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Readers Respond: What Is Your IUD Removal or IUD Insertion Experience?

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Updated November 01, 2010

My Mirena Insertion and Removal

The Mirena insertion didn't hurt that much, measuring my uterus with the uterine sound was the painful part of the procedure. It was like having the worst menstrual cramps but then it was over quickly. No dizziness or feeling lightheaded. I took ibuprofen before and after, it helped to minimize the cramps. I had the Mirena removed after 8 months. The removal was different than the insertion. I had dizziness and felt lightheaded and mild cramping. My period came 3 days later with a vengeance.
—Guest LRL

Paragard insertion better than expected!

Im 38, a mother of six boys and decided that we are through trying for that girl. I was a little scepticle going in to the Dr's this morning. I wasnt even sure if they were going to do it today since it was my first consultation with him. First was the pregnancy test, then the nurse came back in with the Paragard and the negative test. Dr. said he was going to do a Pap since I hadn't had one in two years. I hate doing Paps so you can just imagine my fear of them putting in the IUD. I told them I was a little anxious but tried to breath and relax. After the pap they measured my uterus, which was a little uncomfortable but not painful. (I think it was the worst part of the whole procedure.) Then he showed me the actual IUD and said he was going to procede to put it in. Before I knew it, it was over. I didn't feel anything more than pressure and maybe one cramp. I am not the one who ever gets cramps by the way. So it seems that I worked myself up for no reason what so ever.
—Guest Kelly

very satisfied

I have had 3 paraGard IUD's over the past 24 years. After having 4 children, I was done. The IUD was the perfect birth control. Never had to worry about anything. Had the strings trimmed once due to partner complaints but overall, getting it in and out was mildly uncomfortable. I would recommend it highly. No hormones and no unwanted pregnancy's.
—Guest Maria

Insertion experience

I just had my Mirena IUD inserted a few hours ago so it's very fresh in my mind. I've never given birth and I'm 44 years old. This is my first IUD and there was some discomfort with the insertion, I would compare it to period cramps but not much more than that. I also have a retroverted uterus (tilts backward) but the doctor didn't have a problem. I recommend going to an OB/Gyn or OB/Gyn nurse practitioner for this procedure, not a family physician. My doctor said she has inserted about 800 IUD's so she was good at what she does. I'm still having slight cramping 2 1/2 hours later, I'm expecting it to subside soon.

I love mirena

This month marks my 5th year with mirena. I got it inserted a few weeks after my youngest daughter was born. I don't recall it hurting too bad, like a cramp feeling shortly after but that was it. I bled for a while, then my period got lighter, and by a year my period had stopped all together which I LOVE! No side effects for me that I noticed and I really don't feel it at all and forget I even have it from time to time lol. I'm still debating whether I'm going to get a new one in at my next appointment or if I'm ready to try for child number 3 (we want to try for a boy as we have two girls but not sure if timing is right). Anywho, whatever we choose I'm happy that I discovered mirena and I recommend it to all my friends
—Guest angel

Mirena and Ovarian Cysts

I had my mirena inserted 6 days ago. I have an appt to have it removed today. I am 26 and have never been pregnant. I have a history of ruptured ovarian cysts that have left me in immobilizing pain. The doctor did not bother to read my chart and failed to mention that ovarian cysts are more likely with mirena. Since insertion, I've had to have Motrin every morning with breakfast. I wake in the middle of the night with excruciating pain. I have a very high pain tolerance. I have suffered with horrible menstrual cramps that have left me with flu-like symptoms. But absolutely NOTHING has ever left me in this kind of pain. Ladies, you need to be your own advocate because doctors will not always take the time to find the best birth control solution for you. For someone who doesn't want children and experiences bad side effects from the pill, my doctor made mirena out to be the perfect solution. But he (keyword: HE) failed to mention that this is not the best method for women with a history of ovarian cysts.
—Guest Allison

Extremely painful!

