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Readers Respond: What Is Your IUD Removal or IUD Insertion Experience?

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Updated November 01, 2010

Eventually, you must have an IUD removed, but the IUD removal is often less painful and quicker than the IUD insertion.

Never try to remove your IUD by yourself or ask an unqualified person to do so as this could cause serious damage.

Are you wondering what to expect during your IUD removal or insertion? Be prepared. Learn about possible complications. See what other women have experienced during their IUD removals and IUD insertions.

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  • My 5 year plan

    I think the IUD is the most wonderful little contraption ever invented! I had mine for almost 2 years and just had it removed this morning. The insertion was a little uncomfortable...a little worse than a pap-smear and I bled for several weeks after that. But, once the bleeding stopped, I didn't have another period. I had a little discomfort at one point and had to go get the strings trimmed...but that was not at all painful. I had it removed this morning because I am ready to get pregnant again. The removal was so simple! It was less painful than a papsmear and took less than a minute. No bleeding, no pain...I have a few cramps, but I'm not sure if that is associated or not. THe IUD is highly recommended by me and many of my friends and family!!!
    —Guest April

    mirena IUD

    I have had mirena in 5 years and due to go have it taken out, the first 4 months were'nt great had a repeat infection but after that was great no problems barely had a spotting here and there loved it, now that its time to come out ive noticed a lot of cramping pains but I assume thats my body getting back to normal also a bit bloaty most of the time it was in, but loved not having to worry about a pill and such, thinking about getting another one in.
    —Guest melissa

    Paragard insertion

    I am 26, never been pregnant or had children and just got my paragard today. I opted for the copper because I didn't really have many other choices due to hypertension issues. I have to be honest- not very many people go out of their way to praise a company for good service-- usually negatives outweigh positive response. With that being said, I was super anxious after reading some of the reviews. I pretty much psyched myself up but it wasn't that bad.. I'd say 4 out of 10 on the pain scale. It was only a few seconds of an intense cramp. Fast forward 8hrs later and I have mild period cramps... The worst is having to wear a pad hahaha. I'm hoping for a good experience :)

    paragard was great while it lasted

    i had the copper iud inserted in 2006, when my 2nd son was 2 months old. during insertion they told me i would feel 3 pinches/tugs -- i felt nothing! took it slow that first day & all was fine. didn't take any pain pills. I am going in for removal later today. I think the iud is wearing away & i'm ready to go back to the nuva-ring. wish me luck!
    —Guest sonia


    I got my mirena iud inserted today and let me say that even 1000 mg of ibuprofen did not prepare me for the pain i felt! As soon as my doctor put it up there i got a real strong cramp and it shot down my right leg Mind you i gave birth before so i was told it wasn't painful and my friend who also has the mirena said it wouldnt hurt but it felt like really stronggg cramps! Like a really bad period as soon as it was in it wasnt as strong but i still had a lot of cramping for hours which thank god with time got less intense now 9 hours later i still feel a little cramping but glad to say they are nothing compared to how it was earlier i also started spotting which of course was expected but i rather have it then drink pills everyday so im going to give it a try! Hopefully its worth it and hopefully i feel better tomorrow!
    —Guest Dee

    Paraguard- I call it the Cu Beauty

    I was 17 when I got the paraguard IUD inserted inside of me. Not gonna lie, Most painful thing I've ever gone through physically! Sucked hard core ass for about a half a year during my menstrual cycles. Everything was peachy after that though :) So worth it, I think. I didn't want to deal with hormonal imbalances from other contraceptives or oral birth controls and I didn't want to have to remember to take a damn pill everyday, patch it up every week or get a shot for it once a month on my ass cheek. 10 to 12 years is quite sufficient for me and no hormonal implications. It is a copper beauty. Two years have gone by now and everything is good. My periods are normal cramping like I used to have. 99% O.K. to bear skin it and I think we all can appreciate that. Till next time, when I decide to create a family and then sienara Cu Beauty. I wish Good Luck to whoever decides to get the Copper Beauty. I'm 19 and an aspiring chemist
    —Guest Henriette

