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Readers Respond: What Is Your IUD Removal or IUD Insertion Experience?

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Updated November 01, 2010

Worth It

I got my first Mirena IUD after I had my daughter 10 years ago. I don't remember the first insertion being extremely painful, but then again I'd just had a child, so I'm sure any pain at that point was relative. Five years later I got the first one removed and had another inserted. This time the fitting was incredibly painful; and I have an extremely high pain threshold. My husband had a vasectomy in June, and I had the Mirena removed permanently shortly afterward. Both removals were relatively painless. I agree that nobody should act as though anybody is overreacting to the pain of insertion - everybody is different, and it hurts! However, not having to worry about contraception for 10 years and having mild (if any) menstrual symptoms and periods made it worth it.
—Guest Jess

inserting my mirena

i had my mirena five years ago and i am due to have it out in a week i have loved haing it becuse my periods went away for good after 2 months but the thought if the excrutiating pain i went through having it inserted puts me off i will not be having a new one inserted ever !!!
—Guest maria synnott

Iud Removal

I have had three Mirena Iuds'. The requirements as I was told to have an Iud was to be in a monogamous relationship and to have had at least one child prior to the insertion. I have never heard of anyone requiring anasthetic for removal or insertion. During the insertion the Iud is placed at the opening of your cervix, anytime your cervix is stimulated it contracts which causes the "crampy" feeling most women describe. For the first day after having an Iud inserted cramps and spotting are expected. Of the 3 Iuds I have had my first one fell out (no pain), my second one punctured my uterus and was embedded in the fatty tissues of my abdomen which required surgery to remove. My third one I had removed in August in an effort to conceive. That removal was painful but literally lasted one maybe two seconds and I was able to jump right off the exam table with no pain. Every woman is different but the biggest cause of pain during removal/insertion is your cervix being stimulated.
—Guest Guest

IUD Experience

Ive had the Copper IUD for 10 years now and know that its time to have it removed. But during my 10 years I have had no complications and after hearing about the complications of others, Im scared of having it removed and reserting another. If I could be guaranteed the same results I wouldn't hesitate.
—Guest Tesha

Mirena IUD Removal

After having my IUD for over two and a half years, I have just remove this morning by my doctor. It was in a min. I even asked my doctor if we were, because I didn't feel any thing. That's was great, because I have been thinking all along that it's would hurt.
—Guest Darbah Fahnbulleh


ive had my mirena coil in for over a year now,it took ten mins to fit,the doc put a clip on my cervix,i nearly fell off the bed with fright(it really hurt). I'm ready to have it removed.
—Guest jemma

Paragard IUD

I had my first paragard IUD inserted this morning and eight hours later I'm still having pretty bad cramps. The doctor was wonderful and did a great job but it was pretty painful at one point (I think when she was measuring my uterus). Im happy to be done with it and don't regret it and have had no bleeding at all but am pretty uncomfortable. Been taking Advil and am hoping it subsides soon. All in all not that bad of an experience but also not too fun either. The procedure felt like a pap times 10 and the cramps are like menstrual cramps times 5 (I usually have very mild cramps and only on the first day of my period.) be prepared for some pain but many it seems have none. I think it will end up being a great choice for me. I'm 26 and haven't had any children (I think my uterus is just very confused and angry something is in it right now!).
—Guest Alex

Great experience.

I had a paragard inserted two days ago. It was during the tail end of menstruation, I took two ibuprofens, and I ended up feeling nothing. I was so nervous after reading some of the horror stories on this website--I can't believe how worked up I was about nothing! But yes, comfortable insertion experience, and highly recommended. Slight spotting, but by the next day, I had completely stopped cramping.
—Guest Guest 820

Iud insertion/removal

I've not had children yet and have had both the mirena and paraguard iud. I've got to be honest that i felt a little annoyed by some of the smug comments made by woman who where fortunate enough to have a smooth insertion/removal, berating the less fortunate for overeacting. Please be more considerate in the future! When I had the mirena fitted, I was expecting mild discomfort, and therefore was fairly relaxed. The procedure was so painful for me (not helped by the needle they inserted into my cervix filled with local anasthetic) that I cried. I am by no means a wimp, or over reacting, and ive always had a fairly high pain tollerence. So it is not a given that this a simple and merely uncomfortable procedure. But it is, in my opinion, one of the best forms of contraception. Therfore I would always recommend it, but caution that it can be painfull at insertion.
—Guest Kas

