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Readers Respond: What Is Your IUD Removal or IUD Insertion Experience?

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Updated November 01, 2010


I got Skyla inserted a week ago. I'm 21 years old and have never been pregnant. The insertion was awful because my cervix would not open up. My doctor first tried to push me open with this long black spoon looking thing. That didn't work so she then took this tool that looked like scissors to hold my cervix open, but no luck with that either. Finally, she dilated my cervix and put Skyla in. The whole process took about two minutes. I would say the pain is much worse than getting a tattoo, since that is probably the other most painful experience I have endured. I have had sporadic cramps for the past week, but nothing a hearing pad and ibueprofen can't resolve. If I don't get pregnant for three years as promised, I will consider the pain worth it.
—Guest Sam

Never again!!!

I got the Mirena IUD inserted last Monday. The doctor said that I would feel a little pressure and might get a little crampy. The pain was unbearable, sweat was pouring off me and my blood pressure dropped. I had to lay there for 30 minutes afterwards be ause the pain and cramps did not stop afterwards. I had to have somebody to drive me home and so ebody else to drive my car home. Tomorrow will be a week and I still dont feel well yet.
—Guest Melissa

Skyla IUD insertion

I have had my IUD for about a month now. It was somewhat painful and uncomfortable but I managed through it pretty well. I even went to work after I had it done. I can say that the first period after insertion has been interesting. I've been having a lot of spotting(both red and brown) for a few days. I'm used to being on my period for only 5 days but now i've been bleeding or spotting for about 7 days now. I'm hoping that with time it will get better. I know that the first 3-6 months my periods will be weird I just hope I won't be bleeding off and on the entire 3-6 months I don't think I can handle that. I would definitely recommend getting this done. Just have to have some patience.

this was a bad idea !

11months after insertion of the copper iud i have had 3 bv &1yeast infection.. ovarian cysts ... heavy painful cramping periods so heavy I had to wear adult diapers when I'm out to prevent embarrassment..doc said 6 months in you will be fine your body is adjusting .. total bull! I can't take this another minute this is not for me I must be the 2%.. I'm ready to rip this thing out .. high 5 to those who are good to go!
—Guest ren

this was a bad idea !

11months after insertion I have had 3 bv &1yeast infection.. ovarian cysts ... heavy painful cramping periods so heavy I had to wear adult diapers when I'm out to prevent embarrassment..doc said 6 months in you will be fine your body is adjusting .. total bull! I can't take this another minute this is not for me I must be the 2%.. I'm ready to rip this thing out .. high 5 to those who are good to go!
—Guest ren

Threads snapped off!

I had my IUD removed yesterday. It was inserted just after my youngest sons birth and he is 17 next week!! I have been meaning to go for a couple of years now but never seemed to get round to it However the lovely clinical nurse (who said it would be a simple task!) pulled on the threads to remove it and they snapped off! Probably due to the age of the IUD. A doctor who was more experienced, had a go at removing it but unfortunately because of my age, I'm 55, my cervix was fairly tight and it was proving a little uncomfortable to gain access! I was sent away with some contraption in my cervix which was supposed to dilate it. I returned several hours later and the IUD was removed eventually! It wasn't the worst experience in the world but it wasn't pleasant at times. The moral of this story (for us older women) is, don't put removal off, as the older you get the more chance there is of complications! On the plus side its good to know that something tightens up with age! ;-
—Guest Nell

Not a happy camper

I have had my Copper IUD for almost 2 years. Insertion hurt like no other, and I had cramps for a few days afterwards. My periods got so much worse! Even now, after almost 2 years on it, I have cramps for 3 weeks out of the month, I get SUPER hormonal right before my period, and I bleed really heavy (quarter sized clots) for at least 3 days. Often times I also feel like something is stabbing me in my uterus, that makes the day very uncomfortable. I am tired of the emotional & physical drain of how heavy my periods are, so my husband and I decided to make an appointment to get it removed.
—Guest Laura

