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Readers Respond: What Is Your IUD Removal or IUD Insertion Experience?

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Updated November 01, 2010


I had the iud paraguard after my 2 child it was very painful I had no bleeding what so ever about 3 months went by and I was still in a lot of pain and I couldn't feel the strings I had to go see my dr and I was told that my iud went through my uterine wall and I was preganat I lost the baby an had to have surgery to get the iud removed after all that happened I got on the depo shot for about a year and I stopped cuz I want more kids I've been trying for almost 2 years and I think I cannot have children due to what happened with the iud.. I am very sad and hope that this never happens to anyone else cuz it's the worst thing that can ever happen.. I wish everyone who has an iud the best of luck..
—Guest Kiki

Side effects AFTER Paragard's removal

I had the Paragard for 10 years, and three months after its removal, I found out I was pregnant. I went to my OB/GYN for my second ultrasound, when I was told that I miscarried (at about 12 weeks). I went to the hospital to register for a D and C and was told that I had an infection and would need to be admitted so that I could have antibiotics given to me via IV. The next morning, I had the procedure done as scheduled, and while I was in the recovery room began to bleed excessively, requiring a blood transfusion. Nonetheless, I remained in the hospital for 3 days, and have not been able to conceive since. I'm looking for information on whether or not this is a common side effect due to using the Paragard or not. If you have any information, please post.
—Guest Melanie

2nd mirena

I had my first removed yesterday..after five years..the removal was pain free as i had a child before i had the first put in.. The second has been in about 12 hours now...this time i feel very weak and have period style bleeding. I hope this subsides soon. The only probs i had with the first were acne and pre mentrual
—Guest kristen

paragard broke!

I've just had my paragard removed because of discomfort to my husband & myself. During removal my doctor discovered the paragard was broken into pieces as well as part of it embedded into my uterus wall. After having surgery & my obgyn not being able to remove all of the broken off piece because the paragard kept breaking into pieces as he triedto remove the embedded piece. My doctor was unable to remove one side of the "T" from the copper to the end of the plastic. I'm now facing having to have my uterus removed!!
—Guest BKK


I went and got my mirena out today and it was fast and simple!! Didn't take long at all ..you feel a little pressure nothing more!:)
—Guest Bianca


I just has my IUD removed yesterday. When I first gorren it put it I has slight cramps about an half hour later,, the next day Iwas Fine. I got my mirena put In during my six week check up after having my second child, so I bleed for a couple months. After that I was period Free for about Two years. After this my periods Were very light and came basically whenevery, but only lasted a Two-there days. During the end of my third year of having it in, sex became very painful (w/ the same sex partner). I would get a tight, Sharp stabbing pain in my lower abdomen. I would also sweat heavily. I would be in so much pain that I could not move, it even hurt to sit on the toliet.. the only way the pain would go seat was with ice cold towels on my stomach and laying on my side with a pillow inbetween my knees. So I decided it was worth having taken out!! I was nervous but the pain of actually having taken out was not as near as bad as having it inserted. Afterwards I had mild discomfort and still
—Guest olivia

Paraguard... nothing but problems

I have had my iud for 5yrs after being inserted after an abortion, so i don't know how much pain was from the iud. Today I saw my doctor and had it removed due to side effects. It was very painful.. . I've had mild cramps with bleeding today. Hope that goes away soon. My experience has been very bad but I also have fibromyalgia (an amplifing pain condition) which may have made it worse.
—Guest Lee


I was super nervous about having the mirena inserted because a pap smear is uncomfortable for me. I had the mirena inserted 6 weeks after delivery of my third baby. I took ibuprofen before the visit and I prepared for the worst. I was nervous for no reason. I barely felt a thing. I honestly thought it felt like I was getting a pap smear. It was great. I would do it again in a heartbeat.
—Guest tt

