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Reader Stories: Talking to Kids About Sex and Birth Control


Updated September 27, 2011

Have you talked to your kids, tweens or teens about birth control and/or sex? Talking to kids about sex and how to get birth control can be awkward, or it can be a wonderful opportunity to open the lines of communication. Research about teen birth control decisions reveals that consistent teen birth control use happens in relationships where partners have discussed birth control prior to first having sex. Female teens who discuss contraception with their partners before sex are twice as likely to practice safe sex. Sixty two percent of females and 51% of males who discussed birth control with their partners before having sex for the first time reported always using contraception. Having the birth control talk, first with parents, may help facilitate these conversations between teen partners.

Many parents have questions about how to talk to their kids about sex and birth control options. So, if you have had the sex talk, please share how your sex discussion went. By doing so, other parents may gain some helpful tips on talking to their own kids about birth control and sex. And if you haven't had the talk yet and are looking for some guidance, see What Teens Want To Know: Sex Talk Advice for Parents...From a Teen's Point-of-View.

Teachable Moments

All of us mammals are alike. We eat, pee, poop & have sex with penis, ejaculate semen, have vaginas, uterus & ovaries. We have menstrual cyles rather than heat cycles. We all give birth to helpless b…More

Start Early

We started when the kids (boy & girl) were young by referring to body parts by proper names, describing functions. Did not worry about giving too much info, we knew they would eventually understand w…More

A Natural Progression

At first, the talks were about basic information. I found that this made it easier to have the real serious sex talk when she was 12 because I was confortable discussing this terminology with her. Wh…More

Sex Talk - Better Sooner than Later

We talked mostly about safe sex practices. I tried to emphasize the importance of respecting women. I also tried to normalize any sexual feelings that they may be feeling (after all, I was once a tee…More

Sex Talk = Business Meeting

How reproduction works and ways to prevent babies and sexually transmitted infections. I also let them know what I expected of them. Yet, I stressed that if they made different choices, I would still…More

Regretfully, I Haven't Had the Sex Talk Yet

I want to explain sex and contraception in a way that my daughter doesn't roll her eyes at me! I know that this firts talk sets the stage for future discussions, so I am afraid that I will mess it up…More

The Best Thing I Ever Did!

This conversation opened up a deep and informative discussion about sex, what the kids are doing these days and how my daughter feels about the sex. She opened up a little about some mild relations s…More

Teenage Sex Education for My Teen

We've had the talk (actually many talks) about sex and contraception. I have come to realize, though, that even though we talked about birth control, I never told him specifically about how to get it…More

Sex Talk with My Daughter

I explained how reproduction worked as well as her monthly period. I included some explanation about how sperm can get to an egg. I didn't really go into birth control. I also told my daughter my exp…More

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