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Readers Respond: Would You Feel Comfortable Skipping Your Period or Having a Missed Period?

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Updated December 11, 2009

Hormonal contraception can allow you to control when and if you have a monthly period. Studies show most women would prefer a missed period or extended menstrual cycle if given the choice.

When you use the pill, you don’t have a REAL period - it’s withdrawal bleeding and is NOT needed to maintain gynecologic health.

What’s your opinion of using extended cycle pills to skip periods or shorten how many times your period comes? Do you feel it's unnatural to skip periods while taking the pill? Do you need the security of a monthly period? Would you feel comfortable extending your menstrual cycle length while on the pill?

The Difference in My Life!

In the past, I have had such terrible periods – they were so painful that I often missed 1-3 days of work each month because I was in such severe pain. My periods also triggered bad migraines. My doctor suggested that I use my birth control pills to skip my next few periods to see if that provided any relief. The difference was like night and day!!! I eventually switched to Lybrel (a pill that you take everyday, all year long, so I never get a period anymore). Though it would be nice to know for sure, each month, that I am not pregnant, this little bit of uncertainty is well worth the relief from all the pain that was associated with my monthly periods.
—Guest Janna

Not Sure

It would be tempting to try to use my pill to skip a period… maybe if I had a reason. I know that my roommate has skipped her period with her birth control pills because she was supposed to get her period during a trip with her boyfriend. I think that I would be willing to do this, but I would be hesitant to use some of the extended cycle pills where I would consistently be skipping periods. I’m not in a relationship right now, but in the past, it was reassuring to know (for sure) each month that there was no bun in the oven!
—Guest Olivia

Less Expense: A Win-Win

Let's be practical (and forget all the moral debates on this issue). My Seasonique pills cost the same as regular pills. Only having my period 4 times a year helps to save me lots of money - think about what you will save on sanitary pads and tampons if you only bleed for a few days each year (my average period is 4 days - 4 times a year - that's ONE box of tampons!!!). In a time of economic crisis, this is a great way to reduce my expenses. Plus, its also better for the environment. A win-win situation for all!!!
—Guest Thrifty Gal

Hormones have side effects

I was a long term user of bc. I now have a fibroid that is causing me serious bleeding problems. I was also unable to get pregnant a second time because of the fibroid. My periods are now worse than ever and I am facing some hard choices about what to do to fix the problem. Too much estrogen can be bad for your health. If I didn't have a period I might not have even found out I had a fibroid until it was too big to do anything but cut my uterus out.
—Guest Guest


Yes,i have begun delaying my period because of severe period pains. It has helped me greatly. Now m not sick and unable t function for two days in a month. The beauty of it is that i was assured that this safe to do..
—Guest Puleng

Not that easy...

I tried skipping and all it did was delay it, and it began on the day I was trying to avoid and due to me trying to skip this one week, my period is now really irregular.... It might work if you keep at it but I highly do not recommend this for a one time thing because it doesn't work.
—Guest SCards


While I hate my period with a passion, I've been told by some it's a way to "clean" you out from bacteria and such. However some say this isn't true and that a period can also have some cons like damage to your uterus or something along those lines. I wouldn't mind maybe skipping a period but I wouldn't want to deal with possible spotting either like some I know with birth control does. Also some have no clue if they will have one or not and I wouldn't want to think I'm not having one only to have one. Plus I've heard some who while they didn't have one for months, would get a reup on their b.c. and have a period for a month or longer. I'm in the middle of this. I may just have to talk to my gyno because besides not having to deal with the period and cramps, it would be nice to not deal with the cost of tampons either.
—Guest Anon


I have skipped the placebo week for years now, since Feb 2006 with no side effects! The only drawback is running out of pills before my next Pap smear, and having to call to re-fill early.
—Guest Kristin

It is Easy!

Its easy to skip. I do it all the time. What you do is if you're on a 28 day pack, skip your sugar pills and start a new pack. If your on a 21 day pack, just start a new pack. Just continue to your next pack. REMEMBER TO SKIP YOUR SUGAR PILLS - these pills do not have hormones, so the lack of hormone in your system triggers your withdrawal bleed (i.e., fake period). If you start your next pack instead, your period won't come... awesome!
—Guest Jordan

I really want to

My periods are incredibly painful and heavy, and every month I find myself throwing child-like tantrums because I become so annoyed with feeling so sick.I would love to stop them, I am only 16, but at least I wouldn't have to worry so much. All I have to do is just convince my mother to buy me these pills and I'll be free.
—Guest Maree


I've been taking Yaz for years and have been skipping the 4 sugar pills for years, I am 43 and the Yaz works great for adult acne! I feel it also helps keep my hormones level and may help perimenapausal symptoms. I do not schedule a period break, I feel no need, I do not plan on becoming pregnant. My use of ibuprophen is minimal, I used to live on it during my periodn and my first 2 period days were so heavy; I hated day trips during them! Also, my period used to be on a 25 day cycle so they came frequent. This changed my life, can't blamee my bad moods now on PMS! Say goodbye!
—Guest ChIrissy

No Shame

I would absolutely, positively feel comfortable skipping my period! When I get my period, it is always at the worst time!! Even my 1st period came at a bad time, I was going to ask out my crush, but all my confidence was gone because of it. I am a virgin, and I don't want to take "the pill" because I don't want to get pregnant, that's what condoms are for, I just want my period to pick a day, and if at all possible not happen. And if science has come up with a solution, I'm going to think about going on it, and living a life, not worried about getting my period (it never picks a week or a day it jumps around).
—Guest Dreamer121


I would love to skip my period, are you kidding me?
—Guest Angie

I would love to stop myperiod!

As my periods are very heavy and lengthy. I would say yes! I also get severe cramps, backaches, headaches, and pmdd that makes me suicidal. I currently take ortho evra, but am considering lybrel to get rid of them altogether. My only worry is that since it took 5-6 trials of different pills to find the one that worked for me I don't know how well it will work on my symptoms, but I guess the only way to find out is to try. It sure would save money on pads and tampons though!
—Guest Nora


For all of you that think that there is a risk to skipping your period, think again. I just recently did the Susan G. Komen breast cancer run. After the run, they had tents set up with different health practitioners and what not. Well, I walked up to the Moffit Cancer Center booth. It's the center for women's oncology. There were doctors & NP's from the center handing out trivia cards and if you got the trivia question right you spun the wheel and won a prize. My question was something about ovarian cancer and I can't quite remember the question. But I remember asking her a about birth control and the risk of ovarian cancer. She told me that the fewer periods I had in my lifetime, the less likely I was to get ovarian cancer. So I think that's an awesome tip to know. So now, I'm on a monophasic birth control pill called lessina which allows me to skip the placebos and go straight into the next pack without interruption & it decreases my risk of cancer! :D Works for me! **Note from Dawn Stacey: all combination birth control pills allow you to skip the placebo week and go straight into the next pack!
—Guest jordanj
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