    2 years with paraguard

    I had a paraguard inserted after the birth of our first son, because we knew we wanted to wait another couple of years for #2. The insertion was very uncomfortable, but I had hardly any bleeding, then I didn't even notice it was there for the first year, until my period came back. Then my periods were much heavier than before IUD, but not overly cramp, just heavy. Now we are ready for #2, and my IUD is stuck. Not perforated as far as i know, just stuck. I am going to try to have it removed again tomorrow, and praying it comes out. the first attempt was unsuccessful and my strings broke. If tomorrow doesn't work, I will need a costly procedure to have it removed. They don't tell you this is a possibility when they put it in. But I can't recommend getting an IUD.
    —Guest meg


    I guess everyone is different some love it some dont... i got mine inserted after i gave birth to my second child in december .. got it inserted in january.. ever since then i have been having side effects as mentioned. I am finally getting removed today.. my advice pay attention to the side effects.. no matter how small they may seem..!!! Hopefully goin on the nuva ring..
    —Guest diane

    My Experience With Paragard

    I've had my Paragard IUD for one year. I'm 48 and have one child that was delivered by C-section. The insertion was a bit painful, and it took about a week to fully recover. I took 3 Advil before the procedure, but would recommend 4. My period was very heavy for the first two months, but now I'm back to normal, but with spotting for several days leading up to my period. I'm experiencing pain on my right side, that comes and goes. Other than that, I love my IUD. I love not having to worry about birth control.
    —Guest Penny

    mirena experience

    I am coming up to my 1st year with the mirena IUD. I was 17, never had children before. The insertion was very painful for me. I had it put in while on my period, but I still bled a lot and had horrible cramps and almost fainted. For three months I had spotting almost every day but this did not interfere too much with sex life. Despite all of this, I am so happy with my IUD. Since then I have been very comfortable and love not having to worry every month. This is a wonderful option to consider if your insurance will cover it.
    —Guest soren

    removal of mirena

    I just had my mirana removed on the 3/6/14. Getting it out didn't hurt at all. I got a tingle sensation in my leg but it only last a few seconds.
    —Guest davis


    I had Mirena inserted in early 2012. The insertion procedure was a bit painful, but nothing that you can not bear. I had sever cramps after I left the clinic for a day. I would. I would recommend to arrange a ride after the insertion. The second day I had spotting - I would say for a good 10 days. Light spotting. I have had spotting off and on through out the time that I had IUD. My period was also a lot lighter which was manageable with a panty liner. I just had it removed the IUD about a week ago. I must admit I feel much better despite having a bit heavier period. However, Mirena IUD is better than birth control pills or any other contraception method except condom. Would I recommend it? if you are not a big fan of condom then yes. good luck!
    —Guest February guest

    To b.c. or not to b.c.

    I am a mother of 4, my last pregnancy was twins! when they were about 6 mo.s old I had the Mirena inserted. I planned for the worst, but wasnt too bad, slight pinch, not much bleeding. Over the last 4 years I am happy to say I have not gotten pregnant while on Mirena, no pain with intercourse, hubby says he can feel strings sometimes, and very light bleeding for about 3 days every couple months (pseudo period?). Also no weight gain. Have had lots of breakouts tho, and horrible PMS symptoms. I guess what I lack in blood I make up for in biatchy-ness. But needless to say I really wanna get this thing outta me, and I have been feeling this way for a while, not to get pregnant, but to get back to normal. Its funny tho to read some of these comments where women are complaining about bleeding for 2 weeks and their sex life is ruined, well ladies lets look at the alternative, you get pregnant or have a baby, hows your sex life now? I think we all need to be a little less selfish, me included
    —Guest Pamela

    IUD Insertion

    I had my paragard inserted four months ago. I have never had children and have a really small vaginal canal and was told it would only pinch a little during the insertion. Lie! I walked out of that office hobbling.
    —Guest Danielle

    On the fence with Mirena IUD

    30yr old, no kids, been on the pill 2yrs now. Just had my IUD inserted this morning. Measuring was the most painful....when the doc says you'll feel a pinch he should really say it's gonna hurt like a b****. He gave me a pill to take the night before to soften my cervix, and I've been eating pineapple and drinking raspberry leaf tea to try and get it to soften. Yeah, still pretty ouchy. **Definately take the day off!** I went to work still cramping like the worst period ever and popping ibuprofens like candy. Bleeding appears to be lessening and cramps are easing off by late afternoon. This thread is really awesome, so glad I found it :)
    —Guest Pam

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    What Is Your IUD Removal or IUD Insertion Experience?

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