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Readers Respond: What Is Your IUD Removal or IUD Insertion Experience?

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Updated November 01, 2010

So Scared

I had my Paraguard inserted in '06. My gyno treated it like surgery. I went in while on my period, he gave me pills to dilate my cervix AND vicoden for afterwards. I had EXTREME cramping and pain for a week after. The cramping and pain was so severe I had to call out of work. I was literally in bed writhing in pain for about three days. My periods became quite predictable starting in about '02 and remained that way after insertion. The four months that followed insertion, I had fairly bad cramps and pain. Recently married to my lifelong best friend, we have decided to have the IUD removed and see what happens. I am freaking out. My nerves are a mess and I even had diarrhea today after scheduling the removal appointment. We moved due to his position in the military and here they just pull them right on out in your regular doctors office. I am so afraid. Hopefully this cures the constant yeast/bacterial infections I've had for the last 7 years...
—Guest BlairO

Mirena Insertion

I had Ovarian Cyst's so Dr Prescribed The IUD to prevent more Ovarian Cysts. The insertion was done when I had my Laparoscopy Surgery so never felt anything until after my surgery :) I was fine but have side effects from the Mirena IUD. Pain-Menstrual Pain! It took my body 6mth's ish to adjust to the Hormones and side effects. My periods were not regular-due to O.C's and my age 40. It's now been 3yrs (Feb 1,2010) I have weight gain, still reg painful periods as before but only A couple of days here and there with almost no blood, because of the hormones I had a bit of Added Anxiety/Depression/mood swings & major Pain in right lower abdomen-could be Mirena IUD or Adhesion pain?? (Scar Tissue atatched to Many Organs at on time-from Surgeries) My pain is Daily and it hits me at any moment day/night! I would way your health options very carefully before getting any IUD!! Now I have very minimal side effects! Weight gain sucks and mood swings! Scared of removal! GoodLuck Ladies :)
—Guest Rosie

It's okay

I inserted it in 2012 after having a second child. The insertion was not a very pleasant experience but you can definitely handle it. I had severe recurring cramps for about a month. I genuinely thought that my body was not accepting the IUB and that I had to remove it asap. But due to my tight school schedule, I was not able to visit a doctor. And after one month I realized that the pain was completely gone. Now it feels great. By the way, right after the insertion, my periods have come back after more than 1.5 years of period-free life (bummer!). I must say that the periods have become stronger and more painful than before. P.S. Today I realized that the string is hanging up in the air after several days of heavy periods! It might mean that the IUD is out of place. What a bummer. I guess, I will have to reinsert it again tomorrow. But so far, its benefits way overweight its costs and occasional discomfort. it has been a great contraceptive for us. I highly recommend it.
—Guest Olga

IUD Insertion

I have never had children, Im 23, and it really was excruciating, the worst pain of my life. I dont want to put people off, but it really was terrible. Having said that, it was all over in about 15 minutes, and now hopefully I wont have any more trouble with periods. I bled all day and the next, so dont forget a pad just in case! Also try and sleep immediately after for a few hours, it will relax your muscles and youll sleep through the worst of the cramping. Ive had terrible periods my whole life which may have contributed to the pain level, but the hope that I may never have to have that pain again got me through it. bad as it was, I would do it again.
—Guest Muir

morena insertion

I took ibuprofen about half hour before I had it put in. It was uncomfortable another was some cramping, but overall, not bad and well worth it.
—Guest Stephanie


I had the iud removed 2 weeks ago ever since i got it removed i have been bleeding constatly alot and spotting and awhole bunch of blood clots coming and going i want to make sure this is normal and how long it would take i have never had kid had it for a week had very bad pain and did not like it at all now i am concern about the heavy bleeding and blood clots want this to be over.

paragaurd IUD

I am a 21 year old female who has never been pregnant before so I was terrified of getting the IUD. Just got it this morning and although it hurt quite badly for a few brief moments during the sounding and then slightly longer cramping during the insertion, it was OK. The responses here are generally negative because people who have bad experiences are most likely going to post on threads like this. No one goes online and writes a blog about nothing happening, which is (almost) the case. I am gonna take it easy for the next few days along with motrin and non-inflammatory. But overall, not a bad experience, had a great doctor and would do again. Ten years!
—Guest liele

Not so bad! YET....

