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Readers Respond: Why Did You Choose the Depo Shot?

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Updated July 22, 2010

Contraceptive injections, like the Depo shot, slowly release progestin into the blood stream, so many women prefer using Depo Provera because it's a more hassle-free hormonal birth control method that is effective and doesn’t require having to take a pill everyday (you just need to think about birth control every few months). Other women may have chosen the Depo Shot for its non-contraceptive advantages, like being FDA-approved for the treatment of endometriosis pain or because it is a progestin-only method.

We are lucky that we have choices when choosing a contraceptive method. What lead you to choose the Depo Shot?


Don't have to think!

I chose the Depo Shot because I only have to get it about 4 times a year - how easy is that? Just 4 visits to my doctor's office, and I am protected against getting pregnant without having to give it a second thought. Yay for Depo!
—Guest Holly

Control Cramps

I had really bad cramps from cysts on my ovaries. I used Depo for a much needed break from the pain. I can't say that I missed not having a period, that was also a nice benefit, though I know it freaks some women out.
—Guest Robin

Couldn't Use Estrogen - Very Pleased

I began the Depo shot because I needed a birth control method that did not contain estrogen. I liked the idea of only having to get a shot every 3 months instead of taking pills or getting that implant in my arm. So far, so good! I have had no major side effects and am extremely pleased with my decision.
—Guest Jenny

Tubal Failed

I was on the depo shot when I was younger and had a horrible experience. But after my tubal failed, I had to use something and my doctor said it was my only option due to my high blood pressure. The first 5 months, this time, were constant bleeding - then it stopped, and I haven't had any other problems at all. I love it and plan to continue using it!

Depo Provera Shot - Why not?

I was taking the Depo Provera injections for a year. At the time, I had been taking birth-control pills. The idea of using effective birth control only 4 times a year was very appealing to me. I found out that I am one of those people that were subject to Depo Provera's side effects! I stayed with Depo-Provera for a year, to give it a fair shot (no pun intended). I eventually switched to another birth control method after that, as the side effects never stopped for me while I was on Depo Provera.
—Guest Macy

No Estrogen

I chose the Depo shot because I wanted a hormonal birth control method but can not tolerate estrogen. I have had two Depo shots so far and have been very pleased with my choice. Depo Provera is a great and EFFECTIVE option for us gals who can't use estrogen.
—Guest Talia

Why I Chose Depo Provera

I chose Depo Provera because it meant not having to take a pill every day and because it was almost immediately effective in addition to less frequent lighter periods (if you're lucky). I only took this contraceptive for 9 months, and I had several bouts of heavy spotting before finally deciding to stop using this drug.
—Guest FeistyKitten

Depo Side Effects

I've been on the shot for six months and its the worst mistake that I've made. I've gained weight since taking the shot. The only reason I decided to take Depo is because the doctor said it was the most effective. I didn't want to have another baby.

Depo, round two!

I went on Depo when I was 15, was on it for a year, and I LOVED it. My periods stopped and I didn't have to think about birth control except for every 3 months. I had some headaches the first time around, but nothing intolerable. I am now 21 and started the shot again because it worked so well for me in the past. I am due for my second shot in a few weeks, and so far it's been about the same. Only difference is I have some spotting this time around. Very effective method of birth control and don't have to think about taking something everyday. Two thumbs up for the Depo shot!
—Guest Alexandra


I just had my very first depo shot little over a month ago (cause IUDs are complete garbage and will ruin your uterus!) and I have yet to have a period, and after hearing all you ladies talking about these horrible side effects, I am scared, and wont be getting anotherone. My doctor neglected to inform me of these side effects also.
—Guest sadladyfox


I got the depo when I was 16 because I failed to take the pill everyday, went off the shot when I was 18 then I got into a relationship and decided to go back on the shot I have been off take he shot for a little over a year now and I still don't have my period back! Talk to my doctor she told me to take the pill so I have been on the pill for a week and now I just don't want to be on it because I almost forget to take it in the morning so my question is if I stop taking the pill will I continue on this path of not getting my period? I just don't kno right now if taking the pill is the right choice for me when I'm not trying to conceive and I already don't get a period. In a year or two I would like to try but right now not ready to get back on track so by me not taking the pill or going back for another shot what are my odds?
—Guest minnie

Depo (Advant or DisAdvant)

There is great Advantages & Disadvantages about Depo. Advantages; - No Period - 4 injections a year - No Pregnancy Disadvantages; - First couple months after injection, Heavy Bleeding and/or Non-stop bleeding - 50 - 60 LBS of weigh Gain (my experience in 2.5 Years) - Horrible Mood Swings - Headaches - Fatigue - Nausea - Depression - Water Retention (Myself, Mostly in my legs/Feet) - Absolutely no Sex Drive (Went from 3 times a day to once every 2 weeks maybe longer!) - Waiting 1 year later to get my period back and lets say not a pretty feeling - Waiting the 1 year for your period but also another 6 mths / 1 Year to finally concieve a baby (We are still trying) Ladies, If you plan to do this.... Get your Hormones & Bones checked once a year. If you plan to get pregnant right after your Last Injection after about 2.5 Years (Mine & my friend both had to wait 1 year to even get our periods back) Plan Head!! X0X
—Guest BluenoserGirl

i hate this too.

I've only been on the shot for almost a month.. I didn't gain weight.. but I've been sick more latley... and the worst part.. I started my period.. like normal a few days late.. it wasn't heavy which was great.. but it hasn't stopped still! Its been almost 2 weeks this is very annoying. Beats the whole purpose of depo. Plus I also read if you want to be pregnant anytime in you're life depo can make you not fertile .... I wouldn't get the depo shot!!
—Guest the struggle is real

Pregnancy Scare

I began getting depo after I had a pregnancy scare. I've been on it for like 3 weeks and so far so good.
—Guest Sharae


I've been on Depo for 3 months now, and will be getting my second shot tomorrow. I LOVE not taking a pill everyday and having to worry about it. I also like that it's 97% effective against pregnancy. However, i have some side effects even though I got the shot 5 days into my period (perfect timing). If it weren't for the unnecessary side effects, Depo would be perfect.
—Guest Kay
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