Getting my copper Iud out

I'm getting my copper iud out tomorrow. I'm so nervous. Putting it in hurt like labor pains omg. That passed in like 20 minutes. I am removing it because I now want the patch. After having the iud I had weight gain and sex drive decreased, mainly because sex is uncomfortable now with the iud. I am so ready to get this sucker out. I have had it for 3 years. I have never gotten it checked.. there is a string. I got it put it on my period, and I read somewhere it's good to take it out on your period. So I'm doing just that wish me luck
—Guest Mrs. Rojas

IUD Removal

Well about 6 weeks ago partner and I were having sex and he noticed some blods clots while we were having intercourse. It was near the end of my cycle didn't think much of it. Till the next time it happened everytime we had sex, even happened with no intercourse but reaching orgasim. I made appt with Dr, she ran all normal tests and sent me for ultrasound. Next morning I get a phone call I need to come in and have my IUD removed, it slipped down into the cervial canal, irritating it causing the bleeding. I had about 3 seconds of uncomfortableness, same as the insertion. I started my cycle the same day as the removal, so she told me if bleeding more than a week call back for another appt. Well the next day I was at work and I was cramping a lot but no real heavy bleeding, I stayed quite all morning. Got up to go to lunch and I gushed! I was so scared I never bled that much before. All is fine now.
—Guest Bettycrcocker

Insertion Mirena

i have never had kids before but didnt want to have to worry about getting pregnant by someone i didnt want to deal with for the rest of my life. i had it put it and let me tell you IT HURT LIKE A B*TCH!!!!!!!! I got dizzy, threw up, bled and cramped for about 1-2 days after but after that it was AWESOME! I love having one but I will admit I do want to take it out to have a baby but i want to wait until i get married. i will deff get one again after i have a baby. I reccomend it to everyone and their friends!
—Guest court

Just Got My Second One

Got my first one inserted after the birth of my fourth son, 5 years ago, it seemed to take forever and was very painful with lots of cramping. I had it inserted in September 06, my last period was November 06. I just had my second one inserted 3 days ago since my husband and I are both deploying to Afghanistan next October and are not yet ready for another baby and the removal of the old one and insertion of the new one took all of 4 seconds, had some cramping, but nothing major. I think it was easier this time because he did ultrasounds beforehand to see where exactly it was located and then discovered that my uterus is tilted, he then adjusted what he needed to to make the whole process quick and as painless as possible. I urge everyone I can to get Mirena, it is the best thing that ever happened to me!
—Guest Erica

Iud insertion and removal

Insertion was very painful I was nauseas dizzy and cramping ive had two natural births and felt like I was having labor oains again they inserted while I was on my period five days kater it had to come out I couldnt deal with cramping ...however when they took it out it took two painfree seconds...no worries girls ull be fine
—Guest J

Mirena and Paragard Different Pain

I've had an IUD inserted 3 times. Having no kids. I seriously want to smack the person saying they had no pain. My first Mirena I got a lidocaine block and it didn't hurt, paraguard didn't hurt that bad getting insulted, this time upon insertion of Mirena I thought I'd brave it out because the other two didn't hurt and she ended up having to manually open my cervix causing me to almost pass out in pain. Paraguard hurt less than insertion but look at how it's made, it doesn't hook under by your fallopian tubes like Mirena does thus causing more pain. Parauard opens smoothly causing less pain. I had more bleedining on insertion of paraguard and none on mirena. I like the IUD, I loved my Paragard but had some abdominal swelling. My MD thinks wont happen with mirena because Mirena thins out the uterus wall and hormone levels are delivered at a constant rate. We will see. Give it a chance.
—Guest akiud

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What Is Your IUD Removal or IUD Insertion Experience?

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