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Readers Respond: What Is Your IUD Removal or IUD Insertion Experience?

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Updated November 01, 2010

easy peasy

The uid I had didn't suit me and after 5 months I chose to get it removed. I was worried as it was very uncomfortable to have in. However it took 2 mins and was only very slightly uncomfortable but over so fast.
—Guest apple

Hated the pill. Love my iud!!

I got the Paraguard (copper, hormone free iud) placed after my son was born in 2009. Four years later and I am still loving it! Best choice I ever made! I was on the pill for years and got so sick every month. It was awful. I hated it. Tried everything and they all made me sick. The Paraguard is perfect. I don't feel a thing. It made my periods heavier but is over quick. My periods used to last forever on the pill. I highly recommend the Paraguard. SO worth it!!!
—Guest Ruth


I just had the paraguard copper IUD inserted today and after reading this page of horror stories I was extremely scared of the pain. It turns out I didn't have anything to worry about! I took 800mg of ibuprofen before I went to the dr office and I didn't use the cervix softening pill. I was on day 7 of my cycle so I think my cervix was probably open a bit from my period still. Anyway, the amount of pain I felt during the procedure was probably around a 5 out of 10. It was more of a pressure/cramp feeling than pain. And it only lasted about 5 minutes total. Afterward I was nauseous and nervous and light headed and shaky for about 45 minutes. Then I threw up and after that I felt 100% better haha! I don't know why. I think the nausea after was more because I kept thinking about what I just had done to me, rather than the pain. So now it's 5 hours later and I have slight cramping, no bleeding, and I am so glad I went through with this! 12+ years of not having to worry about a baby! Yay
—Guest Ashley

Mirena IUD

The insertion had been a bit more uncomfortable than expected. It hurt quite a bit a well. Since it had been inserted it has honestly caused nonstop issues with my period and spotting. I've also had an increase in bladder infections. I will be removing it ASAP as it is more of a complication than a convenience.
—Guest Carly

Mirena-Scared of removal

I had Mirena inserted 5 years ago. Shortly after, the string was lost. I had to have an untrasound to make sure it was still in place and it was. I had a bit of cramping and a little heavier bleading in the beginning but now my perod only lasts about a day and a half and is extremely mild. Overall it has been a great experience but I am worried about the removal since the string lost. I will probably get a new one reinserted but am nervous.
—Guest Nicole

Mirena IUD

I just switched my IUD's a few days ago from Mirena to the copper IUD because I've been experiencing the side effects of it. It didn't start right away, took about 2.5 years so I wasn't sure what was going on. I'm a little weary with the copper one, but I've only had it for a short time so I still need to give it a chance. Hopefully it'll be all good.
—Guest Melissa

I had a good experience.. mostly..

I got my IUD (mirena) place 6 weeks after i had my daughter.. honestly the insertion was a piece of cake.. it was a slight cramping feeling when it paced through the cervix, but right after that I was fine.. I didn't even start looking up side-effects of the iud unless after i had it removed. Over all, it worked out great for me and did it's job.. the removal was quick, and felt pretty much the same as the insertion, if not just a little less uncomfortable. i am feeling fine after having it removed though. I had it for 3 years.
—Guest Dominique


It's been 11 years and I'm getting my paragard replaced this month.... My cervix is tilted and my doctor says this could pose as a problem with the removal- needless to say, I'm a little nervous. The last time it wasn't as painful because I just had a child... Also I've heard horror stories about complications. @ Kas- you've had both the mirena and paragard, which do you prefer?

easy first painful second

I had my first iud inserted in 2008 after the birth of my daughter and it was so easy and I felt no pain at all. And when it was removed I didnt even know ir was out. I actually had to ask the doctor if he had taken it out. After the birth of my son in 2011 I went to get another iud bc it was so easy and perfect for me the first time. This time the doc said my cervix was really high and I might have some discomfort..she had to pull my cervix down hold it in place and then insert the iud. I had never felt pain like that before in my life. Even after having two kids. I got weak and was shaking and actually passed out from the pain. Now I want it removed again and im afraid to get it taken out bc of how much pain I went through getting it put in.
—Guest candice

