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Readers Respond: What Is Your IUD Removal or IUD Insertion Experience?

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Updated November 01, 2010

Eventually, you must have an IUD removed, but the IUD removal is often less painful and quicker than the IUD insertion.

Never try to remove your IUD by yourself or ask an unqualified person to do so as this could cause serious damage.

Are you wondering what to expect during your IUD removal or insertion? Be prepared. Learn about possible complications. See what other women have experienced during their IUD removals and IUD insertions.

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  • My 5 year plan

    I think the IUD is the most wonderful little contraption ever invented! I had mine for almost 2 years and just had it removed this morning. The insertion was a little uncomfortable...a little worse than a pap-smear and I bled for several weeks after that. But, once the bleeding stopped, I didn't have another period. I had a little discomfort at one point and had to go get the strings trimmed...but that was not at all painful. I had it removed this morning because I am ready to get pregnant again. The removal was so simple! It was less painful than a papsmear and took less than a minute. No bleeding, no pain...I have a few cramps, but I'm not sure if that is associated or not. THe IUD is highly recommended by me and many of my friends and family!!!
    —Guest April


    I had the mirena inserted during my six week check up after having my son in 2009. I just took it out on 1/23/2013, because after reading so many stories about it and being able to relate to them scared me. I was dealing with side effects that I thought had nothing to do with the Mirena. After insertion I started getting migraines and headaches (which I NEVER had before insertion), I would get yeast infections after sex with or without a condom (always same partner-my fiancé and the father of my son), I could not lose weight unless I stopped eating (working out did nothing), I felt bloated all the time especially around the 1st of the month which is when I use to get my period before insertion, I have always had sensitive skin but my acne got worse after insertion (WAAYYY worse and nothing worked at all), pain during sex sometimes, hair grew back faster after shaving or waxing, low energy, etc. I am so glad that I took it out after really paying attention to the side effects!! Horrible
    —Guest Marissa

    5 months later...and doing fine!

    I originally posted about my insertion of Paragard (so NOT anywhere as awful as people make it out to be) 5 months ago, and said I would update later on about how it's been. Well, you guessed it: ZERO complications. In fact, I've had hormone issues in the past where I could not get a natural period over the course of a few years and was supposed to remain on birth control. Since getting the IUD, I now get a natural period like clockwork, which I feel is better for my body. I forget it's in there, honestly....no discomfort during sex, no extra infections, nothing. No hassle with the pharmacy or expensive birth control pills that bloat my petite frame. I also forgot to mention before that I am in my late 20's and have no children, so anyone who thinks that only moms can have this procedure done comfortably have been given false info.
    —Guest KW

    Having problems with Mirena/Removal?

    I have never had children but the insertion/day of the Mirena implant is what I would imagine child birth to feel like-I was doubled-over in excruciating pain after I left the clinic that day- DO NOT DRIVE- I had to pull over about 10 miles down the road and call my Mom to come pick me up b/c the cramps were like contractions. Everything was fine and dandy after that day for about 2-3 years. Now the past year (year 4 of having MIRENA) I've had a couple issues including brownish/rust colored discharge/spotting on and off for several days throughout a week- meaning I'm pretty much bleeding 1/2 a month sporadically,which ruins your sex life. Not to mention, everytime we have sex now, it hurts and I start bleeding almost immediately after sex. Cramps and pains in the lower abdomin atleast every other day. I just want to have a normal 3-4 day period with no cramps and have my great sex life back- Removing IUD within next 2 weeks probably!!! Hope it isn't painful like the insertion was!
    —Guest Sarah

    Easy peasy

    Went in today to get it installed. If was the Flexi t 300, if I remember correctly. I've had no kids before. Basically, it felt like a pap smear to me. There was an instant of a ouchy pinch feeling, but it was over in an inatant and felt just like that; a pinch. It's the evening now, and I still feel fine. No pain or cramps or anything! Woot woot!
    —Guest Vailismyname

    My Story

    I have had my 2nd mirena coil in for 6 yrs because when I went to get it taken out it had gone missing!! My doctor sent me for an ultrasound which didn't work out as I couldn't keep my bladder full enough so the coil was located on camera. I hope to have it out soon as I believe I can pinpoint weight gain from the first time I had one inserted. I am looking forward to having my body back to normal and probably entering menopause as I am now in my mid 50's
    —Guest Maria


    I gave birth in june 2013, in september of 2013 i had paragard installed for the second time in my life, (and i am also a person who experience lots of bv and yeast infection so that was a flag also)the first insertion back in 2006 was painless because i was on my menstrual cycle which my obgyne told me its best because your uterus isnt dry so i just had minor cramping...when i got this last one installed in sept of 2013 it was by far the worst pain and feeling i ever felt measuring my cervix wasnt a problem but when the midwife inserted the device it felt like hard sharp excruciating labor x10,i became dizzy and was having chills after i made it home i was bleeding in puddles of blood and flesh like pinkish materiel this lasted for 2 weeks,,,its jan 2014(6 months from insertion) now and im having painful intercourse and reoccurred bacterial vaginosis and sharp pains on my left side and back im going to get paraguard removed tomorrow...and back to nuvaring for me...#teamNoi.u.d

    Paraguard Removal

    I just had my IUD removed about 2 hours ago after just short of 7 years. It was uncomfortable but did not take any pain medication. I am hoping to feel better, lower ab like throbbing. odor that was not there prior to IUD. Back pain just discomfort. It worked for the time being.
    —Guest Elena