Iud removal

So while i had the iud it was great. No periods etc. The removal was easy BUT my first period was terrible! Massive clotting. Unexpected heavy bleeding. Severe cramps etc. not what i expected. After doing some major research i discovered my experience isnt isolated. Plus, after reading the other posts, i found many of my unexplained symptoms while having the Mirena were due to the hormones (weight gain, absent mindedness, mood swings, etc ). Overall Insertion and removal were smooth. ADVICE: be prepared. Nothing foreign in your body is without side effects but the other option of pregnancy isnt without its after effects either. Educate yourself first.
—Guest Never again

Mirena removal

I had my Mirena removed and a new one placed a few days ago. I was very worried because it was very painful having it put in. I took a perkiset before hand and my doctor gave me a shot of Toradal. I think the combination of both of these helped so much. The removal was quick with just a short tug feeling. The insertion was painful but not at all like the first time. I was still light headed after the procedure, but because of the toradal I didn't have any cramping. The doctor that I went to was a different one then I seen when I had the first IUD put in. I seen a woman this time that has had 2 IUD herself and knew how painful they can be. I believe this made a difference as well. I would definitely ask for the shot of Toradal and take a pain med before hand. Would I have another one, yes but only if I could have the combination of medication.
—Guest Kathy

Mirena Insertion

I had the Mirena IUD inserted today. I'm 34, and have never had children. My cervix is narrow since I have never given birth, so the doctor had a hard time inserting it. It took 4 tries. The pain was pretty intense, but not the worst pain I've experienced. If she got it in on the first try, I would have said it was a breeze, but by the forth attempt, I was feeling a little faint. I'm happy it's in now and am hopping to be period and cramp free soon!
—Guest Katie

torn on IUD (not literally)

im 50/50 on the IUD birth control method. I had a paraguard inserted almost 3 years ago. It was one of the most tramatic, painful experiences ever, mostly what happened after. Ive never been pregnant so when my doc inserted it she had to pop up my cervic. I think if youve been pregnant previously it isnt as painful. my body immediatly wanted it out & I had intense cramps/contractions for 24 hours. My boyfriend wanted to take me to the ER. the cramps lessened but lasted for another month. My periods are still crazy heavy & long to this day. the painful cramping stopped after the 1st year. while having sex some positions do still cause pain. however the upside is i dont have to take the pill/use condoms & since I have high blood pressure & am allergic to laxtex this is great! i had an abnormal papsmear & i now want it out. Im scare out of my mind! im borderlining on panic attacks. reading here it seems not as painful so this helps ease my mind. thx!
—Guest guest tally

Mirena Removal

Had a Mirena inserted with minimal craming. Spotting for about 6months then periods ceased altogether. After 5yrs, it was time to have the Mirena removed and replaced. GYN could not find the strings and it took 2GYNs, a nurse practitioner an hour and 15min to remove. Basically had an unmedicated D&C in the office. After the removal, the GYN asked if I still wanted the new Mirena placed. I quickly said yes! Insertion was the easy part and 4 1/2 yrs of little to no periods and birth control was well worth the painstaking removal. Have had my new Mirena 1 1/2 yrs, am period free and loving it.
—Guest Nicole


I had the Mirena put in March of 2012 & the only thing that got me through the procedure was knowing it was a five year plan. I felt like I was having contractions all over again. I have had some side effects but, have not become preggers :)
—Guest Tiffany S

Mirena- not too bad

I just got the Mirena inserted a few days ago. I'm 18 years of age who has never had children and I wasn't on my period when it was inserted. The nurse gave me some ibuprofin before hand to ease the pain later on. The doctor told exactly what she was doing step by step and she kept me calm the entire time. The only painful thing is the measuring and it feels like cramps. That's the most painful part of the procedure but I find it to be uncomfortable but bearable. I was glad to be able to get it in because the doctor said because I wasn't on my period and never had kids that she may not be able to insert it but I it ended up working out:) so I recommend to keep calm, prevent tensing up, and take deep breaths if it starts to hurt. My insertion was a breeze.
—Guest lacey

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What Is Your IUD Removal or IUD Insertion Experience?

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