Paragard Insertion Today

I had Paragard inserted today - 23y/o, never been pregnant, currently on my period. Just before I left for my appt, I took 2 ibuprofens, as instructed during my consultation a few days ago. I arrived for my appt this morning and immediately took a pregnancy test. I then gowned-up, got in the stir-ups, had the speculum inserted, and was swabbed - exactly like a typical gyno appt. My NP then warned me of three big cramps, and instructed me to breathe in my nose and out of my mouth. She put in the tenaculum, and I got one big cramp. It kept slipping off and she had to readjust it, which took an extra minute or two. She measured my uterus (second cramp), then inserted the device (third cramp). I got really shaky afterwards, but I always shake after any sort of poking around down there. I felt a little faint, so she instructed me to stay laying down for a few minutes. I felt pretty crampy for a few hours, but ibuprofen really helped. It wasn't terrible, but I def recommend meds before.
—Guest paragard

Paragard Insertion

I got the Paragard IUD inserted 2 weeks ago and I wanted future users to clear about the process of the insertion and what you may feel during. The website was very thorough in its explanation, I wish I had read this specific article before my insertion. It says that less than 5% of women experience moderate to severe pain during the insertion, well that was me. I think the worst/most painful part was when she used the "sound" to measure my cervix. I was NOT expecting that AT ALL! I was thinking that the IUD insertion would be similar, maybe a little more uncomfortable than a pap smear, however that was not the case for me. I felt an intense and sudden amount of cramping and pinching, and then the same feeling when the actual IUD was being inserted. I almost cried. I had to lay on the table for a good 5mintues after and try to recover. I am SO glad my boyfriend came so he could be there for me and drive me. I was bed ridden for two days with cramping and spotting. I am fine now :)
—Guest Ashley Malone

Hated my iud!

Hi ladies, Got my iud about 6 months ago, I fell pregnant while on the 3 month injection, But miscarried due to doctors neglect, on the same day as my d and c they suggested I try the copper iud, I went along with it and my god was I in soooo much agony, I could barely walk! For the next 5 and a half months I had many side effects, so I decided to have it removed, that was equally painful.
—Guest Sindy

My insertion

Just got my copper IUD inserted yesterday. Man, it was painful! Yet, bearable. I did pop 400mg of Motrin beforehand. It felt like sharp cramps that would resonate through my entire uterus. Had cramping all day yesterday, but as the time passed, the pain lessened. Today, I feel fine. No real cramping. Now the one thing worrying me is that the doc measured me at 7cm with the sound but when inserting the IUD, it was at 6cm. She checked to make sure it wasn't sitting on my cervix, and it wasn't. That only caused more painful cramping for me. She ordered an ultrasound for me to check the positioning. I hope it's in there fine because I don't want to go through that again! I do feel fine, but I'm still afraid its not in correctly. I'm even worrying about the removal. Btw, I have a virgin uterus.
—Guest FEC


Such a bad idea not doing your own research instead of relying on doctors. They advised insertion would " pinch". It was agony and i too almost passed out. Next, asked if there would be bleeding to which they said only some spotting. Have been bleeding non stop for 15 days. Tomorrow, asking to remove this medieval monstrosity. What was I thinking having this insane device inserted! Oh, sure it won't just "pinch" on removal. So angry at the bad professional advice i have received. More angry at myself for going against my instincts initially. Obviously $$$$ this is big business pushing this torture device.
—Guest copper

Love it

Iv had my iud for 3 years and I had it removed today,the removal was quite easy and not as painful as I thought it would be..it was very quick and took about a minute.then after that iv had a few cramps and I'm spotting,I recommend the iud to anyone
—Guest grace

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