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Readers Respond: What Is Your IUD Removal or IUD Insertion Experience?

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Updated November 01, 2010

Don't Worry!

A few days after insertion I had a lot of light headedness/ dizziness, nausea, fatigue, weakness, headaches even throat issues. I felt so clumsy and impaired. I thought I was going to die and actually went to the ER. It turns out I had developed a stomach ulcer from all the pain medication! I was being careful eating and drinking a lot with every dose of ibuprofen, but for some reason I still developed one. I did not realize a stomach ulcer could have so many side effects. I dismissed the stomach pain and attributed it to cramps from insertion. Although I also learned that not every one experiences stomach pain or it can be very mild. Everyone is different and their body can have very strange reactions to the same illness. Ulcers can heal on their own, especially when you stop the pain killers, but its better to get treated. I wanted to share, because I noticed many women had horror stories similar to mine, but in the end the symptoms were not directly related to the Mirena.
—Guest Lucy

mirena removal

i had so much trouble with the mirena that i was so glad to get it renmoved after 4 months of having it put in for me i have never been able to take the pill or depo injections but hey was never to have children i have twins that are 12 aq 6 yrs old and a 22 mth old and just recently lost a baby i july after having mirena removed and have had terrible cycles since loss of baby in july.Mirena works for some but is bad for some and for me i canot even take the pill


I had my ParaGard insertion about four days ago and no problem. It only took a couple of minutes for insertion and I had minor cramping. I made sure to take some Motrin throughout the day to avoid any major pain. So far I've had light spotting overall experience has been great!
—Guest CP


I had my IUD placed this morning, and it was bad! I expected menstrual cramps, but what I felt must have been like labor contractions. They hurt! I felt completely unable to control my body after the first cramp, and it cramped three more times after that. I was moving all over the place on the table and even yelled out "ahhh" (not that I was really in control of what I was doing for sure). I took 600 mg Ibuprofen beforehand. Not sure how much more it would have hurt without it. I had some more cramping afterwards for about 3 hours, but nothing like during placement. I hope that it will stay there now, because I am not sure if I would do that again. And, I am already worried about having it removed one day.
—Guest Ann

Hi Ladies!

I'm 31, never had a baby. I just had my IUD put in about an hour and a half ago. My period just ended yesterday/today, which apparently is helpful in the insertion process. I was pretty nervous, especially because I somehow missed the part where I was supposed to go pick up anti-cramps drugs at the pharmacy. (They gave me ibuprofen instead). Anyway, the actual pain lasted about 5 minutes and was as bad as really bad cramps, for 5 minutes, which is better than my typical period. I also recently had a clinical abortion. For anyone who is looking to compare experiences, my abortion was much more painful (though also very brief!). So far no cramps, but it's been less than 2 hours, so we'll see. I rode my bike home! I also want to mention that women are probably much more likely to feel strongly about their experience when it's horrible, so the sample of responses here might not reflect the general population's experiences. Recommended!
—Guest Megan

iud removal

I had my mirena coil removed this morning after having it in for 2years. After being examined by the doctor she started to try and remove the coil, for 15minz I got poked about with the big tong like things which wer plastic and couldn't grasp the strings when eventoully she did get them the coil could not come out I was given anastetic to try and relax the cervix opening and dull the pain which did not work the coil had then lodged in my cervix the nurse then had to go and get another to try who had to twist the coil and pull quite hard unsuccesfully for quite some time I was in sheer agony eventoully the second nurse did manage to get it out in my mind I should have been sent to the hospital I don't think the nurses should have been twisting anything inside me or pulling as hard as they wer I am going to be asking to get a full examination of down there incase they have damaged me and to top it all off I've had such a pounding head ache since having it removed
—Guest linzi


24 & have never had kids. I did not find the insertion bad at all, very similiar to a pap smear and very fast. I was scared because most of my friends told me that it hurts a lot! So I was relieved that it wasn't bad at all. It's been 5 hours since and I have cramping but nothing worse than a heavy day of a period. so excited to not get pregnant for 5 years :)
—Guest Kelli