My removal nightmare

I went in for a check up in March this year. I was having some issues. My doctor couldn't find the Mirena with his fingers, he ended up having to get an ultrasound probe, insert it in me, and find it that it was "still in place". I went again to the doctor today (for the same problem) to have it removed. The nurse came in with the forceps and the spreader. She opened me up and started poking and prodding around looking for the strings. She couldn't find them. She had to call the doctor in to give it a try. He brought a tool that he would have to "insert into my womb to help locate the device". After bringing in 4 other forceps (each longer and thinner than the last) he was able to pull it out. The pain was absolutely excruciating. I broke out into a sweat, I was shaking, and it was severe cramps. An easy 10/10 on a pain scale. The IUD had migrated up a little further. I will never ever get an IUD again. My body belongs to me again, and revolves around my schedule, and not the Mirena's.
—Guest Amanda Brown

ParaGard Placement

I was terrified, mostly bc I read every horror story online right before my appt. stupid, i know. anyway I went 30 minutes early for a Toradol shot, and in spite of my anxiety... felt no pain or pressure whatsoever. I asked my doc to warn me before the painful part,a nd she said, "well sorry- too late. I'm done!" It was cold- that is all. ALSO I didn't realize that I'd be able to easily feel the "strings" in my vagina, but she said this is totally normal. i go back in 1 month for a "string-check." Was also thrilled that it's effective immediately & safe to have sex the night of. *I had placement a week after my period,so had to abstain until placement to avoid risk of pregnancy.
—Guest missyd

Mirena for heavy period relief

I had the Mirena IUD put in 7 years ago to help with my heavy bleeding. My husband has a vasectomy, so I wasn't using it for birth control. I only just had it removed. When I went over on the 5 yrs time, the doc and I decided to just leave it in because I wasn't having any side effects and wasn't bleeding, it was great really. I don't remember it hurting going in except some cramping. Upon removal, some cramping, and not even 2 hours later, my period started. It's not fun after not having one for so long. It seems like a pretty normal period, not too heavy. Today is the 5th day, just hoping it is stopping. Doc having me do blood test to see if I am premenopausal, if so I won't need a new one. I was surprised by all the negative talk about the IUDs. Mine was great, and I wanted another just so I won't have periods!


I successfully removed my paraguard iud while laying in bed. My strings were long and enough to grasp. It came out easily with gentle steady pressure and relaxation. I loved having it as my form of bc. I had minimal side effects after the first three months of heavy periods and cramps. My cycle has been perfect with the moon and now we're ready for baby.
—Guest Rosa

cant get nhs to remove mirena with pain

i have had a mirena for 12 years now, have had constant pain, burning sensations, sore hips, they cant remove it as they cant find the threads, want to cry when they attempt it, the dr said to me that it is not common practice to offer pain relief, it is still in, have had to book another appointment to attempt to get it out and i just get so worked up because i know it is going to hurt, WHY am i not given pain relief????????????

Surgical removal

I have only had my Mirena for about a year. I went in last week to have it removed, but they couldn't find it inside me! They hurt me pretty bad trying to locate the strings, then took me back for an ultrasound to locate it. Apparently it has flipped sideways in my uterus. I am going in next week to be put under anesthesia to have it removed. I pray it is just moved around inside me, and not embedded or something! I am having to pay over $500 out of my pocket before insurance kicks in to get this thing out. I want it out of me now!!
—Guest Mary

Mirena Insertion

I had my mirena inserted about a week ago..and let me tell you...worst pain ive ever had in my life. Be prepared...because its awful!!v
—Guest Katelove

Mirena Issues

I've had Mirena for almost 5 years now and I'm one of the I believe 5% who have continued problems. Why do I keep it? Mostly because it's the most effective birth control on the market and I knew I wouldn't be able to afford the pill. I need the hormones or I have debilitating periods. Insertion was by far the worst passion I've ever experienced in my life. I was never pregnant beforehand so I knew it would hurt, but I nearly blacked out during the dilation of my cervix and had to remain at the doctor's office for nearly an hour afterward because when I stood I would get hot and sweaty and nearly pass out again. I bled constantly for the first 6 months. 6 months! After that I would get a period every once in a while. Cramps were sometimes excruciating. I often get bad cramps after sex as well. Now that the time is nearing for removal I seem to be getting an irregular period every month and I swear I'm spotting more often than not. Luckily I now have health insurance and will be a
—Guest heythere
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