Im 28 with an 8yr old & 3yr old twins. And my husband & I were in no rush to try for another. Yet..... So mirena seemed perfect. I got it inserted back in feb. 2010. I was aware of the minor side effects. Cramping, acne, depression, anxiety, light or no period. Which I did stop getting 2-3 mos of on it. I experienced almost every side effect but my dr said it was normal. Recently I decided the depression & anxiety had become overwhelming I just couldn't deal with the mood swings either. (my poor husband) Anyway I was watching tv with my hubby one night & a commercial came on warning mirena users. I naturally freaked out & tried to have it taken out at the er. They told me they don't do that. So called planned parenthood & made the earliest appt. So today 12/12/12 I had it taken out. I hope it didn't cause infertility because I would love to try for girl in the future. Having it removed was painless mild cramps no bleeding yet fingers crossed.
—Guest TwinsMom

Get it OUT OF ME!!!

I had the Mirena put in 6 days ago and I want it out NOW. Not only was the insertion horribly painful, the afterward has remained painful. The cramping has been severe and worse while standing. I have passed out 3 times now and I can't eat. My ob/gyn thinks my body is rejecting it/trying to pass it and as a result I'm fainting. I also have had a fever with it along with terrible night sweats and a pounding headache...
—Guest Jenny

IUD removal

When I went to have my IUD removed after 7 years, the string was gone. I hadnt noticed.Turns out the Paraguard was still in place, the string had just migrated up into the uterus. After a failed attemp to grasp it through the cervix (very painful) by Dr #1, I consulted an OBGyN about going under general anesthesia & having it removed. The price quote was $5000 & insurance wouldn't cover it. So I had Dr #2 go fishing for it at clinic visit. He got it after going through the cervix several agonizing times. Whew...not an experience for anyone with low pain tolerance or women who have never given birth! Periods resumed right away. Got pregnant within 2 months but miscarried @ 5 weeks. Took almost two years of dedicated trying to conceive again. Previous conceptions easy so I still wonder if the IUD made my uterus a hostile environment for longer than usual even after it was gone. ?? In general, having IUD was a breeze. No side-effects at all. Husband no complaints, & 2babies after removal.
—Guest Anne

Paragard Removal

I had Paragard for 4 years. I have two children. I removed it because every month 10 days before my period, I would get burning and itching. I went to doctors and they gave me pills and creams and nothing helped. So I removed the iud and once i got to. the. 10 days before my next period, no more irritation! Feels so good to be back to normal.
—Guest JessBK

Absolute torture!!!

I took .5 mg of xanax, 800 mg of ibuprofen, and went on 2nd day of period. I have a tilted uterus. I took a cytotex, the pill inside vagina to help dilate the night before. I have had a nose job, breast implants, and a hemmerhoidectomy. None of this touched this on pain! He barely even got started in opening my cervix and I told him not to finish. There is NO way I could have done this! I am being truthful, not exaggerating, and do not see how anyone can do this. We all must have totally different pain tolerance levels! I have never had kids.
—Guest Vickie

Wouldn't want to do that every day

I just had the Mirena inserted. I've given birth which is way more painful and the IUD insertion felt alot like the cervical stitches I had after my first baby was born. It hurt but only took 5 minutes. As soon as I sat down in the car I had a lot of unexpected cramping and I'm bleeding a lot now. The doc prescribed a strong painkiller and I'm in bed for the day. However, assuming that everything stays where it's supposed to I'm soooo glaaaaad I don't have to worry about contraception now for five whole years! If someone were to tell me that I had to have it removed tomorrow I'd probably run the other direction haha. I'm already nervous about the pain of removal since unfortunately it's going to have to come out some day. I've never tried an IUD and really hope it works well for me.


I had iud inserted over 5 years ago, in and out procedure they said. I felt sick and almost passed out from pain! They sent me home from work twice! My body fought it for 2 months! Am scared too death to have it removed! It was worse than my broken ankle!!!!
—Guest Me

Mirena placement no big deal after baby

I had the Mirena IUD inserted 7 weeks postpartum and was talked through the whole thing with my OB: "You'll feel a pinch here." Nothing. "You'll now feel some pressure." Nothing. "Now you'll have a little cramp, then a big one." Nothing, nothing. It is so much easier to have it inserted postpartum. I highly recommend not waiting a long time after having the baby.
—Guest Jessica

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What Is Your IUD Removal or IUD Insertion Experience?

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