My insertion experience

I had my Paraguard IUD inserted over 4 years ago. Unlike most of the women to post about their experience, I had never been pregnant. While this is probably fairly unfommon, I'd had a recent spike in my blood pressure that made using hormonal birth control extremely unsafe for me. I have always been extremely uncomfortable getting paps, so I was really nervous, but the actual insertion was only slightly more uncomfortable than a regular pap. It was the recovery process that I had the most complications with. Maybe it's because I have a tilted uterus. Maybe it's because my uterus has never had to expand to accommodate a baby. Whatever the reason, the cramps that developed were nearly unbearable. Ths only thing that gave me relief was a heating pad, although it actually cut my pain in half. By the next day though, I felt 90% back to normal, and the peace of mind that comes with never remembering to change another patch or ring or take a pill on time was well worth it.
—Guest Andi G

It hurt

While they were putting the Paragard in I wanted them to take it out it hurt so bad. After I got dressed and went out into the waiting room I passed out from the pain. They gave me a shot to help subside the pain. Went home still hurt, it was hard to sleep. When I woke up the next day I felt a lot better. I still have some discomfart under my stomach if that makes any since. I wouldn't have done it if I would have known how much it would have hurt. Probably hurt more due to the fact that I have not had a child yet.
—Guest Jennifer

Don't Worry!

I was SO NERVOUS for my IUD, but I just got it done, and it was not bad at all! About a 5 on the pain scale, definitely uncomfortable, but not particularly painful. I have never had children. I put the Cytotec in at 1:30 in the morning for a 10:30 appointment, and I took 1600 mg of ibuprofen about 45 minutes beforehand (I was only prescribed 800, but I was scared). My doctor was experienced, professional, and quick. No biggie! No cramps afterwards either.
—Guest Hello

my experience

Don't ever let a resident touch you unless they are in their 4th yr of residency. I have had my paraguard for almost 6years and i had it removed yesterday due to cramps and heavy periods. It was very painful not only because the dr that put it in cut the strings to short but the resident couldn't get it out and i almost passed out. the dr had to put a we towel on my head. Then the doctor started talking about plan B the operation room and then said could she give it a try or did i just want to stop bcuz it was so painful i told her no to try and she got it out in 10seconds. It was like making me have contractions it was awful. But when i got it put it in it was a breeze nothing to it. but needles to say i will NOT get it again.
—Guest Christina


I got an IUD put in yesterday morning and was worried because of all of the horror stories that I'd read. I just wanted to let people know that if things have been normal and routine for you, this can be too. I have two kids both by vaginal birth without any medications. I had my IUD (Mirena) put in at my 6 week postpartum check. I felt a little bit of pressure when she measured my uterus but no pain at all for the measuring or the insertion. Afterwards, I had a day of what I remember to be a normal period (although it has been 11 months since my last normal period). Now, I feel completely normal and am not bleeding. If it makes a difference, I am nursing my baby.
—Guest Amanda

Insertion experience

I had Mirena inserted this afternoon. I had read a lot of reviews that weren't wonderful, but decided to do it anyway. Everything on my end was set up like an annual exam. The procedure only lasted about 5 minutes start to finish. He explained things to me in a very kind manner and told me some people report only slight discomfort while some report contraction like pain. The procedure went well! I felt some moderate "menstruation-type" cramping, the worst being when he inserted the sound to measure my uterus. When the IUD was in, and the instruments had been removed, he said he was going to apply some light pressure where the cervix was stabilized. This cause me to be very light headed. He said the bleeding is normal, but I had too much for him to see the placement. I let them know immediately that I was light-headed. They let me rest for a few to recover and returned after I dressed and answered all my questions! It was a tolerable experience I will definitely do again.
—Guest Heather

Mirena insertion experience

I had mirena inserted today. First time getting an IUD. I am 27 and have never been pregnant. Reading this forum goes to show that everyone is different. For some the pain is nothing, but for others it can be excrutiating. For me the insertion was the worst pain I have ever felt. Severe cramps lasted for five hours after. I was vomiting, had cold sweats, and difficulty even getting up from sitting or lying. I am still having moderate cramping now, close to twelve hours and many painkillers later. I usually have very severe period cramping so I don't know if that may be a factor in how much pain I experienced from the insertion. I took an Aleve about an hour beforehand. Aside from the pain, the process went very quickly and smoothly. The Dr had no trouble inserting it. I was also prescribed apo-misoprostol to dilate my cervix. A lot of people say they experience side effects from the medication prior to the procedure, but the meds didn't seem to bother me. This is just my eperience:)
—Guest Frenchie

IUD time life

had Iud in 20 years. never had any pain ever. just wondering if I will have pain when it is removed.hopefully soon as I make appointment.
—Guest christina

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What Is Your IUD Removal or IUD Insertion Experience?

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