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Readers Respond: What Is Your IUD Removal or IUD Insertion Experience?

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Updated November 01, 2010

My experience

I had mirena inserted 3 years ago after having my daughter. The doctor said the cramping could get painful and advised me to take some ibuprofen before hand. The insertion was ok, felt a pinch and definitely cramps, but they felt like the beginning contractions when going into labor-not terrible. Side effects subsided very quick- within 24 hours and a few months later had no period. I have gained some weight and have more acne than before, but may not have anything to do with the iud. Today I got Mirena removed because it feels very unnatural to me not having a menstrual cycle, and we are ready for another baby. It was so easy and painless, I asked the doctor if it would hurt, he said no and asked me to cough then said all done and showed me the mirena. Easy as pie. I would recommend and iud to anyone!
—Guest Corey

Getting Mirena removed today!!

I have had mirena since 9-11-07 I am getting it removed today. I am scared cause I cant feel the strings but in certain sexual posistions mu husband can feel the poking the head of his penis. I go at 3pm and very scared it will hurt or cant be located. Gonna set up to get tubes tied. We have two boys and we think our family is perfect the way it is
—Guest Crystal

Mirina removed

I went and had my coil removed today and after going though such a traumatic insertion which caused me unbelievable amounts of pain with contractions etc I was very scared of having it out as I genially thought I couldn't go through it again but I can honestly say to any women that is worrying please don't as the only uncomfortable part is we're they open your cervix up with that plastic tube apart from that you really don't feel a thing and its over within 30 seconds. :)
—Guest Ellie

Flexi-t 300

I had the flexi-t 300 inserted a week ago, my doctor did not know much about it, she recommened Mirena, but with my history of IIH I wanted to go hormone free. Plus the Alesse I took for a year was making me crazy. The procedure took about 20 minutes. She told me normally women scream when she opens their cervix but I only felt a bit of discomfort. She couldn't get it to go in and had to try three times so thank god it didn't hurt. I cannot feel the strings today so I'm a little nervous but I have an ultrasound schedualed for may 8th but I don't think I will wait til then to have it checked out. I'm 24 and have never had children. My advice would be make sure your doctor is familiar with the device they are inserting.
—Guest Andrea

Insertion Experience

I had my Copper Coil inserted Monday (today's friday). I have been reading lots of reviews since I decided to have it (had the implant before - no problems except weight gain). I have been so scared with all the reviews and traumatic experiences some women have gone through. Everyone's different, what might be uncomfortable for me might be excruciating for you so don't be put down having it just because of everything's that's been written around the web. Obviously, when you're scared you're more aware of pain so when I went to the GP I was already trembling. Took 2 pills Anadin but don't think painkillers make any difference to be honest. Speculum in (fine), then there's this tool that holds your cervix in place by pinching it (for me that was the most painful bit), and then coil in. When the coil went in the pain I had was nearly the same as the pain you get on your lower stomach when you have really bad diarrhea (the type that you cant hold anymore and just need to go toilet).
—Guest Tatic

Really happy with my IUD

Getting an IUD was one of the best decisions I ever made! I got a copper IUD when I was 18. I found that the pill and other methods of reliable contraception messed up my hormones and made me feel sad and angry. The copper IUD is just as effective but does not release any hormones into the body. It seemed a bit frightening at the time but actually it was worth it for the 5 minutes of discomfort during the insertion - in fact I found the pain was no worse than a severe menstrual cramp. I am now 21 and have had no problems. My flow was heavier for a while but not to the point that it was a problem - my doctor prescribed me blood thinning tablets and that did the trick. I want to share my experience because I don't think many young people would consider using an IUD and opt for something less permanent, but if you are in a long term relationship I say go for it! I will be preaching to all my girlfriends about IUDs for many years to come!
—Guest Emily

Paragard Insertion

I had the copper iud inserted on Wed at 8 am. I was very nervous because I read so many stories about such painful experiences. It was over and done with before I knew it! I have had 3 children naturally the last one was 7 months ago. I am still breastfeeding so I haven't had my menstrual cycle in a long time (16 months). I started bleeding immediately after insertion (so ladies bring a pad and wear period panties just to be safe!) And cramping started on the way home. I had taken 600mg of ibuprofen 1 hour prior to my appointment. The next day Thursday, I noticed that with the bloody discharge there were what seemed to be bluish specks on occasion. It is now early Sat 1am and I can happily say that I haven't seen any of those specks again, about 24 hours now! Thank goodness because I couldn't find anything anywhere about the blue specks so it could have been my body's reaction at first, who knows. I feel like I am on my period mood wise, but it isn't near as bad as what I've read onli
—Guest iud4me


I got my first Mirena-IUD in 2007.. 6 weeks after the birth of my daughter. The insertion was uncomfortable but tolerable. Inexperienced some spotting for about a month but didn't have a period for six years. It is recommended to have it changed after 5 years. I never even knew when I should have had a cycle. I had absolutely no symptoms & love every minute of it. I finally scheduled to have it removed a new one inserted in the same visit. The removal was quick but a little uncomfortable. I was very nervous & tense so I'm sure that didn't help. I had to wait for him to clean the cervix & what not because I was bleeding quite a bit. The insertion of the new device was super painful! I was very weak & shaking. I turned ghost white..was very cold & thought I was going to pass out! However they gave me water & let me lay there. Prescribed me some medicine for pain & an antibiotic. The cramps were painful but only lasted like 2 hours. The bleeding has stopped & I am hoping for good! :)
—Guest Mandy

easy peasy

I have had my paraguard for about a week now. The insertion was a little uncomfortable. It's the measuring that was a little painful. But I could easily do it again. As soon as it was in and the Dr was done I couldn't feel it. I got up and there was heavy bleeding. But only for the first two days. After that the bleeding has gone down to where I only need a panty liner. I had sex 5 days after insertion. And no problems. Hopefully when I get my first post pregnancy period it won't be too bad. I've never given birth due to c section with my pregnancy. But so far everything seems to be normal. I'm almost back to the old me before I got pregnant.
—Guest jennica

