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Readers Respond: Secrets to Natural Planning Success

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Updated August 09, 2011

Thousands of people rely on natural planning as their primary method of birth control. Natural planning methods based on fertility awareness and knowing your fertility cycle can be extremely rewarding options to try. Natural family planning has been shown to encourage male involvement in contraception responsibilities as well as deepen the intimacy, emotional connection and communication between partners.

Do you use a natural planning method, like the Standard Days Method, the Billings Method, or another NFP or fertility awareness method? What makes it so effective for you? Please share your discoveries and experiences that make natural planning work in your life.

You must approach it seriously...

I have used the Billings Method all my reproductive life, with no surprises. I studied the Method with a teacher for several months. We followed the rules and didn't take chances on my fertile days. You also need a supportive partner. My decision was made due to unacceptable medical barriers surrounding the Pill. I have a deep understanding of my body - and have never had any health problems, some of my friends on the Pill were not so lucky with side effects and unnecessary biopsies after false positive pap tests caused by serious over-screening. If you're committed, you can make it work and it's nice to take joint responsibility for birth control.
—Guest Elizabeth

Keep it Simple

I use Standard Days… quite simply, it was the easiest of all the natural method to understand and to use (I like things simple). I have friends who use other NFP methods. Based on our talks, my advice would be not to keep trying one of these methods if it isn’t working for you or you don’t feel right about it. There are many NFP options, so find the one that best fits your comfort level and lifestyle. At first, it was upsetting turning my husband down for sex on my “restricted” days. But this lead us to explore other ways to be intimate that didn’t involve intercourse. My husband and I are closer now than we ever where. There is a different emphasis on our physical relationship since our emotional level is so high. I have found Standard Days to be the simplest, but you must have a reliable cycle that only lasts 26 to 32 days. After tracking mine and finding it to be reliably 29 days long, the decision to use this natural method was a no brainer. Good luck!
—Guest Very Much In Love

Be Committed to NFP

My husband and I chose natural planning due to our religious beliefs. When we first met, I was on the pill. He felt strongly that we rely on NFP stating that God ultimately chooses when a baby is created. Me, being a little more practical and knowing how conception occurs, did not quite buy into this viewpoint. Though skeptical, I was willing to learn and explore NFP. The more I found out, the more drawn into it I was. Finally, we made that our only contraceptive method. I think the most important part to success with this method is that you need to fully believe in it and trust that it will work. If you are not 100% committed to understanding NFP and following it correctly, you may not experience the same success that we have.
—Guest Miranda

Trust and Be Comfortable With Your Body

We rely on the sympto-thermal natural planning method. This method became successful for us once we fully learned it and both felt comfortable using it. I needed to learn to trust my instincts and my knowledge of my body. Using a fertility-based method has empowered me to learn about my body and take charge of my health. My advice is to make sure you understand the method before relying on it. You also need to feel comfortable exploring your body to look for fertility signs.
—Guest Jenn
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