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Readers Respond: What Is Your IUD Removal or IUD Insertion Experience?

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Updated November 01, 2010

Copper IUD Removal (Nova-T in Canada)

I had the copper iud put in 3 months after vaginal birth. INSERTION was same appt as pap smear and only a little discomfort. REMOVAL was absolutely painless! (I had it inserted then removed by my OB after only 2 months. Not right for me.)
—Guest Mel

Mirena insertion and removal

I had a Mirena Inserted over 2 years ago, my periods stopped and everything was great! My dr had clipped the strings too short, and now am having to take drugs to dilate my cervix enough for removal. I was also having horrible ovarian pain, hence why the removal.
—Guest H

ParaGard Insertion - no big deal

I've had the ParaGard for several months and I haven't had any problems with it. The insertion was easy - some cramping when my uterus was measured and when the IUD was inserted, but it wasn't horribly painful. I didn't experience any cramping after the insertion. My periods are normal. I LOVE it and highly recommend trying it out.
—Guest Michelle

Mirena-dont let a regular doc put it in.

My doctor suggested merina.so when my period started it was put in. I had bad cramps and my period was about a month, after that It was perfect for 2 1/2 years, my period disappeared, I loved it!Then I didn't feel so good one day. I took a test and I was pregnant.The IUD was gone and I was 2 months along. I have issues and almost died being pregnant with my son, so it goes without saying, no more babies. So despite my feelings against it I endured an abortion, which was horrible. About 4 months after the abortion I went into a depression caused by heavy periods that lasted 2 weeks making me anemic.My doctor sent me to see a gyno. who told me I needed a new IUD or have surgery to fix the "DUB". Despite my fears I let the gyno. put the IUD in. It hurt being put in but after that no cramping and my first period was normal and short. My gyno said "the first IUD was prob.not put in right and that's why it fell out and these things should be put in by a gyno". All could have been avoided!!
—Guest Guest

Just removed Paragard today after one ye

I had a very easy Paragard insertion a year ago, and BV immediately after which was horrible. Overall though, I loved not having hormones and did not have any side effects until recently. Three weeks ago I had strong abdominal pains and heartburn along with pretty painful back pain. I went in for my annual exam today and after an internal ultrasound (took this to discover it) they noticed my IUD had almost completely expelled itself then my doctor happily announced we take a pregnancy test. I am frustrated and was told once its expelled, probably will not work for me if I tried again. Getting it removed was a breeze
—Guest Lauren

My Worst Experience with IUD

I wanna share also my experience. August 10, 2013 I had my IUD and during insertion I experienced extreme pain which I didn't thought in the first place. My doctor said its just normal and i'll be fine after taking medicines for lesspain. After that, I walked towards the hospital exit when suddenly I felt dizzy and I lost my sight and fell. I didn't know what happened after that, I just woke up in emergency room. 1 guy said he saw me fell so he helped me. 1week later, I came back to my Doctor and complained because I was curious of the brown discharge everyday ,spotting after I went from a travel and spotting after I do home works, dizziness and Extreme Pain in my lower abdomen for about 5sec. yeahh, just a seconds only but it feels like I 'm dying!! ...I started being nervous. She said me to come back after 1month. So what I did, I decided to go to another doctor to make it sure and safe. The doctor said me I have an infection .. so He told me what medicines I should take and reminds
—Guest Rij

Insertion and removal

I had my Paraguard for 3 years, I just had it removed because I was having pain with intercourse. When the doctor pulled it out it was painless, but she also commented that it was already dislodged and that was likely causing my pain, but on top of it she has found that i have a bacterial infection on top of a yeast infection now which i think was caused by the uncomfortableness of the IUD dislodged. The insertion process was a quick pain, and I did blead heavily the first 3 months, but afterwards my period was normal until the dis-lodgement which i think took place the last 3 months, my period became unpredictable and often late.
—Guest MeL

Paragard iud- read my story please.