IUD great until expulsion

I have my paragard IUD put in at the end of August 2012 and it did hurt a bit while being put in, but nothing that was too severe. Like a big pinch, then done! I had cramping for several days, and went back in to make sure it was placed properly, and it was. Cramps were just part of my body getting used to the IUD. My periods were actually about the same, because I already had heavy, regular periods. Everything was wonderful until last week when after having vigorous intercourse "doggie style" I started having cramps and felt for the IUD strings and I could feel the hard plastic part of the IUD coming out! I had to wait until Monday to get in and see my OB, but I just took advil to help with the cramps, and when I went in today they verified that my IUD was indeed coming out and removed it. Removal did NOT hurt at all! Now I am having light bleeding, light cramping, but feeling better. I may get another IUD during my next cycle.
—Guest Lisa

IUD insertion resulted in prolapse

Got my iud inserted and it was extremely painful. The intern stated he couldn't see and got a larger speculum and I felt like I was being ripped in two. Then he stated my cervix was tilted so a tenaculum was used. I was in agony for days (not the cramping--but that was bad too but my vagina felt like it was ripped in half). Two weeks later I was running on the treadmill and part of my vagina desended outside my body. I was perfectly healthy the day of the insertion and now I have been diagnosed with anterior and posterier prolapse. Additionally, the entire time the IUD was in I felt like something was pinching me, they took the IUD out and the pinching has stopped (I was told it may have been the string). Felt better within a day. However I still feel like there is a brick in my vagina. I don't know the outcome, but suspect I will be having surgery soon for the prolapse.
—Guest anne

Paragard Insertion

Every woman will react differently, so even after reading awful stories & some good ones, I went through with it. I got the paragard yesterday. Prior to the appt I took Ibuprofen. I brought my boyfriend to make me more comfortable. I asked the Dr. to explain as he worked. He did a pelvic exam, showed me the tools & how they'd be used, & gave me 2 strings so I knew what to feel for when I checked it. He said I'd feel a pinch & a pull. I felt a pinch at the measuring of the uterus, then the "pull" which was like a very tight, long cramp that lasted till the end. I closed my eyes, breathed deep & relaxed. Then he stood up & took his gloves off. I said that was it?! It lasted about 5 minutes. On the way home I felt lower back pain. At home, I relaxed, took ibuprofen, and let my body get used to it. It feels like cramps, but then I'm menstruating so it happens. I'm 28 & never had kids, I'm waiting to expel it as they say childless women are more likely to. We'll see. Day 2 & feeling ok.
—Guest Carly

A GREAT experience!!!

I just got my copper IUD inserted. I read this page before hand and got a little scared from all of the responses. I wanted to make sure that others reading, hear the good side. I took some Advil before hand, just like others suggested. The doctor explained everything that he was doing (the steps mentioned in this article), yes I did feel a large pinch and cramp. I did some slow breathing throughout, and just tried to relax, before I knew it, it was all done. I think it was about 30 seconds to 1 minute of some pain (6 out of 10). And now I think I'll go for a walk lol. But of course taking it easy just in case. I love the thought that now I don't have to think about pills or what the hormones do to me each month. I'm still worried about the stories with heavy periods, but after the insertion, I think I'll be just fine.
—Guest Nikki

Copper IUD

I had my copper IUD inserted in 2010. My doctor told me this was my only option since I am a smoker with a high risk of blood clot and stoke from family history. It has been an excruciating three years with extremely heavy periods, crippling cramps, and uterine pain. Also about a year ago I contracted an ovarian infection due to the IUD. I recently went to a women's medical clinic to discuss my discomfort and to my surprise I had another option. To all SMOKERS, there is a birth control pill that which is actually cheaper than the brand I used before and has a substantial decrease in clotting and stoke. It is a progestin-only pill called Micronor, different from the estrogen-progestin compound used in other pills. So if this is you, and you're thinking about the copper IUD, save yourself the misery I had to endure and stay informed about all of your options. I can only hope that the removal will be slightly less unbearable than the insertion.
—Guest Jess

Horrifying IUD insertion, having removed

I had the Mirena placed about a year and 1/2 ago, and it was extremely painful - the nurse had to lay her body on mine to hold me down. I had cervical cramping for months after, but I stuck with it. After one year, I went to have it removed, and my OB asked to try one more time with high antibiotics and pain pills. Got better, but 6 mos later and I am having 14-16 day episodes of heavy pelvic and cervical cramping, but passing only blood clots and rust colored mucus. Scary, gross and painful. I am terrified to have it taken out today, but I am determined to go through with it. I actually miss my 5 day normal periods - this is not worth it. I am taking a Vicodin AND a muscle relaxer when I get to the office as they act like it will be no big deal. I'm not chancing that again.
—Guest Steph

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