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Readers Respond: What Is Your IUD Removal or IUD Insertion Experience?

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Updated November 01, 2010

IUD w/ no previous pregancies

I have a ParaGard & have for maybe 4 years. I have never been pregnant & will NOT put any extraneous hormones in my body since mom and sister have had ER/PR positive breast cancers (that means estrogen & progesterone FED thier tumors). The insertion was simple for me...a bit of intense uterine contraction during, but nothing near what others have described. On the flip side, I do have regular kidney stones, so maybe I'm just more accustomed to intense pain. I DID have major cramping the first 6 wks or so but nothing ibuprofen & a few deep breaths wouldn't get me through. I am a bit nervous b/c I'm having it taken out in a couple weeks--time to try for baby. Hope it goes smoothly.
—Guest GH


if it was covered by isranunce i say go for it. Mine wasn't and cost over $1000, so when i got it, i was looking long term (and kept it about 4 years so I think it was worth it). I had paragard and got pregnant the first cycle we tried, which was about 6 weeks after iud removal (dr. recommended waiting 1 cycle and we weren't ready quite yet anyway).
—Guest lEQBSCpzlPw

Doctors Lie...

I have had my Mirena for about a year now and the insertion was a horrible experience. I am 21 and have never had kids but I'd imagine childbirth to feel about the same. The doctor said it would be a pinch basically (right after telling me my uterus was the size of an OLIVE for god's sake!) and I seriously felt like she was ripping me in half down there. I was cussing her out (not intentionally lol) the whole time and the nurse was just laughing at me. I want this thing out and probaby will make an appointment soon but am scared it's gonna be just as bad... My overall experience after getting it inserted hasn't been bad but I want kids someday and don't want to risk having non-functional lady parts.
—Guest Jenna


I had the Mirena put in 5 yrs ago,When they inserted it,it was a little crampy and then they subsided right away ,bled for months like i had a period then it finally slowed down to spotting,Still get my period but very light spotting.Just went to have it taken out and a new one put in.The removal wasnt bad barely felt it,putting it back in a little cramping but went away quickly. I am bleeding right now like i have my period hopefully doesnt last as long as the first insertion..I like the Mirena anything is better than having heavy periods for 7 days!!!!
—Guest sandy

Mirena (pro's and con's)

Got the iud put in 5 weeks after my 3rd son was born in 2012. I had pelvic pain on and off for months. I alos still get my period regularly with some cramping. The insertion went well, took some ibuprofen, only felt some incomfortability and a pinch. I see I have had weight gain and now acne. Even though Im not ready for any more children, I donot like the weight gain nor the problems with the break outs on my face so iam thinking about having it removed. I do have to say that it has been the most effective and convinent form of birth control thus far
—Guest Rita

Terrible Mirena experience!!!

I had a Mirena IUD put in less than a month ago....last week it tore through the top of my uterus and went missing in my abdomen! The insertion was terribly painful, after 10-11 days of cramping I called the Dr who said that long with cramps totally normal. Fast forward 1 week and I went to the ER with unbearable abdominal pain. The IUD had apparently perforated the top of my uterus, and was discovered in laparoscopic surgery up against the bowel. The surgeon also tells me that the left tube is destroyed from this and that having more children may be out of the question... Overall, a terrible, devastating experience. Overall, terrible experience!!!
—Guest Christa

Paragard insertion and removal

I had the paragard inserted 4 weeks and a half ago. I have never had children Im 24 yo and the pain was horrible. I almost fainted and felt so nauseous right after the insertion. The intense pain lasted for 1 whole week, I took Ibuprofen for the pain. Then the pain went away by its own. I had a longer than usual period for 7 days, I normally bleed for 3 days. But then 14 days after my only period with it, I had intense pain in one area of my abdomen with nausea and cramps. My ovulation time used to go unnoticed. This time I feel it all over. I just had it removed 2 days ago, and it was not as painful. The dr. said it was just like she placed it. But I still feel so nauseaous and the pain in over one area in my lower abd is still there. Has anyone experienced any symptoms after the removal?
—Guest guest juli

painfulhorrible mirena never

Had the mirena iud inserted... Hurt like hell cramps and tgey dident even place it correctly... I had to go back after one week trying to work through the pain... Us women can really put up with pain... Men have no idea.... My husband always feels it during intercourse and i bleed the next morning after a night of gettting off... I dont even want sex anymore. 5 months with maybe 5 times having him go inside... That painful
—Guest no bueno

