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My Tubal Ligation Decision

Share Your Story: What Led to Your Decision to Get Your Tubes Tied (or is preventing it)?

By Amber

Updated September 24, 2010

My Tubal Ligation Decision

What is Your Tubal Ligation Status?

Will be having done after childbirth

Obstacles in Your Tubal Decision

I really haven't had any obstacles. It was a fairly easy descision. I have health problems, an immune system disorder, as well as other factors, and I'm currently pregnant with my second child, therefore instead of, after having this child, going on with birth control or other non 100% methods of not getting pregnant, I decided to have the procedure done after this child is born, to keep myself alive and to see my children grow up. And this way I won't ever have to worry about getting pregnant again, especially since my husband is very sexually active and we have a very healthy sex life, so I know abstinence is not an option...this seemed like the best option with as young as I am, and the doctor was very much for me having the operation after my 2nd is born.

What I'd Do Differently

  • I wouldn't do anything differently

What Were/Are Some of the Factors in Your Decision?

The main factor was my health. I may be able to have this child, but a third may not be good for my health at all, may even kill me. So even though it sounds selfish, I want to be around to see my children grow up.

What was Most Helpful in Making Your Tubal Decision?

The fact the doctor suggested I could get it done during the cesarian or even done after, should the delivery be too early. He stated it's a very simple procedure, done all the time, with very few complications. I felt good about the decision

How Did You Know It Was “Time” for Permanent Measures?

When my doctor told me that I have a less than 50% chance of carrying full term and that pre-eclampsia (which happened with my first, and may happen with my second) is a high possibility.

Did You Have One Single Deciding Factor?

That my health will only allow me to handle two children.

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