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Readers Respond: What Is Your IUD Removal or IUD Insertion Experience?

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Updated November 01, 2010

Eventually, you must have an IUD removed, but the IUD removal is often less painful and quicker than the IUD insertion.

Never try to remove your IUD by yourself or ask an unqualified person to do so as this could cause serious damage.

Are you wondering what to expect during your IUD removal or insertion? Be prepared. Learn about possible complications. See what other women have experienced during their IUD removals and IUD insertions.

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  • I give it a10

    I have had the paraguard for five years. I got it after my son birth. I have had no major problem... The strings have been bothering me and my husband lately... I'm getting that checked out soon.. It's the best birth control I ever had.. No hormones.... It just blocks lol
    —Guest Gigi

    Paragaurd insertion and removal

    I am 25 and I have no Children. I've taken birth control for years and then o decided to get the paragaurd put it. When I got my iud inserted it was the worst pain that I have ever felt in my entire life, I could barely drive home, I vomited twice and I had to stay in bed for at least 2 days, I didn't sleep a wink the day I got it put in place, I had extremely bad cramps and my i was seeing double when laying down which made me feel sick, I was also clammy and lost all color in my face. I let my body adjust to it because of fear of ever getting it pulled, also I was getting a unpleasant smell right before and on my period. My body never really adjusted to it, I always had serious lower back pain and longer periods, worse cramps. After a year and half I decided to get it pulled. I was terrified of it hurting, I had such bad anxiety about it, turns out it was completely painless. It took like 30 seconds and it didn't hurt one bit. I decided to go back to the pill.
    —Guest Renee

    IUD Insertion!!

    I'm 17 years old! No Children. I got my IUD Inserted this morning! (06/10/14) My sister came with me to my insertion. When I arrived I did a pregnancy test, after it was confirmed I was not pregnant I was brought into a room. I had to take my pants off and put a gown on I then laid back and the doctor inserted the spectrum. She then told me my uterus was very Straight so they didn't have to use a clamp, she then measured my uterus. That was the first pain I felt. It was the worst pain I felt in my life. I pretty much passed out, I had to get water and a cold cloth before they could continue. The doctor then Inserted the IUD it was the same amount of pain and I almost passed out again. Then she trimed the strings and removed the spectrum and I was done! I had horrible cramps for about 2-3 hours after the procedure. *if you have a heating pad or heat pack, USE IT* I used a heating pad and my cramps eased up. I feel much better now that the day is going on and I'm happy with it already.
    —Guest jo

    The good, the bad, and the ugly

    I got a copper IUD over 2 years ago. It was the most painful thing I've ever felt in my life. I was in bed, bleeding, for 4 days and could barely eat. Advil/tylenol/naproxen did nothing to the pain and I just had to wait it out. After the insertion though, things got better... or so I thought. Over time I noticed my periods were heavier and I would get cramping the week before, during and a week after my period (only 1 week a month cramp-free). My periods were also longer, sometimes 10 days long. It wasn't just the pain that was awful. I developed side effects: nausea several times a week and itchy skin that would sometimes keep me up at night, despite no allergy. The symptoms were gradual and I didn't think it was related in the beginning but after 2 years of it getting worse and worse I'd had enough. I was so afraid to get it removed because of the terrible insertion process but I have to say removal was a breeze. Since then all of my symptoms subsided, it took time but did resolve.
    —Guest 2 years was long enough


    I had the paraguard inserted after my 2 baby. It was not horrible and I drive home. I had it in for about a year. My periods were heavier than ever. I talked to my doctor and they said to give it a few cycles. It only got wor se. I took the IUD out in May. We got pregnant I. August 2. And now I am miscarring. After reading many responses this apparently is a side effect many woman face. I am praying I can conceive again, but I know for me I will no longer out a foreign substance/object in my body
    —Guest Natasha

    Mirena removed today after 6 years 11 mo

    Just got back from getting Mirena removed after almost seven years. At 5 was told they'd check strings and location and then go by year. Took it out cuz we're ready for baby #3. When it went in a couple weeks after baby 2, hurt some, but not sure if regular after birth cramping or mirena was responsible. 7 wonderful years. Would definitely go back to it. To take it out was slightly uncomfortable, got a Pap smear then removed it. An hour later I have a mild cramp, kinda like a period....from what I remember periods to be like. All in all looks good,
    —Guest Lulu


