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Readers Respond: What Is Your IUD Removal or IUD Insertion Experience?

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Updated November 01, 2010

Anticipating removal

I am due to have my 5 year Mirena IUD out December 13, 2009. I have loved not having to worry about a baby again. I got mine at my 6 week checkup from having my firstborn son!!! I am, however, anticipating the removal. Granted the insertion was not terrible, felt like one really big cramp going in, but by the next day, I was good as new. Have maybe had 4 periods or so a year up until this last year, but even the ones I have had only lasted a day or two and were light. Cramping and some headaches now but nothing I can't handle. So anyone with advice on the removal let me know. crkramer1980@aol.com
—Guest Crys

Just not for me!

I had the IUD put in 9 months ago, and I got sick a lot which I don't get sick often. Also, every time I had sex, I felt the pain from it. So I got it removed 5 days ago. Also now I face other problems - I'm bleeding more now than ever and I am a heavy bleeder with clots after clots. I also throw up every night, so I'm due for a doctors visit again tomorrow. Make sure to talk to your doctors about it being placed and any possible removal side effects because if I knew, I wouldnt ever got it.
—Guest ashleigh


I had my IUD in for a little over a year. I gained at least 30 pounds since I got it and I hated that I can sorta feel it during intercourse as well as my husband. I removed the IUD 4 months ago and have not got a period yet!!
—Guest Meli

Love it!

I had my Mirena iud put in almost a year ago at my six week checkup after having my baby girl. I don't even remember what it felt like when they put it in. It has been great so far- I just can't decide how long to wait before taking it out to start trying for #2. It's been great not having a period- I probably do have moody days and/or bloating but not anything remarkable. Sorry ladies, but I honestly don't think you can blame gaining weight on the iud- there are less hormones in the mirena than there are in the pill.
—Guest kris

Keep having to miss work

I got my ParaGard IUD 9 months ago. I haven't had any kids yet. Keep in mind, I handle pain so well. The insertion was very painful, and I almost passed out driving home (you may want to take someone with you). I was in constant pain for the first 2 months. Now, it sometimes hurts during sex. I have incredible pain twice a month - when I ovulate and when I get my period. It's gotten so painful that I have had to miss work twice... and have also left work because of the pain. After I left, walking home was tedious because I almost couldn't move. I'm not insured, so I scheduled a check up to possibly remove it at Planned Parenthood. Despite their lack of funds and time, I love them. That said, they forgot to tell me not to have sex the last 5 days before coming in ...just in case some sperm stayed around. The woman looked at my strings and said I was probably fine. She didn't have equipment to know if it was in wrong. Where can one go for that? I've rescheduled removal for next week.
—Guest Jenny

not for me

I had my Mirena iud inserted a year and a half ago. My periods are gone but nothing but trouble, cramps, acne under my hair and on my chest, never had that before. Vaginal discharge and constant itching, gained 10 lbs. which no amount of dieting or exercise helped. My abdomen looks like I am 5 mths. pregnant. Complained to my Dr. who tested me over and over for vaginal infections but found nothing. I inquired if I could be allergic to it, he said no, it was in my head. Long and short I have made an appt. to have it removed.
—Guest lizz

It does the job!!

Insertion was a bit pinchy, ocassionally I or my man can feel it, we just change positions. I have had the copper t IUD for four years - I love never worrying - no hormones - We are planning on having it removed in September to try for baby #3 and #4. Wish me luck!!!. I recommend this iud - the side effects are mininmal compared to other forms of birth control that I was on in the past (previously, I have used pills, patches and condoms and guess what-I conceived my first baby while on pill and second while on patch)!!! The IUD works great!
—Guest Christa

Love it!

