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Reader Stories: What Led to Your Decision to Get Your Tubes Tied (or is preventing it)?


Updated September 09, 2012

Permanent sterilization is a very popular birth control method in America. Having your tubes tied surgically or via a method like Essure or Adiana offers effective pregnancy protection for the rest of your reproductive years and lacks major side effects.

Yet, you should carefully consider if a tubal ligation is right for you as some women who get their tubes tied later regret this decision. Though a tubal can sometimes be reversed, a tubal reversal is a major surgical procedure.

Given that this is such a big decision (if you have had your tubes tied or are thinking about it), please share your decision-making process.

Happy... Most of the Time

I was most petrified about having to undergo surgery to have my tubes tied. It seemed more fair that my husband had a vasectomy since that isn’t as invasive (we fought about that constantly). D…More

No Regrets!

I did not have any major fears (other than having to undergo surgery). My advice to those deciding on have your tubes tied is to do your research about all the tubal ligation methods available - as m…More

Not Yet!

Post tubal ligation syndrome, or ovarian isolation is a serious condition that can happen as a result of tubal ligation, Essure, or Adiana. If you have had one of these procedures and you feel fine, …More

I Want Another Baby!

I have 2 boys and I want my girl! Third times a charm right! Before I found out that I was allergic to birth control, we decided that we would have another one in about 3 years - that way there all w…More

It Was Not My Choice

I DID NOT WANT IT DONE!!! I was forced to do it and had thought that I would talk to the Dr ALONE at some point to tell him what was being done. My husband gave me no choice in this. The first Dr ref…More

Happy with 2 Kids and My Tied Tubes!

It was the best thing I could do. Before I wanted To have children I always struggled with taking birth control. I NEVER want to think of birth control again. I would just make sure to do what's righ…More

I Had a Tubal Ligation Due to Pregnancy Complications

Having a tubal pregnancy concerns me. I would hate to think that I got pregnant and lost the baby due to my decision to have my tubes tied. I do not think I could accept the loss under those circumst…More


I want it done, I just don't know if they still do that procedure. I live in Oklahoma. My sister works at a hospital and is going to ask the dr. she works for about it. My mom says she doesn't know i…More

I'll Know When the Time Comes

Well, the biggest obstacle is my own indecision. The fact is, I'm 20, and sometimes I find children adorable and sometimes my biological clock wants moar babbies - not that I have any currently. I kn…More

No Regrets - Wanted Something Permanent

Just having the surgery I guess but other than that, nothing. I was only sore for a couple of days and was back training on day 4. My partner was very supportive and looked after me all day. I was ne…More

I Don't Want Children

Insurance won't cover it because I am 19. Yes I know I am young, but I am sure and this is my decision. I really wish my insurance would cover it they say it needs to be "necessary" before they will …More

My Adiana Decision

My doctor gave me this suggestion after i had my two wonderful children and was nervous about getting my tubes tied. I didn't like the sound of scars. So I took home a pamphlet and did some research.…More

Make Sure YOU are Ready

I got married at a young age and we decided this was best since we thought that we would never divorce and we felt our family was complete. NOT! He cheated made another baby and we divorced. Now we a…More

My Tubal Ligation Decision

I really haven't had any obstacles. It was a fairly easy descision. I have health problems, an immune system disorder, as well as other factors, and I'm currently pregnant with my second child, there…More

Having My Tubes Tied Next Month!

Nothing is stopping me right now. I have my surgery scheduled for next month, so it's a matter of waiting till my day comes. The only thing I'm truly scared of is the pain, but other than that I don'…More


Fortunately there were no obstabcles during the procedure. I was done within a couple of hours. Including administiring of meds and toradol injection. My doctor prescribed two (2) Motrin 800, Xanax, …More

Having My Tubes Tied - No Regrets!

I had to fight with the doctors and everyone else just to have this procedure done. I have never been pregnant and never wanted to be. I was tired of the nasty side effects caused by hormonal birth c…More

Considering a Tubal Ligation

I have an upcoming appointment with my ob/gyn doctor to discuss further matters and to schedule a surgery date. I'm not afraid of undergoing surgery as I have already had 3 C-sections. The best way t…More

Major Regrets About Having My Tubes Tied

I would not have one unless I knew in my heart it is what I wanted to do and not a husband/friend/lover/parent/sibling etc telling me. Please for your own well being, I would think seriously before h…More

Glad I Waited to have a Tubal Ligation

The only thing that scared me was the thought of them cutting into me while I was out. It is a scary thought knowing you will be sleeping and will not be able to control what goes on around you. But …More

I Was Sure with Essure

I think that I was most unsure of whether or not the procedure would be painful. I had decided that the Essure procedure would be best for me, so that I would not have to have surgery. My concerns we…More

Not Ready

I probably should have had my tubes tied after my last C-section but chose not too. I am fearful about the permanent nature of this procedure. I would possibly like to have one more child but my husb…More

Health Concerns

Because we were going to a Catholic hospital and they don't normally allow voluntary sterilization, we had to submit a request to the ethics board. The board agreed with my doctor that it would be de…More

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