Another removal/insertion

I had my first paragard after my first child was born 13 years ago. My body naturally expelled that one, so I did not try again until after my third and final child was born 7 years ago. At this time, I went with the Mirena. I was very happy with it for a couple of years and then had to have it removed. The insertion of both was a little painful, but not unbearable and the removal of the mirena was kind of crampy. I had a new paragard put in about 4 years ago. At first it was great, but as my cycles kept getting shorter and my cramps worse, I decided to have it removed and replaced with another Mirena. The problem was that my strings on the paragard were short and had sucked up into my uterus. The doctor had to use long tweezers and an ultrasound to find and remove the paragard. This was very painful(especially on top of the VERY full bladder they were pressing on). The insertion of the new Mirena was easy. Now I just have some light bleeding, no cramps. so worth it in the long run.

My experience

I had mirena inserted 3 years ago after having my daughter. The doctor said the cramping could get painful and advised me to take some ibuprofen before hand. The insertion was ok, felt a pinch and definitely cramps, but they felt like the beginning contractions when going into labor-not terrible. Side effects subsided very quick- within 24 hours and a few months later had no period. I have gained some weight and have more acne than before, but may not have anything to do with the iud. Today I got Mirena removed because it feels very unnatural to me not having a menstrual cycle, and we are ready for another baby. It was so easy and painless, I asked the doctor if it would hurt, he said no and asked me to cough then said all done and showed me the mirena. Easy as pie. I would recommend and iud to anyone!
—Guest Corey

Getting Mirena removed today!!

I have had mirena since 9-11-07 I am getting it removed today. I am scared cause I cant feel the strings but in certain sexual posistions mu husband can feel the poking the head of his penis. I go at 3pm and very scared it will hurt or cant be located. Gonna set up to get tubes tied. We have two boys and we think our family is perfect the way it is
—Guest Crystal

Mirina removed

I went and had my coil removed today and after going though such a traumatic insertion which caused me unbelievable amounts of pain with contractions etc I was very scared of having it out as I genially thought I couldn't go through it again but I can honestly say to any women that is worrying please don't as the only uncomfortable part is we're they open your cervix up with that plastic tube apart from that you really don't feel a thing and its over within 30 seconds. :)
—Guest Ellie

Flexi-t 300

I had the flexi-t 300 inserted a week ago, my doctor did not know much about it, she recommened Mirena, but with my history of IIH I wanted to go hormone free. Plus the Alesse I took for a year was making me crazy. The procedure took about 20 minutes. She told me normally women scream when she opens their cervix but I only felt a bit of discomfort. She couldn't get it to go in and had to try three times so thank god it didn't hurt. I cannot feel the strings today so I'm a little nervous but I have an ultrasound schedualed for may 8th but I don't think I will wait til then to have it checked out. I'm 24 and have never had children. My advice would be make sure your doctor is familiar with the device they are inserting.
—Guest Andrea

Insertion Experience

I had my Copper Coil inserted Monday (today's friday). I have been reading lots of reviews since I decided to have it (had the implant before - no problems except weight gain). I have been so scared with all the reviews and traumatic experiences some women have gone through. Everyone's different, what might be uncomfortable for me might be excruciating for you so don't be put down having it just because of everything's that's been written around the web. Obviously, when you're scared you're more aware of pain so when I went to the GP I was already trembling. Took 2 pills Anadin but don't think painkillers make any difference to be honest. Speculum in (fine), then there's this tool that holds your cervix in place by pinching it (for me that was the most painful bit), and then coil in. When the coil went in the pain I had was nearly the same as the pain you get on your lower stomach when you have really bad diarrhea (the type that you cant hold anymore and just need to go toilet).
—Guest Tatic

Really happy with my IUD

Getting an IUD was one of the best decisions I ever made! I got a copper IUD when I was 18. I found that the pill and other methods of reliable contraception messed up my hormones and made me feel sad and angry. The copper IUD is just as effective but does not release any hormones into the body. It seemed a bit frightening at the time but actually it was worth it for the 5 minutes of discomfort during the insertion - in fact I found the pain was no worse than a severe menstrual cramp. I am now 21 and have had no problems. My flow was heavier for a while but not to the point that it was a problem - my doctor prescribed me blood thinning tablets and that did the trick. I want to share my experience because I don't think many young people would consider using an IUD and opt for something less permanent, but if you are in a long term relationship I say go for it! I will be preaching to all my girlfriends about IUDs for many years to come!
—Guest Emily

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What Is Your IUD Removal or IUD Insertion Experience?

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