I have been talking about sex with my friends since I was 12.

What Questions Did You Ask? Were They All Answered?

None of my questions are ever answered. If I ask my parents anything, they answer that I am too young and not emotionally ready for this topic of conversation.

How Were You Feeling During the Sex Talk?


How Satisfied Were You After the Sex Talk?

I probably won't be, my parents will probably just tell me stuff from the bible and that sex is for marriage. It would be nice to save myself for marriage, but I am thinkin that may be hard to do.

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