    I am 22 years old and have 2 children, ages 2yrs & 8months so when i looked for a new bc i thought 5years?,Perfect! Well i had it inserted last month & had my check up yesterday, found out im pregnant!! Well now that i know i have a child growing inside of me of course i want it, especially already being a mother and knowing what a blessing it is to be one. & alot of women cant even have children let alone on birth control, i was so happy, my little angel
    —Guest Guest blessedx3

    I hated my IUD mirena

    I had they mirena implanted 2 months after giving birth to my son it was great for 8 months no bleeding or pain but once I quit breastfeeding my son it all went downhill from there I would bleed constantly sometimes for 12 days or 18 days straight with cramping and pain when I bent over after 4 months of this I went to the doctor and found out it was out of place and had punctured a hole in the side of my uterus... I was sent to a gyno to get it removed and that was the worst experience of my life I was given 2 ibuprophen and told to not cry or move! The doctor had no idea where it was and told me he was going Fishing... After server all failed attempts to remove it he finally got it even though I was screaming and begging for him to stop! Fingers crossed there's no permanent damage. I've never experienced pain Like that in my life. Everyone please avoid Dr. woods Douglas WY he was the rudest worst doctor ever!!
    —Guest Miller

    iud removal and insertion

    i had my iud insertion 3years ago right after i had my daughter it was not painful at all just like a pap. test yesterday i had it removed it hurt just a little and i had light bleeding but that was it my husband wants a boy ... the iud was that best birth control by far i would try the paraguard again
    —Guest keim


    I've had my Paragard for three years now. My personal experience during insertion was painful, but nothing I couldn't handle. The doctor who did it was very skilled at it and checked to make sure it was in right via ultrasound. I'm very, very happy with my choice. I recommend reading all and everything you can regarding IUD's and follow your gut and your doctors advice/their take on the IUD. Having a non-hormonal birth control option is exactly what I wanted, I feel I have a little more control over my body.
    —Guest Mallory


    I just had my Mirena removed this morning after five years, and a new one put back in its place. Removal was not bad but the reinsertion was painful for a few seconds. I had light cramping that did not last long at all and light bleeding so far. I love have the mirena and would recommend it.
    —Guest na


    I got my paraguard when my son was born on 4/1/14 sounded like it would be good from what I have heard. I had my ups and downs about it. Periods were the worst I spotted for 3 days before my period then had my period for 2 weeks after. Blood clots hugee I went through a super tampon in 30 min. No cramps though sex was ohkay in the beginning I could not do doggy style it hurt to bad. After 3 months pasted I could not do really any position without feeling this sharp pain. Never got pregnant it just was not for me. For other people yes they love it.
    —Guest jj

    I've turned into a monster!

    Had the merina fitted two months ago and am suffering every single side effect listed, including acne and servere daily headaches, just don't feel right in myself anymore, desperate to get this thing removed! 52 years old and constantly exhausted, never was before this was fitted to stop heavy bleeding, which, it hasn't! How can GP's recommend this knowing that at least 3 out of 5 women will suffer such horrid effects? I'd rather have the heavy bleeds than feel like this!
    —Guest Gaynor

    Going on year 5 with Mirena.

    When I had my Mirena put in the first time, it was done very poorly.. It was a nurse practitioner who inserted it and the first time she put it in it fell OUT! It hurt so bad and she had to do it again! I couldn't believe it.. I had pretty bad cramping for the first couple of weeks and spotting for the first year. I haven't had a period in almost 4 years and sometimes after orgasm or sexual intercourse I get extremely bad cramping. One time I thought I'd have to go to the ER... Other than that, it's worked super well for me. I'm making an appointment today to get it removed and replaced!
    —Guest Erin

    Easy insertion with Mirena IUD

    I read this thread last night as I was preparing for my Mirena IUD insertion that took place this morning. I have to say that I had a lot of anxienty going into the appointment this morning after reading about the pain levels some women experience. I am 20 y/o with no children and I didn't feel any pain! The doctor said there would be a pinch and then cramping. I didn't feel the doctor measuring my cervix at all and there was a slight tightness as she placed the IUD, but no pain at all. It has been three hours since the insertion and I feel completely normal. So far, I'd highly recommend it.
    —Guest Lindsay
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