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Readers Respond: What Is Your IUD Removal or IUD Insertion Experience?

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Updated November 01, 2010

painful removal

My mirena iud was not able to be removed using the strings. Two people were unsuccessful at removal. A specialist had to remove it using specialized tools. It has by far been the most painful thing I've experienced. I even started to sweat from the pain. Even an 800 mg ibuprofen did next to nothing to stop pain. If I knew that getting it removed could be that painful I would never have gotten it to begin with. I really think there should be some place to report how many have to be removed this way and that women should be informed of these numbers prior to insertion. We should have the right to know. I appreciate this as a place to share such information.
—Guest mel

Scared for removal

Hey everyone, I got a non-hormonal IUD 4 years ago and I found it very painful during insurtion and am now very nervous to have it removed. I went to my family doctor but he wasn't able to locate the strings (I am assuming they were cut to short because I have never noticed strings even from the beginning) so he is sending me to a specialist and now I am even more freaked out. From reading your comments I am at least assured that the removal isn't as painful as insurtion has anyone else had difficulties removing your iud, and how did you over come that?
—Guest Katie


Insertion was painful and had to go straight to work after and suffered bad cramps all day.. as one lady said much like early labour. that subsided and was ok then on.. but checked my strings last night and could also feel the bottom of the device so its falling out so going to have to travel to do god knows what to it now.. a whole 3 weeks after insertion
—Guest Dani

I have the paraguard IUD-

I have had the iud for 2 1/2 years. I cant find the strings. Going to search more for it and then call the doctor if I cant find it. The IUD isnt that painful getting put in, as I have had 3/5 children with no pain meds whatsoever. stop being babies :) lol
—Guest momof5

Mirena now going to Paragard

I used Mirena for 7 years very successfully. The two insertions although not comfortable were not painful compared to childbirth. There was a sharp cramping pain then it was over. I did not have major cramping after. I took 4 advil prior to each insertion. I had the Mirena out last week and after my second period I am going to have the Paragard inserted. I have no fear over the insertion because the pain is very short lived. I truly believe some of the problems from insertion are because of the Physician. Mine has an IUD and has a lot of experience with insertion. There was never any pain as you should not feel the IUD in your uterus. Good Luck,
—Guest angie13

Mirena Insertion

I had my mirena placed Sept 2011 and i'm having it taken out tomorrow due to severe side effects. The insertion was horrible! My doctor told me to take some over the counter pain killers an hour before my appointment. It didn't help! I ended up crying so bad that my mother could hear me in the waiting room. Keep in mind I have 7 tattoos and multiple piercings I didn't even flinch when getting those. I ended up passing out after 20 minutes of the doctor trying to place it. I've never had a child but after that kind of pain, having one seems like it would be a piece of cake! I'm 20 btw.
—Guest Dakota

love it!

i must be crazy had no pain a little discomfort but has been great have had my iud for 2 years now and feel great! It was totally worth it!
—Guest laura

Rejecting the Mirena

I had a mirena coil fitted 5 weeks ago! And this weekend it more or less came out by itself! Having it fitted was totally pain free! But from there on it was nothing but pain and bleeding. I had pain in my cervix and It was very swollen! Went back to doctors and was given a course of penicillin. This happened twice! Then got thrush through taking the antibiotics! This weekend things flared up again and the strings were hanging very low I just felt them and the coil came away!! I phoned the dr today and explained what had happened and told her that I thought my body was just no going to accept this IUD!! And she agreed that some woman's bodies did reject the coil! I have friends who love this mirena and has been no problem! I just wanted to share my experience in case it could help
—Guest Cathy 222

Having the IUD Worse thing ever

I had my IUD for a little over 5 years cause the doctors could never find it to take it out. Well finally got it out. The only thing that was good about the IUD is that i didnt get pregnant.
—Guest Ashley

awful experience

i had my paragard put in two years ago. Well after two years of having it in, I somehow became the less than 1% who got pregnant. Since it was still in, I ended up having a miscarriage. I though this was supposes to have worked for 10 years not 2...
—Guest deah

Mirena mistake

I am 20 and have had my iud for over a year now and it's probably the worst mistake I have made. The insertion was the most extreme pain I have experienced. Because of side effects, I'm getting my iud removed next week. I would rather get pregnant than deal with this again.
—Guest Lizzie

Paragard insertion

The first time I attempted a Paragard insertion, the pain was so sudden and so excruciating (like my uterus was being attacked with great force using dull knives) that I cried out, went into some sort of nightmare, and then fainted. My doctor was cutting the strings when I fainted, and because my body vaulted back at that point the IUD flew out. I then was stuck on the table for 2 hrs with intense cramping and diarrhea. For the second attempt (1 month later) my Dr. gave me percocet 1 hr prior to the procedure. The pain was similar but less intense because of the drugs. Afterward, however, I vomited 3 times over 5 hrs, including on the floor of the doctor's office and on the street as we were driving home. It is now two days later and I'm still experiencing mild cramping and I haven't quite recovered. I think some of the vomiting was due to side effects of the percocet. I've never been pregnant. Don't go alone to an IUD insertion & don't plan to work for the rest of the day.
—Guest arw


I had the Mirena device inserted yesterday morning. I felt nauseas and experiences painful cramping during the procedure. I had cramps and discomfort yesterday and today and just now in the shower the device came out. I will be looking Into a different method of birth control.
—Guest Lonnie

Insertion no biggie

I've had 2 vaginal deliveries. Thought about Mirena for awhile but finally got the courage to try it. I took naproxen for a couple days before as well as an hour before (antiinflammatories block creation of prostaglandin which regulate pain, but need at least 48 hours to block effectively). Had cramping during insertion like menstrual cramps or early Labour that only lasted a few minutes. Occasional very mild cramping for rest of day but nothing since. So all in all not nearly as bad as some describe, but maybe that's because I prepared ahead of time....
—Guest whatsupdoc

painful insertion but worth it.

I had my mirena inserted during my period and it was painful but bearable. I have had 4 vaginal deliveries. There was cramping the rest of the day and part of the next. I felt the string for the next 2 months and had breakthrough bleeding. I will say that after 3 months the string softened to the point I can't feel it at all. I had my doctor check if it was still there and it was. I was supposed to get it out at 5 years but I am overdue by 6 months. I am scared of repeating the pain of insertion and have finally called for the appointment. The Mirena is and was worth the 5 years of hassle free birth control.
—Guest Victoria
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