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Readers Respond: What Has the Roe vs. Wade Decision Meant to Your Life?

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Updated February 11, 2010

From the article: About Abortion
The Roe vs. Wade decision protects the right to privacy and legalized abortion in the US. It was, and continues to be, the most influential court case affecting abortion laws. This Supreme Court landmark case is one of the most controversial of all time. To many women, the right to an abortion represents more than just a right to privacy as protected by our constitution.

Should the Roe vs. Wade decision be overturned? Stay intact? Be changed? More than 30 years after Roe vs. Wade, people all over are striving to overturn it as well as fighting to uphold it.

What has the Roe vs. Wade decison meant to your life?

What Are Your Thoughts?

Its Not For Government to Decide

I think Roe vs. Wade decision should stay. I am pro-choice, but I would not choose to have an abortion personally. That being said, it is not my place (or the government's) to make that choice for me.
—Guest Dani

My thoughts...

In no way should this decision be overturned. I am not pro-abortion and couldn't imagine having one, but I feel that every person should be entitled to have options. I believe in the right to choose and think that it is a greater unjustice to bring an unwanted child into this world.
—Guest Susan

Abortion should be limited, not banned

Abortion is by anyone's standards morally questionable. I am against abortion for the same reason I am against the death penalty; who has the right to decide who lives or who dies? I abhor abortion as tantamount to murder, in a linear timeline it has the same net effect, interfering in the natural course of the timeline. With that said, we cannot condemn nor shame women who have an abortion. Love for humanity teaches that we not hold malice and that we eliminate our desire for retribution in all forms. Abortion should remain an option in event the mother's life is threatened. Rape, though terrible, should not mean punishing an innocent person for the crimes of another. I advise all people pondering this question to avoid absolute certainty, for there is no such thing as absolute certainty.
—Guest Mark Frank

roe v wade should never be over turned

Abortions will be done legal or not - Roe v Wade makes it safer for women. It is their choice to do with their bodies legally what they wish. That's the law, and should stay the law.
—Guest G.Dams

It should be gods choice and yours

If you didnt want to get pregnant then dont have sex I understaind the rape issue but still yeah accidents happen but it can be preventable if you and your partner are thinking about having sex do a little reading on it first this way you can know how to use a condom right and for birth control there's all kinds of it but you should still use a condom at all times this way you are extra careful and If an abortion isn't necessary then don't do it if it is then you should do it but killing something inside of you isn't the way to go
—Guest Guest BAF


My gf had an abortion 19 years ago when I was stupid and fearful. I didn't realize what an opportunity I was wasting. There isn't a day that goes by that I wish I hadn't had advised her to get this done. I am against abortion. It is wrong. I pray for the day this country wakes up and makes it illegal.
—Guest Dave


I can see why abortion was thought of as a viable choice for women in 1973. But advances in medicine and technology have shown that an unborn child is not just a clump of cells as once was thought. Abortion is just one example of how society has come to disrespect women as just a source of pleasure for men rather than a vital and precious partner in the creation of new life. Abortion gives women anything but choice. They feel they have no right to wait for marriage before they give away sex. And when they get pregnant as a result, they feel they have no choice but to get an abortion. We now live in a world where there is no respect for women, no respect for marriage, no respect for responsibility, no respect for children, and no respect for life.
—Guest life matters

Yes, it is soul destroying

Guest Susie's comment above is very telling. The very act of abortion is in fact, as she put it, "soul destroying" for both the mother who has made the decision to terminate a life, as well as for the baby who was denied the God-given gift of life. To others who believe in choosing to abort a high-risk baby, I know women who were told that their child would most likely have birth defects, some were given relatively high percentages of risk and even labeled with specific handicaps. All were perfectly healthy babies. There are many people who ache to raise a child in an abundance of love and do not care whether perfect. There is a reason that so many changed their position over the years. Notably, both the original plaintiff "Jane Roe" and the former director of Planned Parenthood, Abby Johnson, have completely changed their stance on abortion. If it is a choice then choose life. Whether the birth mother raises the child or others do should be the only choice!
—Guest barbara

I was wrong.

I am now prochoice. I still believe that life begins at fertilization and that life should be protected if possible, but I have realized that sometimes abortion is needed For the wellbeing of the mother. What if the baby will die anyway, suffer from Tay Sachs, the mother's life is in danger, the mother has hyperemesis gravidarum that does not respond to treatment, stuff like that.

anti abortion

I dont know if many people agree with me on my comment, but I think abortion is cruel. It's like you're killing another life, when God chose for it to be in your hands. He wouldn't have chose you if he didn't think you could handle it. Any being God creates should NOT be killed/ murdered. Unless your pregnant from a rape then there shouldnt be allowed abortion, if you dont want to have a baby put it up for adoption, abortion shouldnt even come to mind unless it was from a rape, I just dont even understand how people can go on living knowing that they killed a precious child inside of them.

This Should Be Private

Just another example of male decision-making in the realm of female reproduction. And the beat goes on. MALES are responsible for this entire controversy which has NO right to even be discussed in a public forum! Women, once again, are being used and manipulated in the most heinous of ways, for purely political agenda.
—Guest Joanna Rossetti

My Abortion Story

Whoa! 34 years ago I, too, got knocked up. I wasn't 15, but at 24 I was divorced and a single parent of a three year old. To top it off, I was told the abortion was medically necessitated and that my only other choice was to wait until I miscarried, when they were afraid they wouldn't be able to control the bleeding. The chances of keeping the child were zero. Now, in the bad old days before Roe v Wade, I would have had to have my case reviewed by a hospital board, which could have taken up to six weeks. Six weeks we weren't sure I had. Thank God, abortion was legal and I could get it done quickly and safely. I haven't regretted it, either. When I was told what my options were, my first thought was that I had to keep myself alive for my son. There are a lot more reasons for abortion than the ones the Right-to-Lifers condemn. Choices keep us safe. While I agree not getting pregnant in the first place is better, I'm glad we have this as a fallback.
—Guest FgPTMhzvIoIEihuvo

1's own responsibility

I don't think that it should be one's choice unless you know for a fact the child will suffer by a birth defect and will not have a chance of a real life; 2 rape; or 3 mother may die or become terminally ill. Other then those 3 reasons it shouldnt be a choice. if you are having sex it is your responsability to protect against unwanted pregnancy. if you cant be responsable dont think you should be having sex.
—Guest C

pro choice

My response to Thomo above calling abortion "murder" - that seems like a rather dramatic statement. Stop and think for a minute.. what if a woman was raped? What if a child had abnormalities? What if your mother or sister or relative had to go through that painful decision? Everyone's circumstances are different - a termination is not an easy choice and one that a women must live with for the rest of her life. I have seen the hurt some women have gone through after an abortion.. its soul destroying for them. Don't be too quick too judge!!!!
—Guest susie

It is wrong.

Abortion is wrong unless the mother's life is in danger and the baby is too young to survive.

What Are Your Thoughts?

What Has the Roe vs. Wade Decision Meant to Your Life?

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