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Readers Respond: What Has the Roe vs. Wade Decision Meant to Your Life?

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Updated February 11, 2010

From the article: About Abortion
The Roe vs. Wade decision protects the right to privacy and legalized abortion in the US. It was, and continues to be, the most influential court case affecting abortion laws. This Supreme Court landmark case is one of the most controversial of all time. To many women, the right to an abortion represents more than just a right to privacy as protected by our constitution.

Should the Roe vs. Wade decision be overturned? Stay intact? Be changed? More than 30 years after Roe vs. Wade, people all over are striving to overturn it as well as fighting to uphold it.

What has the Roe vs. Wade decison meant to your life?

It is wrong.

Abortion is wrong unless the mother's life is in danger and the baby is too young to survive.

Life Cannot Begin Until...

One does not challenge that a state cannot outlaw any medication that the FDA and the federal governemnt has approved. So I hope people read what this law is based on (the Roe v. Wade case) and really not just think it is about abortion. According to science, an organism which includes life of any kind has to be able to live and reproduce on its own. A fertilized egg of an mammal, and humans in this case are considered mammals, cannot live on its own until fully formed and taken out the uterus at the end of gestation. Therefore life cannot begin until the fetus is able to survive on its own.
—Guest PEwkuBBUnO

Roe and Wade should be overturned

Let's call abortion what it really is, MURDER. Why do we send some murderers to prison, and some are glorified when they do it. That just doesn't make sense. Too bad we are not able to ask that child if it wants it's life taken away.
—Guest Thomo


Personally, I believe the Roe vs Wade court decision was the perfect choice. I am not for abortion, I believe it is horrible. However, I also believe that this is an enormous decision affecting the entirety of a person's life, because this is such an important desicion, I do not believe I should be the one to make this choice for any other person. Abortion, to me, is simply a choice, an option that I do not believe we can in good faith take away from any person. The only question I have is why change this? We have the laws as they should be women have the choice and they can choose with some restrictions whichever best fits their own circumstances.
—Guest Ringtail

not just black and white

Now think about this people, if the mother got raped, or could die to continue the pregnancy, that's understandable. So there's different ways to look at abortions.
—Guest DJ

Why I changed my mind

I used to be 100% anti-abortion. Then a friend's choice changed my mind. 7 mos pregnant w/the son she always wanted, she was getting sicker & sicker. Her MD did an amnio & ultrasound & found baby had Trisomy 21- THE worst birth defect possible. The fetus' spine, kidneys & heart were on the OUTside. Worst, it had NO brain: just a brainstem & was poisoning her as it grew. The doc told her baby had zero chance of surviving birth, but it'd poison & either kill her or do permanent damage if she didn't end the pregnancy. I prayed hard over this & realized abortion isn't a black & white issue. I brought her flowers & sat & cried w/ her after. That I, someone so anti-abortion had come to comfort w/o judging her meant more than she could say. I read in the Bible killing a fetus isn't murder punishable by death: G-d Himself told Moses to set the price for killing a fetus at 40 shekels payable to the father. Now I understand it isn't my business. It's between the mother & God alone.
—Guest Elokwently

Roe v Wade

The fact that the party to this case has come forward after so many years and wants a reversal is a clear indication that she has been living in misery for a number of years. Believe it or not there are others out there who are too, PRO CHOICE is one thing but our consciences is a whole nother.
—Guest K


At the age of 16 I feel that that women should have the option of such a descision. It's hard for me to grasp that people can so bluntly say "It's easy, just take birth control" becuase if it were so easy than abortion wouldn't happen so often as it does. People's situations are different and although I myself would never choose an abortion at this time, people deserve options. Nobody can pass judgements on those whom have had an abortion becuase the situation may be more than they know. We nor the government can make the descision for a women but the women must make it for herself. She will live with the aftermath and we can only hope she makes the best choice for herself.
—Guest Jess

Should NOT be over turned.

Okay, first of all, when you get pregnant and decide to get an abortion, it is NOT yet a child. A woman should have full rights to do whatever it is she wishes with her own body. I do agree that some women use abortions as birth control which is not right, and abortions that are given at 7 months...that's not right but other than that, I don't see the harm in it. AND to the person who said something about "A womans LIFESTYLE being more important than a childs LIFE" keep in mind that its not yet a child in an early stage and its not just a womans lifestyle, she didnt climb on top of herself and get herself pregnant.
—Guest LAdom

Abortion 1978

I had an abortion at the age of 17 in 1978. I had no doubt that it was the only decision that made since for me at that age. My mother supported my decision, she would have supported any decision that I made. The importance of knowing that I had a choice, that I did not have to make a choice that would satisfy everyone else should be something that every woman has the opportunity and the right to make for themselves. If the right to choose is taken from women, abortions will not stop. Women that make the choice to have an abortion will just have to seek the back alleys and have a dangerous procedure.
—Guest Vickie


I am a teen mom !! it is very hard to go to school work and than come home and be a wife. I love my life and would not have it any other way !! I pay 80.00 dollars a week in day care but i dont care i have a pretty little boy to come home to in my life !!!
—Guest Teen MOM

Roe vs.Wade

Yes i belive that the ROE vs.Wade law should be over turned. This is a new generation that law must be changed if we want to preserve our future.
—Guest Harriet Burgess

not enslaved by biology

Women have value beyond reproduction. For all these men passing judgement...it is equally the man's responsibility to wear a condom each and every time when the woman does not wish to concieve. I would also like to hear men tell other men to wrap up or don't have sex. But no, when it comes to their responsibility in preventing unwanted pregnancies, men are silent. They don't feel comfortable telling other men what to do. But boy do they ever like telling women what to do! (My apologies to the small percentage of men who do always wear a condom while insisting their partners do their birth control part as well). Male birth control methods + female birth control methods = very, very few abortions.


Safe Sex, no Such thing. Either don't have Sex, or wait Til Marriage. Don't believe what the Doctors/Society tells you. You don't want anyone to Judge anyone, God will be the Person to do that. Abstinence is the only 100% effective method. Stop wasting money and put it where it needs to be - Fighting a war, that's not ours.
—Guest Albert

Walk a mile in my shoes before judging

I have a mental disorder that requires me to take large amounts of lithium. My husband and I just separated leaving me homeless and I am currently trying to get disability funding. I found out recently that I am holding my ex-husband's child in spite of my IUD. At this point my choices are have a baby that I have no financial way of taking care of and that has a good chance of being born with many health problems due to the meds I have been ordered by the province to take, or have an abortion. Obviously the only responsible and humane thing to do is have an abortion. I have considered the adoption possibilty but I myself was adopted and it left a desire to know in me that was never fulfilled until I looked into my past only to find out that my birth mother had committed sucide as a result of having to give me up. My point is there are many reasons for abortion, all of them valid so before judging, just listen. I am grateful I live in a country that gives me the right to choose.
—Guest Mask
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