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Readers Respond: Why Did You Choose the Depo Shot?

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Updated July 22, 2010


I have been diagnose with epilepsy at 27 years of age. Worst time for an epileptic attack was the day before my period. Now I use the Depo Provera and it has taken my period away completely. With my epileptic medication and the Depo, I have not had an epileptic attack in 7 years.

Honestly, wasn't for me.

I was planning for implanon, and as a trail run my nurse offered to give me a depo shot to see how I reacted to the hormones. It was disastrous. :(( on a side note, implanon was amazing! Lol
—Guest Kat

depo shot

ive startd depo so that i wont get pregnant right now caues me and my boyfriend wants to wait to have any more kids.... and im having weird side effects....


I absolutley love Depo, it does me good and i dont have to worry about taking a pill everyday. I experienced some weight gain in beginning but after i began to lose weight. It really is good, light to, no periods at all. I recommend to all.
—Guest Ariel

I love my Depo!!

My uterus is to thick, so when I have a period it must contract with the force of labor contractions. My doctor put me on the Depo three years Go. I have mild spotting every once in a while, but its not bad or for long. I love the Depo shot!
—Guest Stef

worse mistake

I had the shot in April, 2007 because I like the idea of not having to remember to take the pill every day. After my first shot, I discovered I was one of the women that falls into unusual side effects category.
—Guest Deanna

weight gain

I battled anorexia and I kept going under weight so my doctor put me on it to increase appetite and gain weight
—Guest amethyst


I have been on the shot for ten years.I been off for two months.Im trying to have a baby.Depo have saved my life.Now im 32 n want a baby l.Hope it happen before i get to old.
—Guest tamika

Did i make a mistake?

I jst recently got the shot bc i get severe cramps and a heavy flow. the doctor said this will make my period go away so i tried it!
—Guest megan

I want to gain the weight from depo

Hi. I am thinking of consulting my Dr for Depo as i want to gain the weight. It has been an uphill battle for years to gain weight and nothing else helps. Hope this will help with gaining weight and the terrible period pains
—Guest Niza

breast feeding

I chose depo because I was breast feeding but once I stopped feeding I stayed on for the ease of not forgetting
—Guest jennifer

the depo

i have been on the depo since 2009 and havent bleed since, ive been on birth control since i was 11 because of my heavy non stop periods and when i say non stop i mean for months at a time and continuously heavy the entire time. i think the depo is a wonder shot i love it ive never had any complications with it.
—Guest sunflower

My method for life

I know I would never remember to take a pill everyday, and I don't trust physical methods. Patch, ring, insert, condom, etc that can rip, slip, tear, fall off/out, etc etc etc. I have been using the shot now for about 3 years and am very pleased.
—Guest EmoPoe

Depo :) what i love about it

I have been on Depo off and on since i was 17 and now 2 kids later im 25 and after the birth of my second child i decided to go on it again. i love depo , i know it is not for everyyone but the way i feel is , you have to '' know'' your body before starting on it. i use to have such bad cramps, moodiness from pms and awful heavy bleeding before i started depo , i also have a family history of cysts, endometrium etc. this is my wonder drug and i would never choose another birth control . one thing i will say is if u want to get pregnant right away do not go on depo , because it takes a while for your body to get back to normal which when u think about it makes sense. it took me 6 months to get pregnant with my second child and with my first im not sure how long ummm i think about a year or so , but tht was because i was using it for so long before i decided to get pregnant.but no other side effects on this end , everyone has a birth control that works for them and this one works for me!
—Guest Katrina

Luv depo

I have been taking dp for 17 years! took the first shot when my son was 6 weeks old. Absolutely love it! I have had two periods in 17 years - and they were very short and light. My dr does bone scans and so far my bones are just fine. I have gained some weight - but that could also be attributed to other meds that I take or simply age. As far as the shot itself - there is no one out there more adverse to needles than me - but a shot in the arm every 12 weeks is nothing compared to 9 months of being pregnant, labor and delivery, stress of a teenage driver, college tuition, etc. By the way, I have been happily married for 26 years - just dont want more kids. My husband loves my shot too - i dont have monthly crabbiness, etc. Absolutely love my dp shot!!!!
—Guest Shellie Sisson

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Why Did You Choose the Depo Shot?

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