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Readers Respond: What Is Your IUD Removal or IUD Insertion Experience?

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Updated November 01, 2010

Well...it seemed like a logical choice..

I got the Paragard inserted last year, since hormones make me sick, irritable, and mood-swingy. I thought it was a pretty logical choice; no hormones, long term birth control, right? Eh...I wish.. It worked great until 3 months ago, when I had a lot of cramping and bleeding and pelvic pain. The bleeding stopped, but the pain persisted for a while. I just chalked it up to my ovarian cysts. A few weeks went by, and my string went AWOL, so of course I'm freaking out trying to find it. I finally do find it, and it disappears a week later! So, meanwhile, I'm in all this pain for weeks, trying to get insurance, setting up an appointment for disability for my cysts and suffering. A lot. Bouts of nausea, sharp pelvic pains, dull abdominal pains...the whole shebang. Long story short, I go in for my appointment, and they tell me I'm 8 weeks pregnant. And that the IUD is still in, with the fetus. Plus, the string is wrapped around the fetus. Yeah...not very happy with the Paragard.

7+ years of the ParaGard IUD

I got a copper IUD @ age 20 as I was sick of the emotional ups & downs the hormones from the patch caused. An IUD seemed pretty maintenance-free, too. I went in for my insertion appt. and they sent me home & said to reschedule for a day when I was on my period. The anticipation of pain/cramping made me pretty tense but it was over & done within minutes. I just had it removed a month ago since I'm thinking about kids but I'd definitely get another one some day. They're SUPER cheap with insurance, for me it worked out to just about $1/month ($700 total, insurance paid $610, so my $90 copay = $1.07/month!).
—Guest emjay

IUD Not good.

I had my IUD put in a year ago after i had a miscarriage. The insertion hurt like crazy. I went in about a month ago to get it removed because i'm having some bad reactions to it. So i went to my App and my doctor couldnt find it. they took an Xray to confirm its there, and it is. I have now had three doctors look for it and couldn't find it. The last one even clamped my cervix. I cried because of how painful it was. Now i am having surgery in 3 days so they can try to get it out. This Iud hasn't done me any good. I understand it doesn't affect everyone like this, but for it was not the method for me.
—Guest PAIN!


My entire IUD story's a bit strange. I'm 17, never been pregnant. I got it about a week ago, prepared for the worst imaginable pain I have ever felt. But really, it wasn't so bad. I only took the 800mg of ibuprofen I was given beforehand. I'd say it was more of a strange sensation rather than a painful one, though it did hurt quite a bit. The nurse practitioner was really nice and kept talking to me, telling me to breathe and asking me questions. Overall, it took about 2 minutes. I was crampy for the rest of the day, but the worst of it was over after an hour. Eating DEFINITELY helped.  The weird thing is, I was checking the strings the next day, and I discovered that it had been expelled. No pain at all, I didn't even suspect it. I went back in a few days ago right at the end of my period to get another one. This time, she gave me some sort of numbing shot as well as the ibuprofen, but it didn't help at all. It was painful.
—Guest Darian Reyn

Mirena Placed

I had the Mirena IUD placed this morning it was very painful and then they sent me for and ultrasound to make sure it was placed in the correct place. The DR. said I had a very small uterus and that is why it was so painful. Just a little crampy now so hopefully it will be worth it in the long run.
—Guest Angela

What a pain!

I had IUD removed in 1999 after having it for 2 yrs. I had to go through surgery because the Dr. could not find it. Now after 11 yrs of BC pills the doctor recommended me to give it a try again because pre menopausal eventual issues like blood clogs, .....I agreed but not very sure what to expect.
—Guest Nancy

copper t

The only reason i have an IUD is because I had an abortion and the doctor has to dilate you for that. Two doctors tried and couldn't insert it. I have never had children. Now I've had a copper T for a year.
—Guest dana

It was okay

Just got my paraguard in, after SERIOUS fear and anxiety about the pain of insertion...it was totally not a big deal. I took a painkiller beforehand, and experienced under thirty seconds of actual discomfort. It was well with in the period range of pain. Don't be afraid!
—Guest guestdaisy

Mirena Removal

I had the iud insterted back in 08 after having my son, i just had it removed on 3/16 didnt hurt or anything, started BC pills the same day.
—Guest Amy

Loved All My Paragard

I have 4 children ranging from ages 17-7monts I had 3 IUD and loved all of them never had any pain I was able to get pregnant a month or so after removal the longest time with my IUD was for 8 yrs never had an infection or nothing, no pain I was really happy with my IUD.
—Guest Bella

Mirena removal

I had my IUD removed on 3/15 after having it in for 5 years. It took my obgyn awhile to pull it out since it was somewhat embedded in my uterus.

Not the best decision

I had my IUD (Mirena) inserted in Oct 2010. I chose this b/c of costs. (5yrs of BC for what 1 month of Neuvaring cost). So the insertion wasn't the most plesent experience, but it wasn't horrible either. It's been the side effects. I'm having it out today no matter what.


i had a mirena fitted after i had an op to remove a cyst on 25/02/11 as i was asleep i agreed to it iv got 2 children and after having my second 6 weeks after i decided i would give it a try i wasnt nervous but when i saw all the tools and felt the pain i opted out, anyway after coming round from my op i was in pain for about a week as i had it fitted and surgery at the same time.
—Guest ferny

not worth the pain

Im 22 and a mother of one 4 year old. I got my mirena inserted over 3 years ago. Insertion was a bit painful. It took the dr 2 tries. I felt a lot of cramps after. I recently got married and we decided we wanted to try to get pregnant. I went to my apt for the removal and it was excrutiating. The dr could not reach the strings and i could not bear the pain. I tried again with a different dr and it was horrible. She dialated my cervix and it felt like full blown labor. All for nothing since she still couldnt get it out. Im scheduled for surgery for the removal next month.
—Guest Lynn

Painful insertion

I got one 3 months after my 2nd child at the recommendation of my ob, I was breastfeeding. Insertion was soooo painful but they kept telling me it was normal and confirmed placement with ultrasound.
—Guest BETH
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