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Readers Respond: What Is Your IUD Removal or IUD Insertion Experience?

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Updated November 01, 2010

Inserted Today

I just inserted mine this afternoon and agree the procedure was very painful. Since I've never had children my doctor recommended that I go for numbing. Before numbing I was in tears and couldn't breathe. After numbing I felt very little until she inserted the IUD. Then seconds of intense cramps. I hope the cramping I now have goes away but advise women who have never had children to request numbing. I felt nauseous and wobbly after but it was worth not feeling the pain. As far as the comments concerning this being less painful than childbirth hooray for you! but a small, virgin uterus processes pain differently...
—Guest Newbie


I think it's definitely important to remember that everyone is different depending on your cervix and such. I had the Mirena IUD inserted yesterday, for me it took about 10 minutes to insert. I have never had any children before so my cervix was a bit smaller, that's probably why it hurt so bad. I left the doctors office and cried the whole 20 minutes home. I couldn't sit up straight from the cramping. Insertion was horrible for me and I felt nauseous afterwards. BUT the pain only lasted about 8 hours and after taking ibuprofen a few times mixed with rest I feel better. I'm hoping this works for me and I have no further problems.
—Guest Kelsey5672

iud mirena

When i got my Iud put in about a year ago it was about 8 weeks after having my 3rd child. i was in so MUCH pain through the whole thing! i was miserable and i have had nothing but problems ever since. i have had it for about a year now and i have to get it removed asap! i am terrified because i don't want to go through the same pain again. good luck ladies!
—Guest singlemomma3

IUD Insert Removal

I had the Paragard & the insert process was easy. I had cramps like crazy afterwards. The type of cramps that runs thru your legs down to your feet. The Removal was very quick & very easy! I had to get mys removal bc my body rejected the IUD & began to push it out(Not protected). Since I'm very fertile, not wanting any more kids at the moment I just decided to not risk chanceas w/a replacement & get the depo shot!
—Guest GuestShirelle

Maybe it Depends on Your Cervix??

I've experienced a wide variety of pain being thrown from horses, but nothing I've experienced (including the time I smashed through two 2 by 4's with my back), compared to my IUD insertion. The doctor told me that my cervical opening was fairly small (I've never had children), but I had to work hard not to cry out or scrap the entire process. When I got home, I took 600mg Ibuprofen and put a heading pad on my abdomen. That helped a lot. The day after I was totally fine... no bleeding.
—Guest ahkelteke

mirena insertion

i have had mirena for almost a year now and i am ready to get it out. the insertion was awful, and yes i have given birth naturally before this. i was dizzy and nauseous after insertion and nearly passed out, it really felt like labour pains to me. I am really afraid to have it taken out now. I think the most important thing for people to remember here is that everyone is different. Just because it hurt for me and not someone else doenst make me a wimp or anything like that. All it means is that we are different. the size of your cervix, when you had it put in, and how long it took to put in all have a role in how much pain you feel. it is not right to come here and insult eeryone who had pain during their insertion or removal. Really jsut take a second to think about how it feels when someone says that childbirth was painless for them so your a wimp if it hurt for you. we are all different and i think everyone needs to be a little more tolerant of others personal experiences.
—Guest sheryl

painful but well worth it!

I was 18 when i had my mirena fitted.I don't have any children and i found that having it fitted was possibly the most painful thing I've ever experienced.After the sharp pinching pain i started having this excruciating throbbing pain in my uterus and then i began spewing up everywhere in the clinic.I then fainted due to the pain and when i came round i couldn't stop shaking.I cried for 3 hours straight and jumped in the bath immediately when i got home to try and resolve the pain.It did help.I didn't have any problems whatsoever after this and i didn't have one period or stomach cramp for a year and a half.I recently had it removed and i can happily say that it didn't hurt as much as when it went in. But despite all that pain it was definitely well worth it!!
—Guest Guest Kelly

did i just make a mistake?

Got mirena today. Bad pain goin in. Labor pain- like. Bad cramps and nausea for hours now. Reading the posts make me wonder if i have made a mistake getting this...
—Guest gina

Not worth it

I had the Mirena inserted after my second child and "mild discomfort" is a downright lie. I read that less than 5% of women have moderate to severe pain, but it was just as bad as labor for me. I do have a tilted uterus for what it's worth and I seem to have more pain than anyone I know whenever it comes down to anything with female parts. Yes, it's convenient not to have to think about birth control, but it is not the heaven sent solution that I was made to believe it was.
—Guest Anonymous


I had the Mirena IUD inserted almost a full year ago. I never had an IUD before, have never been pregnant, and I have a very small frame. In cases such as mine (never having been pregnant) my Dr. said she liked to give a pain reliever prior to insertion to help with the pain. Due to scheduling conflicts, I was never given the pain reliever. I did experience a sharp pinch that lasted for several seconds, but it was not nearly as painful as I anticipated. The pain subsided almost immediately after insertion, followed by moderate cramping.
—Guest Julia


i had mine for 5yrs i just took mine out. i went to 2 different doctors and the second one said that i was going to need surgery, so i decided to look for a third one and he toook it out with no problems it was out in less than 3minutes. i hope i get pregnant soon, and i might use it after my pregnancy.
—Guest skinny

Removal Discomfort

I went to get my IUD removed and a new one inserted today. I had it put in at 17 under general anesthetic, so had no idea what to expect and it was horribly painful, worse than I imagined. Also, my doctor hadn't advised me that a) you should not have unprotected sex 7 days before removal, as if they can't fit a new one you run the risk of getting pregnant, or b) to take painkillers beforehand, so bare that in mind if you are having an IUD removed. It was worth it though, because it works so well for me.
—Guest Guest Char

hurts so much

getting the iud inserted was the most painful thing ever! for 2 hours i cried in pain, felt like the worst cramp you could imagine that just wouldn't end, i almost threw up- just warning because i had no idea how horrible it was going to be! however totally worth it! no pregnancies for me woo
—Guest jenna

Mirena Insertion Failure

Just over 18 months ago I had a failed Mirena insertion (I'm nulliparous). The pain was EXCRUCIATING (and I normally have an unusually high pain tolerance). The nurse gave local pain relief and tried to dilate me, but after several attempts, I couldn't stand it any longer and asked her to stop. I was shocked by her colleague's derisive comment that if I "didn't like that, I should actually try childbirth", which seemed unhelpful at best. In any case, I put it behind me and thought no more of it. However, I remain convinced that the failed attempt to insert the Mirena has left me with ongoing problems. Clearly it works for many people, but every time I've discussed this with different friends, I hear yet another story of someone who has had a similar experience.
—Guest Vicky

insertion + removal = ?

I had copper iud inserted nearly 3 years ago after my second child. Recently i started bleeding. The bleeding went on for 20 + iud had become dislodged and needed to be removed and replaced. The replacement hurt like hell but the bleeding persisted and a week after insertion it had to be removed. I really have to rethink my birth control options.
—Guest kkem

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What Is Your IUD Removal or IUD Insertion Experience?

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