    I had a uterine polyp removed and my five years was almost up for my Mirena. I decided to have it removed as well and give my body a break. Bad idea, I had it removed Jan 7, it is now the 13th and I am still in severe pain, heavy bleeding, and losing huge clots. I suffer from Endometriosis and have suffered over the years with cysts, surgeries, and several admissions to the hospital. Mirena has made the past five years more tolerable. Seriously though, can't I just get a hysterectomy. I know I am only 35 but I am tired of being sick two weeks out of every month. I am a single mother of two and this severely affects my every day life. I'm wondering if I should just get another IUD ?
    —Guest Deana

    Terrible Paraguard Insertion

    I am a 21 year old female, no kids. I got the paraguard inserted 1 year ago. It was terrible, I have never experienced that amount of pain and discomfort. I took the pill to soften my uterus, but it did not touch the pain. The most painful part was the scope inserted in the beginning to measure your cervix. I thought that was it, and then I had to have the entire device put in as well. I was shaking, clammy, and white as a ghost. A nurses aid had to stand next to me holding my hand and putting a cold cloth on my forehead. After it was over I did not think I could move. I was sweating and extremely fatigued. I had to immediately go to the bathroom at the doctor's office and I had very bad diarrhea. I somehow got myself home, and had diarrhea and excruciating cramps for hours, I could not leave the bathroom/my bed. Since then, I have 10 day periods with debilitating cramps. I am getting it removed tomorrow.
    —Guest Guest Lucy

    Pain With Paragard

    I have never had childeren. I had the paragard IUD inserted about a year and a half ago. The insertion was very painful. I bleed quite a bit after the insurtion. For about six months after the insurtion, when I would get my period the pain was so bad it would bring me to my knees. But the pain did lessen to normal craps. My bleeding did get a lot worse with the paragard on my period then before I had it. Just reciently the pain in my right side has been pretty consistent. Not enough to worry me just enough for it to be annoying. Other then the first 6 months I havent had any issues with my IUD. I really like the convince and not having to take the pill. I still have my IUD in and will keep it in till I have no choice but to take it out. Next time though cause my bleeding is so bad with my period I will probaly choose the Merana instead.
    —Guest Sarah

    Paragard IUD Removal-13 yrs

    After 13 years, I had my IUD removed. Doctors now say the Paragard can stay in longer than previously thought. I had been having heavy, 10 day periods and migraines which became worse through the years. However, I started having abdominal pain and decided it was time. Take Advil or Tylenol before you go for removal or ask for it. Have a doctor remove it or you can risk injury. Tell your doctor to have you cough when she pulls the strings. The destraction will help. Be prepared for cramps and pain, bleeding which can be heavy, ask for antibiotic like z pack. I have taken Tylenol the last three days. My body is relieved to be back to normal and I was happy to have it out. Have an immediate plan for contraceptives if you dont get another IUD. I am going to give my body a break. 13 years is a long time. I wish you the best in your experience!
    —Guest LLM

    Loved my IUD

    I had my mirena IUD in for 3 years. The insertion was a little painful, but nothing us women can't handle. I had some bleeding afterwards for about a week, nothing too heavy. Then after that, I would occasionally spot every month that I am only assuming was the remnants of a period. I had it removed yesterday because we are trying to conceive again. My strings had wrapped up around the top somehow. My Dr. needed an ultrasound to assist her in getting it out. She used a different instrument, like forceps, to grab the bottom of it. She got it out but I must say, it was a bit uncomfortable. I am spotting a little now but again, nothing heavy. I will be getting another IUD once I have baby number 2. I loved mine!
    —Guest Cally B


    I, also, have the paragard. I got my first one implanted in June of 2012. I had that one for a few months, it was giving me problems and when I went back to the doctor for them to check it, they said not to have sex, due to becoming pregnant and to come back in a few days because they didnt have any in the office, while they left it in me until I had come back. Meanwhile, I got the other put in. A few months later I ended up in the ER, an X-ray was done to see if I had inflammation of the appendix and they said that my iud had shifted. Went back to the doc again, for them to take another out that day and put one back in. I was supposed to go back in January of this year to have it checked on , but life happens and I havent had time to go back, not to mention i live in another county now. It is now November and I have't seen a doctor about it. Recently, I have been having pain around my uterus, my last period was 5 days late and i bled very bad. I have an app friday to have it removed.
    —Guest Megan

    Mirena Experience

    I decided to get the mirena inserted after my daughter was 3 months old because the drs wanted me to run through a cycle or two after postpartum. Well I got it inserted on Nov 5th. Insertion was not bad at all just felt a slight pinch and all was done. I went and got this thing out yesterday which was the 20th. I had only had it in 2 weeks. I was SO sick and tired of bleeding my husband and I couldn't have sex. No wonder its birth control because you can't have sex for the bleeding constantly! I'd had enough of that. Also every night I would be very achy down in my hips and groin area even my legs. It hurt to turn over and I could hardly walk in the mornings. I should have researched it more before I gotten it. I don't recommend it. Its basically a 50/50 chance you're going to like it or you don't. I was the 50% that didn't stop bleeding! The whole month of November I've done nothing but bleed. It is a pain in the butt and miserable. I am ready to be normal again!!
    —Guest Emily

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