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Readers Respond: Have You Experienced Birth Control Failure?

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Updated July 26, 2011

From the article: Did My Birth Control Fail?

Unfortunately, unless you are practicing abstinence, no birth control method is exempt from failing. Many factors can lead to birth control failure. Did you find yourself in this position? Sharing your experience may help others who may be searching for answers on how to handle their own birth control failure.

I would love to hear your stories... how did your birth control fail? Did a condom break, or you missed too many pills? Maybe you inserted the sponge or diaphragm incorrectly? Were you taking a medication that lowered hormonal contraceptive effectiveness? When did you realize that you experienced birth control failure (right away, with a positive pregnancy test, etc.)? What was your reaction? Did you get emergency birth control? What was the end result of your birth control failure, and what advice do you have for others, so they can hopefully prevent an unplanned pregnancy?

Read the Instructions!

My birth control failure story could have completely been avoided if only I read the instructions that came with my pill. I didn’t realize that my depression medication would make it less effective. My doctor never told me (but that’s my fault because I didn’t tell my ob/gyn that I was on that medication… didn’t know it would matter). Anyway, 4 months into my pill use I found out through a pregnancy test that I was pregnant (I was 17). I ended up miscarrying a few weeks later. That was tough, but better than having a baby. So my advice – learn everything you need to know that could possibly make your pill fail you (or just don’t have sex).
—Guest Allyson

Thank Goodness for Plan B One-Step

I never realized that birth control failure happens so often! With me, the condom actually slipped off during sex. I absolutely panicked. I did some research and immediately went to the pharmacy to get Plan B One-Step. The first place I went wouldn’t sell it to me (I live in a fairly religious area), so I drove a few miles out of town and luckily the next pharmacist was more sympathetic. I don’t know if it was because of the medication or because I just wasn’t ovulating at the time, but luckily, I did not end up pregnant. I was so traumatized that I didn’t have sex again for like 6 months. Then, I chose to use Depo Provera so I would have a more reliable birth control method that didn’t rely on me taking pills everyday.
—Guest A Happy Camper

Took the Condom Off Wrong

This is cool that I found a place to share my story. For all you guys out there, listen up! I was an idiot and took my condom off wrong. To make a gross story quick, it leaked all over the place (yes, that includes on my lady). Neither of us thought about the possibility that she would get pregnant, so we did nothing (so stupid!). Found out about 6 weeks later that I was going to be a dad. Things have been rough between us. The baby isn’t here yet, but I have no idea how we will handle this. Don’t make the same mistake I did.
—Guest Ryan

bc failure

Well I had the ParaGard IUD and kept having pains. Went in to have it checked and found out I was pregnant. I cried my eyes out and was in shock and denial for the longest time. I'm 24 weeks along and am still in denial. I hate being pregnant -- I have two wonderful kids already and didn't want anymore. Unfortunately, I still don't and I have no emotional connection with this pregnancy...Make sure you way your unplanned pregnancy options early before it's too late.
—Guest me

Unplanned pregnancy

My husband and I were blessed with a boy and a girl. The fact that we had 2 children of opposite sexes was a miracle in itself because I have also had 5 miscarriages as well. After our daughter we decided no more. We went 4 years with control method, only the pull and pray. Once we finally decided no more I got on birthcontrol pills. Being a nurse I know the meds that can counteract their effectiveness and that they must be taken at the same time every day without missing any. I was very strict on them and did everything right, yet I am now 18 weeks pregnant. Sometimes I believe the good lord decides for you and soon we will have another daughter. Did I cry? You betcha I sobbed in the bathroom and was yelling at the test to stop changing. She will be worth it and thank God this pregnancy has been good so far other than I am miserably large already due to being pregnant so many times.
—Guest surprised in Michigan

My iud just fell out

For the past month id noticed my iud string poking me. Eventually i got tired of it and started cutting the string. I started my cycle on the 4th and ive been bleeding BAD. Today i feel something sticking me again and realize that it the iud itself. so i just pulled it out. Now what. My husband and i do not want anymore babies. I also do not want to get on pills or anything else with hormones Not sure what I am supposed to do now.
—Guest Merrissa
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