I got my iud inserted this morning and it was very painful! I got the mirena because I heard you get lighter periods with that one instead of the 10 year one. I called the advise nurse yesterday to ask how painful the procedure could be and to ask if I would feel ok to go back to work that after noon after getting it put in. She said that I could take some Advil about an hour before my appointment and that I would be able to go to work after getting it in. Well I did as she told me and when I got it insurted it felt worse then when I had my son. It was a sharp Burning pain from my pelvic area to my rib cage area. It lasted about 2 min then I had terrible cramps. The worst part was 3min after I got it done I was about to get dressed when I to up and I started to feel dizzy and everything started sounding further and further away. I had to stay for about 25 min laying down because I was pale and sweating like crazy the MA's gave me water and heat pad. I wanted it out so the pain would end.
—Guest Angelica

not that bad

When I had the Mirena put in it didn't hurt immidiately but soon after was very painful, however it went away after about 4 tylenol. After that it was amazing! I will probably always do the Mirena. I just got my Mirena taken out today about 4 hours ago and trust me, you barely feel it. Don't let all of the scary stories on blog scare you. I was literally so scared when I went in, but my OB told me she could take it right out and I would most likely only feel a cramp. She was 100% right!! It was just a quick little cramp and done. No pain after and I barely even notice it was done. So don't get too worried and just know that most likely you won't feel a thing.
—Guest Terri

liked it but time to go

I've had the Mirena for about 2 years now. The insertion was a little unexpected, it wasn't a horrible pain but it was like a belly button piercing with cramping. Overall sucky feeling, even though I had a child, it was a c-section so my cervix never actually opened so I think that's why it hurt more. I'm getting my IUD removed this month because I'm just ready for a change I'm not in a monogamous relationship anymore and when you have an IUD its easy to forget about STDs which could potentially be dangerous. I love the fact that I rarely have periods even though before it I had light periods anyway. I've also had Paragard which was NOT for me. I hope the removal doesnt hurt as bad as the insertion! I'm just ready to get my body back to normal but I recommend Mirena to anyone who its appropriate for. Goodluck!
—Guest cassandra

Not comfy

I had my Mirena in about 5 yrs ago this month of Sept 2012. It was the worst pain I have felt in my entire life.. I have had one cssection and one vaginal birth and after several attempts and 30 minutes I told the doctor forget it. He said you wanna try one more time and we did and it worked.. I have loved it since no periods what so ever at all which I am thankful for but now it is time for removal.. I am so dang freaked out. I dont have insurance and I live in another state but going to call the doctor find out price.. I hope removal doesnt hurt like the insertion. If it does I am going to request to be put under or numbed something. He told be that my cervix was extremly tight and that was why and I think maybe angled weird but that is the reason that it hurt. Anyways seem like the removal is nothing like the insertion from all the feedback I have read so I am going to keep fingers crossed and hope it works out for the best!!
—Guest Jena

My IUD Experience

I had my IUD for 3 years and I just recently took it out 2 months ago because my husband and I would like to try for our first child. I never really had any complaints about the IUD except that at the first few months I felt some cramping especially when I would work out. Anywho, like I said earlier I just had my IUD removed 2 months ago and since I've had it out the first two days of my period have been really heavy. I can't even stand up some days. I was wondering if that was normal because I never had heavy periods before and I was wondering if the heavy periods will effect me trying to get pregnant? I am a little worried.
—Guest Katie

Mirena Insertion Removal

One year ago I got the Mirena because I have PCOS and DUB. The insertion for me was very painful, so painful I went into shock. I don't know if it was the fact that I have a tilted uterus and that I have never had a child, idk. I decided to have it removed during my annual exam today. I had read how painful it was, so I was nervous. Fortunately, I didn't even know when she removed it. If you can stand a pap smear then removal is a breeze. But everyone is different.
—Guest Shandi

Paragard IUD

I had the copper iud inserted over a year ago. Two months ago, I had it removed, due to heavy bleeding that occured every cycle. When I went into the doctor's office to have it taken out he couldn't locate it. So, an ultrasound was done and they found that the IUD was in the lining of my uterus. It has been a few months since the removal and my cycles are still extremely heavy. I really dislike the copper iud and wish that I would of used a different birth control method. I'm just wondering when my periods will return to the normal flow?
—Guest durden81


I had the Paraguard inserted over one year ago. The insertion was very painful but worth the no effort birth control. I recently decided to switch to the Mirena because of very heavy periods. I went to have removed and Dr could not find string, after painfully inserting instruments into my cervix, yet still no string or IUD. Now getting ultrasound tomorrow. Hopefully the IUD hasn't perforated my uterus because I know it's still in there somewhere. Very anxious to say the least!


I got an IUD because I found out that I was pregnant. I already had an 8 month old baby that I could hardly afford, so I got an abortion and that same day got the iud inserted ...I have now had the IUD for almost 10 months.
—Guest lala

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What Is Your IUD Removal or IUD Insertion Experience?

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