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Readers Respond: Why Did You Choose the Depo Shot?

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Updated July 22, 2010

depo shot

I used the depo shot for 12 months May2009-2010,for back up until I had my conformation test done for essure procedure.

couldn't keep up with the pill

i couldn't keep up with the pill so i decided to get the shot so i would only have to remember every 3 months.
—Guest Gabriellas mommy

I Love Depo

I've been using Depo for 7 years and cannot say enough about it. I spotted briefly for the first month but haven't had any spotting or periods since. It is so much easier than remembering to take pills, plus, my body didn't tolerate estrogen well. Looking to discontinue use because we want to try for another child.
—Guest Depo

My Experience

I'm 18 years old and have finally found the courage to get a SHOT or the depo shot. I have been sexually active without a type of birth control to back me up. I've always been worried and taking pregnancy tests that thankfully were negative. I do want kids; some day down the road at least. the depo shot is a great way to be protected. This is my first time and as of today (5-16-11) i got my second shot. Ouch! but i know it'll pay off!!! I do encourge you all to give it a try. Most importantly, you'll know you won't get pregnant by mistake.
—Guest Joray

Reason for depo

Started using depo 7 years ago when I had my first baby and do not want to get pregnant so soon. The doctor advised us to use depo as it is safe for breastfeeding moms. I am also anaemic but within a year of using Depo, I was able to donate blood. But I have used it for only 2 years, considering the bone density issue. Now, with my 2nd baby, I am breastfeeding again and due for my 5th shot. I am thinking of discontinuing use, still also because of the bone density issue (I sometimes hear my joints cracking).
—Guest liza

No more periods

I stopped having my period right after i got my first depo shot. I decided to go on the shot because my periods were too painful and would have to take over 600 mg of advil just for the pain to go away. At first i was on the pills n gained a lot of weight because i was lazy and just had cravings for meat. Being on the pills i still got my period but for 5 days instead of 7 and would only be in pain for a day or two compared to 4 or 5. I also would forget to take the pills on time. Now i dont have to worry about any of that! I do have cravings still but now for more healthy things since i started to work out more and eat right since being on the shot, so no wait gain for me and no more painful periods!
—Guest Pain free!

I Choose Depo because...

I already have 5 children.. 4 from a previous relationship and 1 with my current soon to be Husband This was his first child but we both decided with having 5 that was enough, we didnt want any accidents so we talked about it and choose the Depo shot and the right birth control for us.
—Guest Jenn

Best contraception I've tried

I started using Depo Provera after using the Progesterone only pill for a couple of years while breastfeeding. I was advised it was the safest hormone method for women over 35, and did not carry the risk of breast cancer of combined hormone methods. I love this method. I get to check in with my doctor every 3 months. I take 2 x 500mg calcium at night and keep walking on a daily basis to address the bone density issue.
—Guest Elizabeth

Ovarian Pain

I originally used it for ovarian pain. It worked really well and also worked as birth control so it was like two things at once!
—Guest Mom2Monkey

it was good, and it was bad.

I was on depo for a year and a half when i was 17. I was recommended the shot because of the horrible cramps i have during my cycle. At first it was going great. I was warned about the bone density loss so to prevent as much as i could, i drank lots of milk, calcium supplements and vitimin c and i worked out normally to keep consistent.
—Guest aye.tee

Reason for Depo

I choseDepo Provera because it is highly effective in preventing pregnancy and you don't have a period while on it. Very nice. Been using if for ten years.
—Guest Missy

Love Depo

I started getting the Depo injection about 5 years ago to get my period under control. After the second shot it stopped completely. I just got a shot in the middle of January and I think it will be my last. I'm 48 now so I figure receiving only progestin is not helping my journey into menopause at all. I'm not sure what to expect after stopping but due to my form of employment, I can't be in the position where my period comes back out of control again. If that happens I don't know what I'll do.

No periods?

Yeah right. I did the Depo shot when i was 15, and loved it! No periods at all! Then i didnt go get another one, so i went to the oral contraception to make my periods normal. And it did. So i went to the doctor and got the shot again, hoping it would go as well as the first time.
—Guest Keeley


I chose to use the Depo shot because I have fibroides and I did some research on it and found that after a few shots it can help to shrink them down a little and help to control cramps, I am hoping that this is so also prayer does help to :0) what works for one may not work for all...
—Guest TChristopher

Love it!

I've been on depo for about 6 years and I've never had any spotting or side effects. I chose depo because my doctor recommended it and I love how easy and effective it is. And not having a period or pms is awesome!
—Guest Corissa
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