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Readers Respond: Why Did You Choose the Depo Shot?

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Updated July 22, 2010

Contraceptive injections, like the Depo shot, slowly release progestin into the blood stream, so many women prefer using Depo Provera because it's a more hassle-free hormonal birth control method that is effective and doesn’t require having to take a pill everyday (you just need to think about birth control every few months). Other women may have chosen the Depo Shot for its non-contraceptive advantages, like being FDA-approved for the treatment of endometriosis pain or because it is a progestin-only method.

We are lucky that we have choices when choosing a contraceptive method. What lead you to choose the Depo Shot?


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Don't have to think!

I chose the Depo Shot because I only have to get it about 4 times a year - how easy is that? Just 4 visits to my doctor's office, and I am protected against getting pregnant without having to give it a second thought. Yay for Depo!
—Guest Holly

Control Cramps

I had really bad cramps from cysts on my ovaries. I used Depo for a much needed break from the pain. I can't say that I missed not having a period, that was also a nice benefit, though I know it freaks some women out.
—Guest Robin

Couldn't Use Estrogen - Very Pleased

I began the Depo shot because I needed a birth control method that did not contain estrogen. I liked the idea of only having to get a shot every 3 months instead of taking pills or getting that implant in my arm. So far, so good! I have had no major side effects and am extremely pleased with my decision.
—Guest Jenny

Tubal Failed

I was on the depo shot when I was younger and had a horrible experience. But after my tubal failed, I had to use something and my doctor said it was my only option due to my high blood pressure. The first 5 months, this time, were constant bleeding - then it stopped, and I haven't had any other problems at all. I love it and plan to continue using it!

Depo Provera Shot - Why not?

I was taking the Depo Provera injections for a year. At the time, I had been taking birth-control pills. The idea of using effective birth control only 4 times a year was very appealing to me. I found out that I am one of those people that were subject to Depo Provera's side effects! I stayed with Depo-Provera for a year, to give it a fair shot (no pun intended). I eventually switched to another birth control method after that, as the side effects never stopped for me while I was on Depo Provera.
—Guest Macy

No Estrogen

I chose the Depo shot because I wanted a hormonal birth control method but can not tolerate estrogen. I have had two Depo shots so far and have been very pleased with my choice. Depo Provera is a great and EFFECTIVE option for us gals who can't use estrogen.
—Guest Talia

Why I Chose Depo Provera

I chose Depo Provera because it meant not having to take a pill every day and because it was almost immediately effective in addition to less frequent lighter periods (if you're lucky). I only took this contraceptive for 9 months, and I had several bouts of heavy spotting before finally deciding to stop using this drug.
—Guest FeistyKitten

Depo Side Effects

I've been on the shot for six months and its the worst mistake that I've made. I've gained weight since taking the shot. The only reason I decided to take Depo is because the doctor said it was the most effective. I didn't want to have another baby.

Depo has been the answer to my periods

I choose to go on depo back in 2006 when I was 17. I was extremely active in sports and have always had heavy periods that lasted exactly 7 days since I got my 1st period at 11 in 1998, which eventually made me mildly anemic. Never had cramps til I was 16 and it got to the point where I was bed-ridden for half the day laying in fetal position with a heating pad! No complaints when I first started the shots except the occasionally to daily spotting but that ceased after a year or 2. My doc warned me about the bone density loss but we watched that with bone density scans periodically n calcium supplements. I had to stop taking it because I lost my insurance coverage after 7 years of continuous use. My last shot was in September 2013, and my period returned December 2013. I experienced breast tenderness, headache, backache, cramps, and nausea the first 2 periods. But they were super light and only last 3 days and so far have been exactly 28 days apart! So far no Pms this month of mar 201
—Guest 26andUninsured

Scared but willing

I go in this friday for the Depo shot. I'm choosing it for 5 reasons 1) it was the quickest one i could get since my cycle is over on Friday 2) i hate the pill because when i was on it was getting yeast infections like every other week (pure hell) 3) me and my new bf of 5 months don't like condoms and don't wanna get pregnant 4)i don't like the risk of insertions (i'd rather just use condoms before i risk my uterus lol) 5) i like the idea of no periods (not that mine really bother me) but MOSTLY not having to remember to take a pill I'm scared mostly because i've already gained about 15 lbs since i've started dating him (which we both appreciate the few extra pounds and where thev've gone) but i don't want to gain much more and neither of us want to see a period for an extended amount of time (such a mood killer!) but I won't know unless i try and for all i know it can be perfect for me! So wish me luck! i will post an update!!
—Guest Monica

depo injection

I had the depo injection after having my implant removed. However, it's only been 6 weeks n I don't think I will be getting another in march. Don't think it agrees with my body, but I know people who say it's great. So give it a go n see for ya self if u want something that u only get every 12 weeks.
—Guest lyndsay

Why I Got Depo

I chose the Depo Shot because my IUD fell out in mid-September, and I had to wait 2 1/2 months to see a gynecologist to get another.
—Guest Jen

3 years depo

I been on depo for 3 years, I got on drop when I was 14 and I'm not 17. It wAs really great I want to be on it till I'm ready to have a kid but people say not to take it more then 2 years n my doctor hasn't really said anything so I said well why not just take it if my doc. Isn't saying nothing but now I'm like a month late n I was feeling depressed witch started last year n now I don't feel ass depressed I just feel lazy kind of but I really love depo haven't had a period for 3 years I have spotted but it's not worry able lol
—Guest Tia

mixed feelings

I enjoy not having periods but ionly have had the shot for about 12 weeks i dont think i will get it again.
—Guest emilie

Had too due to ovarian cysts

I had a hysterectomy at 31 and we left my ovaries. Started getting bad ovarian cysts. Have history of migraines so avoided estrogen pills. Progesterin only pills didnt work in shrinking and preventing my cysts. So went on the shot. Side effects from 1st shot was vaginal dryness so bad that i ended up with 3 UTI's in 2 months due to no acidity down there. After 2nd shot 3 mntgs later, headache every day that turned into migraines every day. Migaines with nausea. I also get ht flashes about 10x a day and am so irritable ll the time. Any stress sers thise to off! The one thing that has been goid about the shot is that it shrunk my cysts and prevented any more from developing. Hopefully the shot did enough to quiet my ovaries that niw i can go back on the progesterin only pill. Also when i was on no birth control at all, i had the best sex i have ever had. I had a sex drive. No i have none!
—Guest Apbear

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Why Did You Choose the Depo Shot?

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