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Readers Respond: What Is Your IUD Removal or IUD Insertion Experience?

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Updated November 01, 2010

Removal Discomfort

I went to get my IUD removed and a new one inserted today. I had it put in at 17 under general anesthetic, so had no idea what to expect and it was horribly painful, worse than I imagined. Also, my doctor hadn't advised me that a) you should not have unprotected sex 7 days before removal, as if they can't fit a new one you run the risk of getting pregnant, or b) to take painkillers beforehand, so bare that in mind if you are having an IUD removed. It was worth it though, because it works so well for me.
—Guest Guest Char

hurts so much

getting the iud inserted was the most painful thing ever! for 2 hours i cried in pain, felt like the worst cramp you could imagine that just wouldn't end, i almost threw up- just warning because i had no idea how horrible it was going to be! however totally worth it! no pregnancies for me woo
—Guest jenna

Mirena Insertion Failure

Just over 18 months ago I had a failed Mirena insertion (I'm nulliparous). The pain was EXCRUCIATING (and I normally have an unusually high pain tolerance). The nurse gave local pain relief and tried to dilate me, but after several attempts, I couldn't stand it any longer and asked her to stop. I was shocked by her colleague's derisive comment that if I "didn't like that, I should actually try childbirth", which seemed unhelpful at best. In any case, I put it behind me and thought no more of it. However, I remain convinced that the failed attempt to insert the Mirena has left me with ongoing problems. Clearly it works for many people, but every time I've discussed this with different friends, I hear yet another story of someone who has had a similar experience.
—Guest Vicky

insertion + removal = ?

I had copper iud inserted nearly 3 years ago after my second child. Recently i started bleeding. The bleeding went on for 20 + iud had become dislodged and needed to be removed and replaced. The replacement hurt like hell but the bleeding persisted and a week after insertion it had to be removed. I really have to rethink my birth control options.
—Guest kkem

Not Painful at all!

I have had 3 IUDs inserted and none of which have hurt to have put in. For those who thought the IUD did hurt, what do you think childbirth is gonna be like? lol
—Guest babies

Mirena insertion

It was the worst pain in my life. I am 27, never been pregnant. The insertion was horrible despite me having watched the Mirena inserted in others. But the pain passed in 10 mins with just moderate cramping afterwards. I hope it's worth it. I still have a few sharp cramps and mild spotting.
—Guest Natasha

best method ever

Got the paragard in June 2011. felt free of worries. I have no kids and I'm guessing thats why in Feb 2012 it went inward causing spotting,discharge, And alot of pain. But I got it fixed I still recommend it.
—Guest jponce

My experience with insertion and removal

I got the Paraguard copper IUD after I had my daughter at 19. The insertion was the worst, it felt like a few sharp, stabbing pains. It only lasted a few minutes, but it was intense. Just take a deep breath in, hold it and curl your toes to get through it. For some people I guess it's not so bad, but the fact that I have a tilted uterus I guess makes it more tender and ackward for Dr's to manuver the equipment b/c its backwards from what their used to. I had cramping and spotting for a few days afterwards. It's very conveinent. As far as removal, it still hurt, but it was quick. A quick, sharp pain as my dr. got it out after only a couple tugs. Had mine in for 6 years! make sure to check for strings monthl
—Guest Carey

Insertion and removal

I had the mirena inserted 5 years ago. It hurt. But they gave me a high dosage of tylenol. I have no complaints. Removal: was 2 days ago. No pain. I had light bleeding today. Wondering what will happen next.
—Guest Jennifer


i loved it i never had any major problems i feel like im my normal self its an amazing birth control!!!
—Guest yvette.2

mirena iud

Just got it done 4 hours ago. Worst pain ever felt. I have to go to work today. Bending over hurts. Feel dizzy, like throwing up, uneasy. Just hoping it goes down. And happy i went through with it altogether, hate the pain tho.
—Guest =(

Mirena Insertion

I had my Mirena inserted almost 3 years ago in 2009 after my first child was born. I hardly felt a thing. But I wasn't surprised because during labor I hardly felt a thing until I was ready to push. I must have a high pain tolerance. I am getting it removed next week because I'm ready for baby #2. Ever since its been in I have had absolutely no period or cramping. I would definitely recommend this form of b.c.!! And I will be getting it again after baby #2!
—Guest Kristy

Mirena insertion

I had Mirena inserted in mid-December, and have an appointment to have it removed next week (a little over a month later). The insertion was the worst pain I have felt in years. The cervical clamp was terrible, and the insertion itself felt like I was being stabbed in the lower back. Immediately, I felt dizzy, light headed, nausious, and crampy. I know plenty of other girls that love their Mirena, but it just didn't work out for me. An expensive lesson learned!
—Guest Kelly

Paragard Removal

I just had my paragard iud removed this morning. I chose to have it removed due to some concerns. Removal was a lot easier than when they put it in. I was in pain for about two days when they put it in. And my doctor said that was because I had never been pregnant before.
—Guest Brooke

ParaGard iud placement and removal

I had my IUD placed on jan 6th of this year, I went in with an open mind I didnt convince myself it was going to be painful and I didnt convince myself that it wouldnt, everyone is different when it comes to pain. Well for me it was just terrible the first attempt was a fail the second time a success or so I thought, my ob sent for an ultrasound to make sure it was placed correctly due to her problems inserting it, it wasnt placed correctly it was in my uterus on the right hand side not in the middle so today, jan 26 i had it removed and due to its improper location it was a bit painful but was over in about a second. hopefully the third attempt will actually be a success.. Oh and by the way it was the copper IUD. Thanks for reading and good luck to all who have had one have one now or plan on getting one.
—Guest Donna
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