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Readers Respond: iPhone and Android Phone Apps

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Updated November 16, 2012

From the article: Birth Control Apps

How did we ever survive before the introduction of the iphone and android phone? It seems that we rely on these devices and their phone apps way more than we would probably like to admit! From paying bills, to figuring out where we are, our iphones and androids simplify our daily lives. Yet, these phones can do so much more. There are iphone fertility apps that can help you determine when you ovulate, chart your fertility and assist in natural family planning. There are birth control apps as well. These can provide you with information on contraceptive methods, hormonal birth control, showing you where to buy condoms or find the morning-after pill, reminding you to take your pill (or remove your patch or NuvaRing), and even how to correctly put on a condom!

Even though some of these apps can be entertaining, they can also make a huge difference when it come to preventing contraceptive failure. I am sure many of you have phone apps like these that you love or depend on. Do tell! Please share which birth control iphone and android phone apps you use. What do you love (or not like) about them? How have they helped you manage your contraceptive needs?

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