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Readers Respond: What Are Your Favorite Condom Types or Condom Brands?

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Updated July 17, 2009

From the article: Condom Types
Not all condoms are created equally, condom preferences vary strongly from person to person. Some people prefer latex condoms while others swear by polyurethane condoms. Some condom types are thicker or thinner. They can be studded, fruity, glow in the dark, and come in a rainbow of colors. There are flavored condoms, female condoms and pleasure shaped condoms.

People stay true to their favorites and may get angry if their partner buys the wrong ones. What condom types or condom brands do you like and why? Feel free to also share a funny story about buying condoms. Share Your Opinion


My boyfriend and I love Durex Extra Sensitive condoms. We tried several Trojans and some LifeStyles and nothing compared to them. They're super thin and they have never broken on us.
—Guest Hoppy

SKYN non latex

Me and my boyfriend have tried several condoms...SKYN gives that raw feeling with optimal protection. EVOO for lubrication, get ready for a wild ride. We won't ever use a different brand :)
—Guest Ella

Durex Deluxe (non-latex)

I've used these recently and definitely get the best 'almost no condom' feeling compared with any other condom. Also good is the non-latex Durex Advanti, have also tried the non-latex Skyns, they're ok. I would rate #1 Deluxe ; #2 Advanti; and #3 Skyn. Also, the Deluxe are packaged in a way that is easy to open and difficult to end up trying to put them on the wrong way around.
—Guest James

The Best Condoms

I think Durex to me is the #1 condom, high sensation to be exact. I also like Trojan Magnum, not for the size but the feel of the condom is great. I definitely have done my homework to say the least. The best way to find your favorite condom is by trying a condom express sample pack. My older brother bought me one for my Bday. It comes with 50 different condoms.
—Guest Tee

Trojan Bareskin

Love these! Bought them by mistake once, but these are our go-to brand now. Really can't recommend them enough. So thin! Almost as good as not wearing them. (Almost -- if only I weren't 35, and hated the side effects of all hormones!). I don't want to take the risk of having any of the side effects of trying other hormonal methods and the IUD is not the right fit for me. Since I'm not sure if I'll have babies or not, it's johnnies for us!
—Guest Hoppy

XxL condoms

My girlfriend says my penis is too long for non latex condoms. I break almost every condom on the market, so I need the XXL!
—Guest Divo

Sensis - All the Way!

These condoms are the bomb! They have these little tabs that make sure that you put it on the right way (no more trying to figure out if the condom is inside out or not). Plus, it makes it much easier to put on a condom in the dark since you just need to feel for those tabs, pull it up and you are ready to go!
—Guest ken04

Glowing :D

I used this on my girlfriend's birthday and she was shocked when it glowed and made her..... Feel better (and in the mood) faster because she was more focused on the glowing. Haha!
—Guest Caleb

Life Styles Skyns

My girlfriend and I love using the these condoms. For me and her it feels like nothing is there. I give it 5 stars because it has flexible, smooth, and comforting sensation inside. I really love this brand.
—Guest Joe

Flavored condoms are best

My boyfriend always try new flavors so my excitment doubles!
—Guest Jesi

the french ticklers

i love the way they feel in and it also feels good so i have been told it has a great feeling when in goes in
—Guest Pierson

SKYN Condoms

I recently tried the new Lifestyles SKYN Condoms. I love the feel of them, however, my partner requires a larger condom so I wish the condom companies would get a clue that all men are not created equal when it comes to the non-latex condoms! They make them in larger sizes for latex, why not for non-latex?
—Guest Guest Nicole



Lubricated Trojan-Enz

I'm not in love with these for any special reason other than the price. I can pick them up at Costco -- $10 for 40 condoms. The little bit of lubrication is nice for those quickies, too, and it's not too much at other times when I already have enough natural lubrication going.


Apple tastes the best :) and my boy friend looooves the edible ones :D
—Guest Philip Downing

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What Are Your Favorite Condom Types or Condom Brands?

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