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Readers Respond: Common Birth Control Myths

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Updated May 01, 2009

Studies have showed that, out of a list of eight reasons for having sex, having a baby is the least frequent motivator for most people. All throughout history, people have wanted to be able to decide when and whether to have a child. Given this, birth control methods have been used in one form or another for thousands of years.

As contraceptives evolved, so too have myths surrounding their use. How much do you know about birth control myths, birth control facts, and your chances of becoming pregnant? Share the birth control myths that you have heard (even if you are not sure if they are actually myths).


I need to buy the abortion pills as I'm 4 weeks gone and live in ireland how much would they be and how long for delivery
—Guest jacqui

Response to Kimberly

This is a myth - both a male and female wearing a condom DOES NOT decrease the likelihood of getting pregnant. In fact, "double bagging" can actually increase friction between condoms, making them more likely to rip or tear. Never use 2 condoms (male/male or male/female) at the same time. See: http://contraception.about.com/od/malecondom/f/twocondoms.htm
—Guest Educated User

Wearing Two Condoms

Both the female and male wearing a condom decreases the likelihood of getting pregnant.
—Guest Kimberly


I heard that hormonal contraception causes abortions. No I do not believe this. Most hormonal contraceptives are just that: contraceptive. True contraceptives do not cause abortions, but prevent conception.

Response to Martha

That is a myth -- as long as you have taken all of your pills, every day, for the first 3 weeks of your pill pack, then you have enough hormones stored up in your body to protect you from getting pregnant during the placebo (Week 4) week of your pack. You can have sex during this time with no worries about becoming pregnant. Just make sure that you start your next pack on time!
—Guest Educated User

Birth Control

The birth control I'm on has 21 Blue Pills and 7 white pills, to allow the menstrual cycle. Is it a myth that you can get pregnant during if you have sex on those 7 days?
—Guest Martha

Response to mhaze85

This is a myth. The Depo Provera shot does not kill any of your eggs. Some women have difficulty getting pregnant when they stop Depo Provera (which is where this myth may have stemmed from), but this difficulty has to do with the fact that it can take up to 9 months to a year for a women's fertility to start back up once she has stopped Depo. This means that it could take this long before she begins to OVULATE again (to release an egg that can then be fertilized by a sperm). It has nothing to do with eggs being killed, just that it can take a while for them to begin to be released again. It all has to do with hormones.
—Guest Educated User

depo shot

I was told when you are on the depo that it kills your eggs and you will not be able to have children . A few yrs back i was on the depo shot only 3 months and i ended pregant so i would like to know if its true.
—Guest mhaze85

Response to MICHELE009

YES - if you can no longer feel the strings of your Mirena (or any IUD), you should call your doctor. There is the chance that it could have come out (without you knowing) or moved where it isn't supposed to be. In the meantime, use a back-up birth control method (like a condom) to be on the safe side. Good luck!
—Guest Educated User

im just wondering

What if i have mirena as a birth control but i cant feel the string anymore? Should i go to a doctor for back up?

unprotected sex while on your period

Okay. So I've heard since I was in my teens that when you are on your period you can have unprotected sex and not get pregnant! I mean, at first it sounded very accurate but then it hit me. There is no such thing that you can have sex while you are on your menstrual cycle and not get pregnant!!!! Honestly, I feel like maybe that's the reason why we're having so many unwanted teen pregnancies -- its just the ignorance and not being informed well.
—Guest astrid89

How NOT to get preggers!

I was "surfing" the web a few years ago and stumbled upon a web site about pregnancy with a message board. A girl actually told her friend that if she has intercourse standing up, her chances of getting pregnant are so much lower, b/c the sperm will just "come out" right after intercourse! I had to laugh, and I wanted to write a response, but I didn't want to start a fight either! lol... Wow, the ignorance out there is really exceptionally crazy!

The Billings Method works...

The Billings Method works! You can avoid or plan pregnancies with no birth control at all. I refused to have a coercive relationship with a doctor - we wanted to control our fertility. I worked with a Billings Method teacher for a month and then saw her regularly with any questions. We used condoms all the time until I felt confident ( about a year) now 25 years later - not one gyn issue, fit and healthy. Can't say the same for my friends who relied on doctors. Unnecessary biopsies, invasive exams, tests, procedures and even surgeries...all for nothing, just to get their script...not to mention the emotional damage. The ones who still take the BC pill get it on line and bypass doctors, but the damage is done. Very sad. Doctors don't want us to know that we can control our own fertility, they use our bodies to make money in exchange for BC...don't let them get away with taking your soul, rights, health and life - have a look at the Billings Method, you won't be sorry.
—Guest Carla


If the woman is on the pill and the man ejaculates in her will she most likely become pregnant? From Dawn Stacey - if you are regularly taking your pill everyday, chances are very low (like. 2%) that you will ger pregnant dueing sexual intercourse.
—Guest B.L.

Oh no

So me and my boyfriend had sex it was my first time and he told me i could not get pregnant and i believed him. Now as it turns out, i just found out that was totally wrong and the sex was right around my ovulation date. OH NO - i hope i'm not pregnant but i've missed 3 periods now. DON'T BELIEVE THIS MYTH -- Learn from my mistake!
—Guest Kat
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