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Readers Respond: Would You Feel Comfortable Skipping Your Period or Having a Missed Period?

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Updated December 11, 2009

Hormonal contraception can allow you to control when and if you have a monthly period. Studies show most women would prefer a missed period or extended menstrual cycle if given the choice.

When you use the pill, you don’t have a REAL period - it’s withdrawal bleeding and is NOT needed to maintain gynecologic health.

What’s your opinion of using extended cycle pills to skip periods or shorten how many times your period comes? Do you feel it's unnatural to skip periods while taking the pill? Do you need the security of a monthly period? Would you feel comfortable extending your menstrual cycle length while on the pill? Share Your Opinion

The Difference in My Life!

In the past, I have had such terrible periods – they were so painful that I often missed 1-3 days of work each month because I was in such severe pain. My periods also triggered bad migraines. My doctor suggested that I use my birth control pills to skip my next few periods to see if that provided any relief. The difference was like night and day!!! I eventually switched to Lybrel (a pill that you take everyday, all year long, so I never get a period anymore). Though it would be nice to know for sure, each month, that I am not pregnant, this little bit of uncertainty is well worth the relief from all the pain that was associated with my monthly periods.
—Guest Janna

Not Sure

It would be tempting to try to use my pill to skip a period… maybe if I had a reason. I know that my roommate has skipped her period with her birth control pills because she was supposed to get her period during a trip with her boyfriend. I think that I would be willing to do this, but I would be hesitant to use some of the extended cycle pills where I would consistently be skipping periods. I’m not in a relationship right now, but in the past, it was reassuring to know (for sure) each month that there was no bun in the oven!
—Guest Olivia

Less Expense: A Win-Win

Let's be practical (and forget all the moral debates on this issue). My Seasonique pills cost the same as regular pills. Only having my period 4 times a year helps to save me lots of money - think about what you will save on sanitary pads and tampons if you only bleed for a few days each year (my average period is 4 days - 4 times a year - that's ONE box of tampons!!!). In a time of economic crisis, this is a great way to reduce my expenses. Plus, its also better for the environment. A win-win situation for all!!!
—Guest Thrifty Gal


I've been on the Depo shot for about 2 and a half years and haven't had a single period. It's amazing! My period used to last 7 to 10 days and the hormones made my skin look bad and I would get cramps and migraines. I have never been happier than I am now without a period. I finally feel free and normal. I don't feel trapped by the whims of my hormones anymore. It's a wonderful thing.
—Guest Kaia Rose

You get used to it

I was diagnosed with Endometriosis at 18 years old. After laproscopy I was told to take my birth control pill with no breaks. At first I hated it, it made me feel broken to be honest. After some time I became used to it and found that it definitely had its advantages. I will "give" myself a period every few months because I feel it helps clean me out in a sense. Even though it's strange at first it's definitely worth it to not have the pain of a period for someone who suffers from endo.
—Guest Endometriosis

If my insurance covers it,

All I know is that my period is a hassle. I have cramps, I cry a lot, and the bleeding (admit it!) is really annoying and gross. And let's be honest, the whole point of birth control is to have sex and not get pregnant and I can't have sex when I'm on my period. I'm making an appointment soon to see if my insurance will cover it!
—Guest Anna Marie

Up for it!!

I've been more than a year on Lutera. It has been like heaven!! No more painful periods and it doesnt long more than 4 days. This month im going on a caribbean cruise so im going to try skipping my placebo week. I really hope it works! Its my first wedding anniversary trip. If this really works for me, well I'll definitly think about skipping two or three periods a year :)
—Guest RKL

14 years and still going :D

I haven't had a period for 14 years now.... NOT EVEN ONE! And I feel great!!!! And everything is fine down below lol but I will tell you I don't plan on haveing any kids at all.
—Guest Guest

Hell yes

The only reason for having a period is to be able to get pregnant. So unless I am trying to get pregnant why on Gods green earth would I want to deal with a monthly cycle?! I have taken continuous cycle pills and have had no cycle for over 3 years! It's wonderful!
—Guest Mama bear

i dont feel safe not having my period

I got my depo shot 2 times around this past 6 months. I only got my period once, so I'm not comfortable with that.
—Guest lila

Just started this year, and I love it!

I used to have awesome periods (if a period was ever awesome) before I got on birth control (barely any bleeding, and only 3-4 days max), but as the years went by after BCP, my "period" began getting worse and worse to the point of myself being almost completely nonfunctional during the first few days, I was taking 3 different pain medications for up to 14 days a month to combat the almost-pass-out pain, and it was 7 straight days of heavy bleeding (followed by even more days of what I call "period pollution"), it was miserable! After being on a monophaisic bcp for a year that helped with everything but the period symptoms I asked my doctor to just give me a prescription for those pills non-stop, to which she happily obliged. I will never go back! Now the worst thing I have to deal with is rare breakthrough spotting, nothing a small break off the pills won't cure...And these little "periods" are nothing like they were! I've never been happier with my body and my life ;)
—Guest Kira

Skipping Periods

I've been on the birth control pill for 5 years now and I've skipped my period a lot of times during those years. So far, I haven't seen any negative results! And as my doctor also tells me this is perfectly safe, I see to reason that I will stop skipping it. The convenience is wonderful! I let myself have one ever 3-5 months, but only if I feel like it!
—Guest Christine

love it

This is the best thing ever! I've been skipping my period for over 9 years now. I have had, I think, 3 periods that just showed up. I figured it was my body just wanting to make sure it still worked properly. If you take birth control pills already and do take the sugar pills (or take a week off) you are NOT having a period. This is called breakthrough bleeding, so in essence you are already using birth control pills to control your cycle. Not having breakthrough bleeding is not the same as a period! And there is no medical evidence that suggests any negative side effects from not having a period or breakthrough bleeding. I say if you don't want to bleed every month, then don't! Talk to your doctor and be pro-active about your health.
—Guest guest

Oh honeybear

Dgirl -- I am in the same situation. i have endo and just came out of my second surgery. My doctors suggested me to stop my period, so i am taking a pill that is very low in hormones.
—Guest Vane

Why would I *want* to bleed??

Unless I wanted to be completely sure that I wasn't pregnant, I would never choose to have a period. It's uncomfortable; it messes with your hormones, your personal interactions and your skin; it means you have to buy costly feminine hygiene products; your sex life is often ruined for the duration of your period; you have to think carefully about your clothes every day; you have to worry about if you smell bad or are leaking; you have to worry about whether there is a toilet nearby in case of emergencies and also if there will be somewhere you can dispose of used sanitary products. In addition, I frequently attribute painful stomach cramps to my period, and "just get on with life" - but my husband usually gets the same symptoms a day later and we realise that actually we both had diarrhea. And I don't even get stomach cramps that are anywhere near as severe as those that other women tell me about - their pain is real. Periods are not an enjoyable experience.
—Guest Helen

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Would You Feel Comfortable Skipping Your Period or Having a Missed Period?

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