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Readers Respond: Concerned About How Companies Make Condoms?

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Updated April 25, 2012

Do you use condoms? If so, have you ever thought about how condom manufacturers make condoms? Condom companies may not be very straightforward with revealing condom ingredients. When they make condoms, they may add chemicals or materials that could impact your health.

Are you worried about certain condom ingredients? If so, how have you dealt with your concern? Since it may be difficult to find out exactly how condom companies make condoms and what materials/chemicals they use, where have you found information about the ingredients in your condoms? Have you found a particular condom brand that you are comfortable using?

Do Your HW.. Yeast Infections are No Fun

An “aha” moment for me. My BF & I switched to condoms. The first few condoms we used were fine… not great, they weren’t lubricated, so there was too much friction and it wasn’t comfortable. We switched to Durex Warming Condoms… thought the raised dots would feel go for me and the warming lube would heat him up. A win-win, right? Wrong… it’s only been a little time, but I ‘ve noticed that something didn’t feel right with me. I was too embarrassed to say anything. Whose BF wants to hear about girl trouble “down there?” Anyway, after reading Dawn’s article, it hit me – maybe there was some ingredient in the condom that was causing issues. I immediately made an appt with my gyn. After explaining to her what we have been using, she figured out that there was glycerin in the warming lube used in the condom. I couldn’t find this info anywhere on Durex’s website or the condom box, so it’s a good thing my doc figured it out. Long story short, given the amount of sex we had, I ended up with a yeast infection (my first one). The gyn explained (like in Dawn’s article) that glycerin in personal lubricants can cause an overgrowth of yeast (yuck!). I am taking medication now to clear it up and NO LONGER plan to use ANY condom until I know what chemicals are in it… especially since I now know that I am prone to glycerin-related yeast infections. Thanks Dawn! Everyone else – do your homework before you put something into your body.
—Guest Joella

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