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Readers Respond: Teen Advice on Teenage Pregnancy

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Updated November 26, 2011

Teenage pregnancy occurs in one out of every five teen girls. Sadly, teen pregnancy tends to be glamorized in our culture. Because of this, many teenagers may not understand the full impact of teen pregnancy and how hard (not to mention expensive) it can be to raise a child. Many teens also don’t realize the sacrifices they will have to make if faced with having a baby. Research suggests that one way to help teens make better sexual choices is to hear teen advice, first-hand, from real teen parents.

If you are (or were) a teen mom or dad, please share your story. What is the hardest part about teenage pregnancy? If you could go back in time, is there anything that you’d change? Most teenagers do not want to become parents, so hearing your story and reading your teen advice may help make a difference in the life of another teen. Please share any advice that you feel could help another teen to realize just how teenage pregnancy can impact your life.

Middle-Class Youth

I am from a middle class family with two loving parents. I had future plans of college & traveling. Then, like an idiot, I fell for my boyfriend’s lines about if I really loved him, not to make him wear a condom. He promised to pull-out & I trusted him. 4 months later, I was pregnant. My parents threatened to disown me if I terminated, so I kept the baby. Even though I’m sorta lucky since they let us live with them & help pay some costs, its still REALLY, REALLY hard! I can’t go out with my friends, don’t date & miss many events. I’m not sure I will graduate high school because it is too hard to go to class, study, work & take care of a baby. When my son was 1 month, my boyfriend broke up with me. I had to take a part-time job to pay for a lawyer so I can get him to pay some child-support. I love my son but really wish that I was smarter & didn’t get pregnant in the first place. Use your head & put yourself first. Don’t let some boy mess up your future & destroy your dreams like I did.
—Guest Meaghan

Teen Pregnancy is Not the Solution

I grew up in a home with my mom and three brothers. My dad left us when I was 4. Since I was used to taking care of my brothers, I mistakenly believed that it wouldn’t be hard to care for a baby of my own. I realize now that I was hoping that by having a baby, I would have somebody who would love me unconditionally and wouldn’t leave me. Even though I didn’t try to get pregnant, I also didn’t do anything to stop it. I got pregnant when I was 16 and was in for the shock of my life. Diapers and formula are really expensive – and I ain’t have nobody to give me money. My baby daddy moved away when I was pregnant, so I had to raise my son on my own. I needed to go on welfare and couldn’t finish school. Now, I am 23 and work for minimum wage. All my money goes to my son. My advice – a baby doesn’t replace the love you are missing. It just takes away your youth and your future. I wanted to go to college, become a nurse and make something of my life. I don’t see that happening now. I can barely scrape by.
—Guest Bethany

Free up the Pill

Your doctors are a major part of the problem... free up birth control. It is outrageous to hold and deny the pill until women agree to unnecessary gyn exams, breast checks and optional screening. Your doctors ensure unplanned pregnancies and abortions remain high. One of my American friends got pregnant and had an abortion after her doctor refused the pill without gyn exams. Free up the pill and you improve women's and teen's lives and health.
—Guest Jetta
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