Well I had my paragard iud fitted 26th September 2013 and after I had it fitted I fainted. And on the night I had excruciating pains in lower tummy and I had tryed everything! I had a hot water bottle, I had took my ibuprofen, I had a cup of tea and I was crying because I was in so much pain! It's 8th October 2013 today and Monday I started spotting and yesterday there was abit more blood. And yesterday it was really bad. I was crying all day with the pain! It felt like someone was stabbing me. And at first I felt the string low down. So I thought it had fell down. Then later I checked the string again and I couldn't feel it. So I went to the walk in at the family planning centre where I had it fitted I waited 2 hours to be seen and the lady just moaned at me and told me should couldn't do anything. And basically I had to deal with it. So not a very good experience. I'm going for my 6 week check up around 4th November 2013 and I'm going to have it took out to try to have my baby #1 :|
—Guest Chloe

Mirena removal

I had my Mirena in for 5 years with no big problems. The only side effects were dry vagina, super low libido, and I got maybe 2 or 3 UTI's that weren't severe and went away on their own. I didn't have menstrual cramps, heavy periods or PMS. The insertion wasn't bad either, it was like a sting and I was dizzy but ok after a bit. I did have period-like bleeding after, but it went away. I recently got it removed and got my tubes tied. I had cramping and they gave me painkillers which made me sleep a lot and didn't hardly get out of bed the week after. I also had period-like bleeding and painful urination about a week and a half after. Now it's been about 3 weeks and I feel normal. My husband and I haven't tried having sex yet and I was wondering when it would be healed enough to try it? We will use condoms as a backup method until my follow-up. I tried poking around in there the other day and it felt kind of sore. If anyone has bad symptoms they should go to ER, don't remove it yourself.
—Guest Marie

parigard's great

I've had paragard for 7 years and it is great. It was painful, crampy, bleeding on first day, but no problems since. Because there are no hormones involved in the device, it didn't create any emotional issues, like the pill and it is SO CONVENIENT! I have always wanted 0 children, so paragard makes that possible for years to come!) When this one wears out I will def get another put in...

IUD and removal

It's been great ! For ten years of it! Put in 1999, removed 2013! Was told if no problems IUD could stay in 2 more yrs. I was all for it . No complications 11yr, but 12th yr, began getting bacterial infections. Off and on. I did not put two and two together. I did not see Gyn for 2 more years.That is when I had enough . Got sick like, cramps like labor EXTREME!!! Mood swings, finally I had a light bulb go off... The IUD !!!! Made app to get it out! The copper was totally gone and the plastic had been deteriorating in my uterus. I got to keep it lol for some reason I needed to examine it. The plastic was rubbing off in my hand . Any way today I am great. I feel almost normal and not crazy anymore. My body was definitely pissed that I kept it that long. I had period next day after removal and it lasted 7days, but was strange orangish brown thick and disgusting.Now my first real period started 9/23 and I am still on it ! And bleeding and passing clots. I'm wondering why so long ? Normal?
—Guest J

Mirena-- Best decision!

I had been on birth control for six years prior to deciding to get Mirena. I had been on literally six different hormonal pills, all which had negative effects on my skin clarity, emotional stability, and overall well-being. Furthermore, I was always paranoid about missing pills, failures, etc. I decided to try Mirena, even though I have not had a child. The procedure was painful for a few seconds, and I had some cramps immediately following, for maybe a day. After a few months, my body adjusted. I now no longer get a menstrual flow and I haven't had any problems with my hormones like I once did on other oral birth controls. I couldn't be happier with Mirena, and will DEFINITELY get the procedure again once my five years are up.
—Guest Ellen

Paraguard Removal

I had the Paraguard for four years after a miscarriage. Insertion was very uncomfortable, but went away a few days later. I had normal periods like clockwork until these last three months when it stopped. I found out the IUD had been out of place. That same day I had it removed and have been bleeding since. It was mild cramping when removed; nothing like insertion. Reading all of this give me some hope that I won't bleed out. I will wait for a few days and if no changes, I am going back to the doctor!
—Guest One Done

fast but...?

My IUD lasted for just 1 year because I'm getting ready for my 2nd baby. Both the insertion and removal were fast & simple. My only issue is; I removed it on the first day of my menstruation & flowed (bled) for 7days. Afterwards, I started feeling pains (as if my bladder wants to come out) on my lower abdomen each time I urinate for 3days now. No other symptom is associated with it. What could be the issue please? Any advice? Pls reply @ ebemama@gmail.com Thanks.
—Guest Ebe

replaced mirena 5 years

I love Mirena! It is the best for birth control and heavy bleeding. I just had mine replaced after five years, today in fact. I love not worrying about bleeding, being spontaneous with my husband...totally worth any pain. My first Mirena, removed this morning had short strings. I've known this and had ultrasound surveillance two years ago to check position of strings. I mentally prepared, asked questions with each annual appointment, etc. One month shy of the five years and my period started...one light flow day and I was done :). Removal was uncomfortable..searching with ultrasound...a hook...but my gyn got it! New one put in right away, with longer strings...happy to keep going with Mirena. I should be past menopause in five years....hope so :)
—Guest kp

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What Is Your IUD Removal or IUD Insertion Experience?

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