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Readers Respond: What Is Your IUD Removal or IUD Insertion Experience?

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Updated November 01, 2010

Removal issue

I have had my iud for a year, recently had some bleeding and went to get it checked out. I was told the strings were not visible, did ultasound and was told it would take surgery to have it removed. I am 20 yrs old and scared not only about the thought of surgery, but also the chance of becoming pregnant in the future. Not feeling good about the situation, costs of surgery, future fertility. Maybe it wasn't really worth it.
—Guest Heather

5 years

I got my mirena inserted when I was 19 and yes it was painful for 3 days but tolerable. I have to get it out this week and am very excited. I will be getting it again after I have children. It was the easiest 5 years and I recommend it to everyone.
—Guest Rbs

I wouldn't do it again

I've never had children and my periods have always been heavy with lots of cramping and irregular. Combined with drug sensitivities I was never a good candidate for the pill (even the mildest doses made me an emotional wreck). My Md recommended Mirena because it was safe for those who have never had children and great at period management. The insertion was painful. They had to manually dilate me. I had taken a drug that would do that for me...but then also taken IBprofen which counteracts it. Not Brilliant. Regardless I would still recommend this. It's been great to not have cramps or a period for almost 3 years and I'm not pregnant so..YAY...
—Guest Arden

On the Fence About Mirena Removal

I have only had the Mirena for 7 months and think I will get it removed. It took 2 appointments to get it inserted. The first try the doctor couldn't even get the sounding rod in to measure my cervix (I have never given birth). The second try, I had taken a cervix relaxer and ibprohen 800 and it still was the worst pain I've felt and I've had periods with serious cramps since I was 9 yrs. old. But, due to some side effects, I think I'm going to get it removed at my next annual Pap exam in a couple weeks. I had really hoped that it would be easier than the pill but it's not. Wish me luck on the removal guys :D
—Guest Dar

broken iud

i have had an iud the cooper rod for 7 yrs with no problems then about 6mths ago just a sharp pain once and a while so doc said to take out and put Mirena in. sounded great.... while taking the cooper rod out it was so painful and then it broke now stuck with this in me until they figure out how to get parts out.
—Guest pain

mirena experience

Well I had my Mirena inserted a few weeks after the birth of my son April 09 and had a little discomfort for maybe a day. I had a yearly check up due and they couldn't find the strings so sent me for an xray and found it had traveled to one of my tubes! I am still waiting to have it removed but am looking for another long term birth control that will work as well as the Mirena without the complications I had.
—Guest Claudia

Probably wouldn't do Mirena again

The insertion wasn't that bad for me. We timed it with my period. I had a partially natural childbirth with my son. No epidural for the actual delivery. I was told to expect pain and to take Advil/Motrin prior. However, I forgot to take it. It was similar to a pap smear in pain for me. I had some cramping that was like a normal period for me. I had very little bleeding. I am not just after the 5 year mark and am reconsidering my options. I am over 40 and do not want any more children. I also have had several side effects from the Mirena, so I will likely have to find another option for me.

my mirena experience

I had the worst painful experience upon insertion of the mirena, to me worse than childbirth. I was in pain for days and spotted constantly for the first year, as an idea it felt like when u have a fishbone stuck in your throat but was in my abdomen. Spotting started slow down, and occasionally uncomfortable, one day around 15months of having mirena during intercourse a gush of blood came out, it really scared me and my husband he noticed first and when i went to stand up it hurt so bad in my abdomen. I went to walk-in clinic and they had me go in to ultrasound clinic the next day, the technician wont tell u anything i had to wait a few days for doc to call me, talk about nerve racking. Well it was still in place, a benign cyst burst :( i have read online that mirena can cause these cysts. Omg. But the iud has settled its been about 32 months since i got it and ready for another baby. I cant lose weight since having mirena and cant feel the strings for a long time. No iud for me nextim
—Guest melissa

iud insertion 3 hrs ago

as i lay on couch w cramps. ...really the insertion process was ok. yes cramping a little discomfort but i'm happy i finally got it done. i deal w pain very well. i had no pain w being in labor for over 24hrs which ended up as a c section. i dont want any more children right now because being a single mom is the hardest thing ever.

mirena insertion

First off, my Dr. will not insert unless you have had at least 1 successful pregnancy and you must be on your period during insertion. I felt very light cramping in my left leg during insertion and Dr said that was due to my uterus being tilted to the left. After having it in for 3 years, I am having it removed tomorrow since we are ready for baby #2...so the moral of my story is ask about being on your period, I don't know if it is a coincidence but it worked for me :)
—Guest Julie

Better than hormones

I first got a paragard IUD because I have a severe reaction to hormonal birth control. I had one for 10 years with zero complications and just got a new one put in. The original insertion gave me some bad cramps but those lasted for about one day. The replacement procedure took 10 minutes and has caused very little cramping. I highly recommend this method because it is one of the most reliable and cost effective birth control methods on the market.
—Guest IUD Fan


I'm 26 and have no children. i've had the mirena for almost 5 years. the insertion was not a fun time, my doctor didn't tell me what was involved, not that would have helped.. but it was really uncomfortable and i had bad cramping for about 3 days after. i would recommend taking someone with you, for mental support and to drive you if need be. but after that, i have loved the 5 years of carefree birth control, and lighter periods with minimal PMS symptoms. I am curious about the removal and hope it IS less uncomfortable than insertion lol...
—Guest nicole

Mirena IUD - full 5 years

I have had my mirena IUD for the full 5 years this month! I am having this removed on Wednesday. This type of contraceptive has been wonderful. A little painful upon insertion, I worried how my body would adjust. I have absolutely enjoyed the spontaneity and having one less worry. This isn't for everyone but I highly recommend the Mirena for those who are considering this form of contraceptive. I am a little nervous about getting this removed since it has been part of me for the past 5 years. I hope it will be as uneventful as it was getting it inserted! I will definitely consider this method again.
—Guest Meadow

Mirena Insertion/Removal

I had an overall positive experience with the Mirena. Had it inserted in January of '07 and it was a quite painful, but brief experience. Finally had it removed after the 5yr mark a few days ago. I was nervous about the removal since the insertion had been so painful, but it was just a brief tugging sensation with no pain involved. Great form of birth control for me for 5 years! I don't think I'll get another though because it just seemed so invasive to me. Would recommend it to others looking for long-term birth control.
—Guest LindaM36

recent iud removal

i had the mirena inserted in december of 2006 a few months after the birth of my son. it definitely did its duty, and i did not get pregnant during the five years i utilized this system. removal was a pain--- she had to dig around a bit to find and grasp the strings. it wasn't overly painful, though. I'm concerned, though, because I wanted to use natural family planning and i don't want a child soon, but apparently it takes a while for the cycle to regulate so this NFP can be utilzied effectively.
—Guest friend
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