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Readers Respond: What Is Your IUD Removal or IUD Insertion Experience?

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Updated November 01, 2010


I got the MIRENA after I had my 3rd child. It was NOT painful having it put in. Due to some side effects, I finally had it removed, and I had no pain at all. Make sure you do your research on all IUDs before you get one (they are not for everyone). For the most part though, it was great (I didn't have any pain at all ..it didnt' hurt while having sex and I couldnt feel it and my husband couldnt feel it either).
—Guest carmen


Ive had my mirena for a few yrs now and its great. I got it because of really painful cramping. It took my doctor over a year to convince me it was safe. But I am glad I did it as my periods pretty much have ceased which means no pain! I only spot when I seem to get stressed, tho I think I am nearing the end of its five year contract lol, and my periods maybe coming back. I was afraid of having it removed because it was uncomfortable to have it inserted, but finding this site, I feel better about it. The insertion really isn't that bad, kidney stones and child birth are way worse. There was some cramping, pinching and discomfort for a while afterward. I think everyone has there own different levels of pain tolerance. I would recommend it and do it again, its well worth it.

IUD Mirena!

I love it! I had it inserted about 2 years ago. Now we are ready to have another baby but I am nervous to get it removed. I LOVE the fact I don't have any more periods. I don't want to go back to having them!! :) As soon as we have this next baby I am totally going back to it!! I love it! It is a bit painful when they put it in. I had just had a c-section and it made me cramp quite a bit for the first few days. And I had a bit of bleeding but soon after it stopped and I haven't had a period since.
—Guest Lovesell

IUD Insertion

i just had Mirena inserted yesterday and i have to tell you that it was incredibly painful for me. now everyone is different and i don't want this to deter someone from getting it but i had no idea it would hurt that much. the doc said i could get "intense cramping" but it literally felt like my insides were getting ripped out. the whole insertion only took 10-15 min and there were 2 bouts of pain. when he measured how far up the uterus was and then when they insert it. it all depends on the opening in ur cervix i guess bc they go up thru that hole to measure and insert. apparently mine is teeny tiny bc i almost passed out from the pain. i'm also not a light weight. i don't typically have a low tolerance. this experience was incredibly painful. i was in shock over it bc i wasn't expecting it at all. i had to lie there awhile so i didn't passout. after i was real crampy but they quickly got less and less until a few hr later they were almost completely gone. today i feel great tho!
—Guest Kristen

Pleased with my Mirena

I had my mirena inserted 6 weeks after having my son in March 2010. It hurt a bit going in and i bled for 32 days afterwards but after hearing that a few of my friends are pregnant only a few months postpartum i know i can breathe a sigh of relief. I will more than likely get it removed before my 5 years is up, maybe when my son turns 1 and im nervous.
—Guest Jessica

iud insertion: mirena

I got my iud put in less than 2 hours ago and I have never been in more pain in my life. I have not had children they told me I did not need children in order to get this put in I have taken 3.ibuprofen and it didn't even touch the pain. The bathtub I'm at didn't help I'm not quite sure what to do to get it to stop.
—Guest rebecca


I just had my Mirena inserted 2 days ago. I was really nervous about the pain, but the doctor explained the procedure to me & it made me more nervous.having it put in is uncomfortable, but it doesn't hurt. i took 2 neurofen beforehand and i also had my period so that might have helped. seems to be good so far, the odd cramp today but i havent really had to take neurofen.best birth control ever & the bonus is not having to take pills everyday, just fit forget

love the paraguard iud

I had my paraguard iud for the full 10 years. Loved it. No complications. The only reason I had it removed was because time was up. Very simple to remove it. I totally recommend it.
—Guest melinda

hurt but worth it

I've had my iud for 2 years, it did hurt and i cramped alot but was briefly. well worth not having to remember the pill. Overall, I do recommend the mirena.
—Guest rachael

Mirena Insertion/removal

I have had my mirena for over a year now. I got it put in shortly after having my son and didnt feel a thing getting it put in. I am getting it out next week because some of the side effects are a little much for me to handle. After searching the removal, I am TERRIFIED to get it removed.
—Guest Brittani


I researched and read hundreds of responses from women who have shared their experience. I will admit, I was hesitant and apprehensive after reading all the negative posts. After talking with and questioning my Dr. on his experience with Mirena (insertions, side effects, problems) I decided to go ahead with the insertion. My Dr. could not EMPHASIZE enough how important it was to do the insertion during the menstrual cycle for several reasons: the cervix is already slightly dilated and the shedding of the lining provides helpful lubrication. I had my procedure yesterday afternoon and it went flawlessly. The speculum was placed, my uterus and cervix were cleaned using iodine solution. A tenaculum was used to secure my uterus while the Mirena was being placed. The Mirena was inserted with only a slight pressure clearing the cervix into the uterus. Strings were cut to length. The entire procedure took 5-10 min with NO PAIN OR CRAMPING. Everyone is different, but I feel wonderful.
—Guest LaRae

LOVE Mirena

I've had Mirena for almost 3 years to the day. I don't recall even feeling it go in, and it completely stopped my periods (which I LOVE!). We're ready for baby number two, and I'm having it out soon. I'm getting another after baby no. 2!
—Guest jrwmommy

loved IUD

I have had 4 children, and my doctor recommended a Mirena IUD. Best thing I ever used. I had no pain at all and haven't had any problems with bleeding or spotting. I must have a great doctor. I would recommend an IUD definitely.


I had my IUD inserted over two & a half years ago & based on my experience, I absolutely hate it. The pain I felt from the placement of the Mirena was so intense it was almost unbearable. It was only five weeks after I'd had my son & they still had to dialiate me & it took approximately twenty minutes to insert. I was extrememly dizzy & nautious & crampy & had heavy bleeding for almost two weeks. Not all medications are meant for everyone because no two bodies are the same. I don't want another child at this point, but I also don't want to leave my IUD in. But on the same token, almost everyone I know that has gotten one LOVE it & have nothing but good things to say about it. I am terrified of the pain that comes from removal, but from what I've read, removal is a breeze!!!!! :)
—Guest Jen


I got my mirena put in a week ago and the inception of it was terrible. I was so uncomfortable and the doctor who put it in had a new doctor learning, so that was kinda weird. It was bad enough that the doctor was down on my nether region, let alone some1 else watching. Ive been having pains in what feels like my ovaries, well I went to fond the string today and I couldn't find it. I'm really freaked out. I've heard all these stories about it perforating and what not. And I'm worried that's what has happened. Making an appt soon. The only thong is I'm still feeling crampy so that makes me think it's still in my uterus. I don't know.
—Guest Lindsey
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