I'm 19 years old, with a loving boyfriend, but no children. I've got big plans for my life, so when I do have kids, I want to fully focus on them. Since I can't at this age, I wanted to really eliminate the chance of pregnancy. I was very nervous for the procedure -- my mom gave me some anti-anxiety medicine to calm me down. The procedure was quick -- probably 5 minutes. Yes, it was painful and uncomfortable, but I made sure to BREATHE (even if you yell like I did, it's important to breathe!). I felt light headed afterwards and had to lie down a bit...my body felt very confused as to what this plastic thing inside of it was. I did vomit shortly after, but I felt ten times better afterwards, and I just had huge cramps. That night, they nearly disappeared, and when I woke up today, I totally forgot I got the Mirena put in! I can't even feel it & my heavy period has stopped. :)
—Guest Jessi

Absolutely love my IUD

I decided to get an IUD because blood clots run in my family and the doctor thought it was the safest form of birth control for me. I'm so glad I did! The insertion part hurt like heck but that only lasted for a few minutes and then I had cramps for a few days but once the pain and cramps subsided it was awesome. I haven't had a period in over 4 years! I occasionally get cramps maybe once every 3 months but never any bleeding. I'm getting ready to take it out to have a baby but I will definitely be getting another one in between pregnancies. I highly recommend it, they're great!!!
—Guest Blair

Like it

I had my IUD put in about 5 weeks ago. It hurt, but it was bearable. It made me nauseated and a little light-headed. My bleeding and cramps were terrible, but after a few days it subsided. I am going to get it taken out in about 3 years and can't wait to have another baby! I have to say I really don't love the thing but since I have an 11 week old I'm very thankful for it!!
—Guest Mer

No luck with Insertion!

I went for my IUD insertrion and my doctor could not proceed because of an "obstruction" in my uterus. She wants to do exploratory surgery to determine what the problem is. I'm extremely anxious..
—Guest S.V.

IUD - Not for me

I had the IUD (Mirena) for almost 2 and a half years. The insertion was not bad, but the side effects were horrible. When i get my period (I usually don't), I have discharge before and after my period that has a foul smell. I have no interest in having sex, my nipples are very sensitive; when I have sex, it hurts really bad. I am very moody (which is not like me) and now have terrible acne. I get the IUD removed in 3 days and can't wait. I am a little scared but I'll be ok!
—Guest Angelique

True Birth Control

I wanted relief from the worry of pregnancy -- well I got it. I have the ParaGard IUD and am going on 8 months with it. I have barely had sex since I had it iserted. I spot 2-3 weeks a month, and my actual menstrual week is heavier and longer than usual. I have cramping that I never used to. I have a side pain that comes and goes. I have back aches that I never did before. My emotions have also increased, with less patience and more irritation. I'm not sure if the emotions are related, but I know the physical effects are. I have tissue with every urination for 2-3 weeks as well. Its just not natural. Yeast infections are now a part of my life also. The list goes on, and I plan on having it removed. I care too much about my body to have some foreign object in it that isn't necessary, just convenient. What's the point of a birth control if it prevents you from having sex? I'll take emotional rollercoasters with the pill over daily spotting anyday.
—Guest guest T

Going in for #2

I am going in in an hour to get my 5 year IUD out and a new one in. The five years are up, and I loved it. No periods, barely any PMS (for only like a day a month). No worries. I am doing it again. I read this page to see if it hurt getting it out, lol. I see all the complaining about weight gain... well I've had three kids (one set of twins in there), so if we can't watch what we eat, ladies, then I don't know what to tell ya. What's worse, having a few pounds you can't shake or an extra 35 lbs (or in my case 106 lbs with one of my pregnancies) and have to move into a shoe w/so many children. Just a thought.
—Guest Amber

Not for me!

I had my IUD for three years now and NEVER had a problem. I had no periods, no cramps -- nothing. I loved it until I meet my new husband....then I started getting UTIs every other month, and when we had sex, I would get stabbing pain in my right side. I started spotting every other day. It was driving me nuts! Went to the ER two hours ago, and they told me the IUD was tipped sideways so they took it out. As soon as they did I felt relieved! The pain in my side went away that fast! All in all, I just guess it was not for me.
—Guest kriss

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What Is Your IUD Removal or IUD Insertion Experience?

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