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Share Your Story: What Led to Your Decision to Get Your Tubes Tied (or is preventing it)?

By Nicole

Updated September 03, 2010

What is Your Tubal Ligation Status?

I had the Adiana procedure done 9/2/10. I initially wanted to have the Novasure procedure done, but when I inquired about conitnuing birth control pills, my doctor offered me Adiana as an alternative. I scheduled it one week later.

Obstacles in Your Tubal Decision

Fortunately there were no obstabcles during the procedure. I was done within a couple of hours. Including administiring of meds and toradol injection. My doctor prescribed two (2) Motrin 800, Xanax, and a toradol injection. I had to take one Motrin the night before the procedure. I had come to the come to the decision that I did not want to have children.

What I'd Do Differently

  • I wouldn't do anything differently.

What Were/Are Some of the Factors in Your Decision?

I have not had children, and at 38 years of age, don't see it in my future. At this stage in my life, my risks during pregnancy increase, as well as deformaties with the baby. I didn't want to risk this. I've had problems with my period for years. Too young for hysterectomy.

What was Most Helpful in Making Your Tubal Decision?

Having to have Adiana done prior to Novasure. Permanent birth control, and BCPs no longer. Hopefully my blood pressure will go down.

How Did You Know It Was “Time” for Permanent Measures?

It's been time, but my doctor felt that I was too young.

Did You Have One Single Deciding Factor?

I had come to the decision that I didn't want to have children. Severe problems with my period.

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