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Readers Respond: What Is Your IUD Removal or IUD Insertion Experience?

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Updated November 01, 2010

Complications leading to Removal?

I am 18, i have never had a child before. i had just got my Paragard in a week ago. The inserstion was the worst pain i have ever felt, i would have rather gone through birth. And i have a pretty high tolerance. I took 800mg of iburpfen before the appointment along with a perscription to make me dialate. The procedure was quick but painful. Now not even a week later im being told i need it removed because the IUD is expelling itself, i can feel the tip of the IUD with my fingers, which means i can not be sexual active untill it is readjusted or removed. Appointment tommorrow, If its a removal i WILL NOT get another replaced. Not worth the pain and the complications.
—Guest Savanah

5 Years is up

I had my iud inserted after my second child. My 5 years is just about up and I am having the mirena iud removed next month. I am not having another one inserted..not because I want to get pregnant (I had quite a few side effects). It wasnt painful at all to have it put in. Just some slight cramping for a few hours after and some spotting. Although I have loved the idea of ease of mind the past 5 years of not getting pregnant, I am probably going to switch back to the pill.
—Guest Renee


I have had my iud for going on 3yrs and its awesome not having to worry about the pill or patch. I am getting the iud taken out december 7th because I am ready for baby no.2 I might get another iud after this one.
—Guest parker'smommy

IUD Removel

i had two doctor's try and get this thing out and can't find it. So i had to get put out. i would never do it again or suggest it. and i to go back to the doctor because my husband said something ddoesn't feel right
—Guest not for me

removal of iud

I had my paragard taken out last week and am still no cramping or any pain . It had to be taken out due to ovarian cysts that keep occuring.
—Guest Erica mae

IUD insertion/removal

I have to admit that I found the IUD insertion quite painful which is why I then left it in for 13 years! (not Mirena) I'd heard several stories of it being more painful when removed. I went for a cervical smear test 3 days ago and the nurse asked if I'd like it removed then..I couldn't believe how painless it was, much less than the smear test! I had light bleeding for a couple of hours and went on a 20 mile bike ride as soon as I left.
—Guest julia

Insert ok

I got the Mirena IUD inserted in August 2011, over a year after having my daughter. It didn't hurt bad, but I wasn't expecting the cramping I had for the next few days.
—Guest Katie

Had paragard for ten years

I had paragard for the last 10 years and absolutely loved it! I have never had children, never had cramps from the insertion or anything. Easy, breezy. I was very torn between going back to the paragard and trying the Mirena. I decided to try the mirena because of period flow. I just had it inserted today. Not much pain, actually very little. I hope it works out.
—Guest Stefani

Easy Breezy

Let me start out by saying that I do NOT negate the bad experiences some had and I'm sorry for them. I read all of the good and bad stories and was an anxious girl going in! I felt ZERO pain or even discomfort during the procedure and it took less than 2 minutes. Simple Simon! I just wanted to share a positive experience for all of those looking into Mirena. It is different for everyone and it CAN be a simple, pain-free procedure. Just be open and honest w your healthcare provider and choose what is best for you!
—Guest Devon

mirena exxperiance

i just got my mirena inserted about 2 weeks ago. ive never had children before, so my doctor put me on a medication used to dialate the cervix so i wouldnt be in as much pain. now, i was a junior olymipc athlete a few years back and have played on broken ancles before, and i have 3 tattoos....so i have a very high pain tolerance...but i will say the insertion was the most painful thing ive EVER experianced in my life! i actually yelled out loud as she inserted it.lol....after the insertion, i was very dizzy, so i layed down for a few minutes. after the diziness went away...i got up and walked to the front to schedule my check up appointment, and was so nautious that i had to run out without making the appointment in fear that i was going to blow chunks. the rest of the evening i was cramping so bad i could barely move..but then the next day i felt 100% better. now im fine. a few random cramps come and go...but im so glad i dont have to stress about a pill anymore...so its worth it!
—Guest courtney

Paragard removal

I had my paragard IUD removed yesterday. The least painful experience on a OBGYN table ever.
—Guest Guest Abby

Extremely Painful Insertion

I had the Mirena inserted today. I was told by the doctor and nurses that it wouldn't be a painful experience. Ugh. They were wrong. I have a high tolerance for pain. I have a herniated disc that I deal with on a daily basis- this was much more painful. It was definitely a traumatic experience. I feel fine now- some cramping, I think I'm still shaking from the insertion. I had a child about 8 years ago, I think this tops giving birth. EXTREMELY painful. Looking back, I should have stopped the doctor after the first burst of pain. I may have saved myself the 2nd and 3rd rounds. I was not told to take medication before coming in, but if you're going to go through with this, I highly recommend strong pain killers. The thing is in, I'm feeling fine, but I'm still undecided on if I made the correct decision. I'm having flashbacks of the pain and I can definitely feel it in my uterus. I'm hoping that sensation goes away. I will definitely not go through this procedure again.
—Guest Carrie

Mirena was not good for me

Had my mirena put in 07 went to get it removed this last august, she could not. Got an ultrasound. Went to get it surgically removed she was not able to. so now I'm freaking out becouse tge first thing she said after I asked NOW WHAT? He response was hysterectomy. Well I'm getting a second opinion becouse I'm 31 and there is no other medical reason to get it done. Going for another ultrasound and then we will see. Wish me luck.
—Guest Mayra


Im 27 ive had two sons and decided that mirena would be the best option for me. I knew that it was going to be a bit uncomfortable but for me once my 5 years are uo i will not be having a new one fitted, after the insertion i started to get really bad cramps and felt really dizzy, the nurse left md alone to get me some water, when she came back i was out cold on the floor id only fainted and landed on my face lol i had a broken nose and a concusion im dreading the removal now lol x
—Guest Selina

Ouch but worth it

Insertion was really painful for me. I drove to my appt and almost passed out from cramps on the way home. I laid in my bed for a couple of hours waiting for the cramps to pass. I already know from my doctor that I showed a very high tolerance for pain during labor. I'd recommend taking a painkiller before your appt. It seems to be an individual response. Maybe some of them are placed better than others? Maybe depends on where you are in your cycle? Doc doesn't place it just soo..? But the next day I was fine. Sex for the next couple of weeks made me nervous because I cramped so bad from insertion. But as time passed sex was just fine. Hubby said early on it made his penis tender from bumping it, but that seemed to pass for him too. I have no cramps with it and before I had TERRIBLE cramps. Mind you I got it after having a baby so I don't know if that was part of having a baby or from the Copper IUD. It's been a year and my periods are much lighter and no cramps! :)
—Guest Mother of 1

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What Is Your IUD Removal or IUD Insertion Experience?

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