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Reader Stories: What Led to Your Decision to Get Your Tubes Tied (or is preventing it)?


Updated September 09, 2012

Permanent sterilization is a very popular birth control method in America. Having your tubes tied surgically or via a method like Essure or Adiana offers effective pregnancy protection for the rest of your reproductive years and lacks major side effects.

Yet, you should carefully consider if a tubal ligation is right for you as some women who get their tubes tied later regret this decision. Though a tubal can sometimes be reversed, a tubal reversal is a major surgical procedure.

Given that this is such a big decision (if you have had your tubes tied or are thinking about it), please share your decision-making process.

How Did You Decide?

Happy... Most of the Time

I was most petrified about having to undergo surgery to have my tubes tied. It seemed more fair that my husband had a vasectomy since that isn’t as invasive (we fought about that constantly). D…More

No Regrets!

I did not have any major fears (other than having to undergo surgery). My advice to those deciding on have your tubes tied is to do your research about all the tubal ligation methods available - as m…More

Considering a Tubal Ligation

My only issue is that I'm 20 years old and I know that being so young and having no children would make doctors unwilling to perform on me. I've also had a mirena IUD in for a year and it has been re…More

Did My Research on my Tubal Ligation

Initially, I was very afraid of having surgery since I had never gone under before. My fear was eased by doing extensive research and having several in depth conversations with my doctor about all of…More

Not Happy With Essure

I was really scared of the procedure itself, more so than what was said to me. My Dr. Was very exact and explained everything to me. My advice would be to READ up on it all. Make a good decision base…More

Want to Get My Tubes Tied

The Only Thing Thats Stopping Me From Having My Tubes Tied Is That I Just Turned 20 Years Old And Everyone Tells Me That Doctors Are Not Doing It Because Of My Age And Because My Kids Are Not A Diffe…More

Laparoscopic Tubal Ligation

I was petrified of being put to sleep, but I was even more afraid of the complications of another pregnancy because I had such a difficult pregnancy this time. I really didn't have any support from m…More

Nonsurgical Tubal

None - I wasn't scared because I'd done my research, I'd just turned 40, and I knew this was the best decision for me. The only delay was the time between my consultation appointment and the procedur…More

Still Considering Tubal Ligation

Antichoice doctors and politicians who think they have the right to dictate what I do with my body. i never want to be pregnant, give birth, or raise children ever. Tubal ligation is one of the best …More

No Regrets on Getting My Tubes Tied

I got to say I wasn't scared . I think I was excited because I knew I couldn't get pregnant anymore. I didn't have worries anymore. When your ready you will know. Because I knew when I turn 40. I did…More

My Tubal Ligation Story

I didn't feel I was afraid of anything, it was my choice, I didn't really give my fiancé a say in it. We have 2 kids girl and boy. My daughter is 12 she is the youngest. I just can't start over,…More

Non-Surgical Permanent Birth Control

None. I wanted a tubal ligation when my last child was born (I was 24 at the time, he is now 18) and I was refused because of my age--even though I'd already had two children before age 20. When I wa…More

A Better Future

I was most afraid of the possibility of regretting my decision because to mean regret is one of the worst feelings to have. And sometimes it follows you. My advice would be to look at your life and m…More

Got My Tubes Tied

I have been refused continuously by multiple doctors claiming I'm too young (I'm currently 32 with no kids), as well as refusal based on my husband's sudden desire for children after 12 years. Despit…More

My Tubal Ligation

There were no obstacles this was not my choice. I have daily regrets in listening to someone that was just trying to hurt me. But I was blinded at the time and could not see what was ahead of me. I w…More

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