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Financial Stress

Happy with 2 Kids and My Tied Tubes!

Share Your Story: What Led to Your Decision to Get Your Tubes Tied (or is preventing it)?

By Lucky2

Updated March 08, 2012

What is Your Tubal Ligation Status?

My tubes are tied I had it done after my 2nd and final c-section.

Obstacles in Your Tubal Decision

It was the best thing I could do. Before I wanted To have children I always struggled with taking birth control. I NEVER want to think of birth control again. I would just make sure to do what's right for you. It's a very personal choice and life long decision. Somedays my oldest will ask me for a brother, but she knows mommys tummy isn't "working" that's sad to think I just can't do it the old fashion way, but if I did for some reason want to give birth IVF is an option.

What I'd Do Differently

  • I feel good about having the procedure done.
  • sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have 3 kids or maybe try for a boy, but I'm happy with my little angels.
  • it makes me stress free

What Were/Are Some of the Factors in Your Decision?

I'm an only child. Having one child made me realize that even being married the MOM gets the most work. I can't personally handle any more than 2. I have 2 only children.

What was Most Helpful in Making Your Tubal Decision?

It wasn't something I researched.

I went to my 1st prenatal appointment and asked the dr on the spot if she would do it at delivery.

How Did You Know It Was “Time” for Permanent Measures?

I just couldn't imagine being pregnant again.

I also knew I wanted to really get back into my career.

Did You Have One Single Deciding Factor?

I just knew I was done at 2.

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