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Readers Respond: What is Preventing You From Getting a Vasectomy?

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Updated April 27, 2012

Even though vasectomies are safer than tubal ligation, twice as many women have tubals. A vasectomy ties off the two tubes that carry sperm into the semen.

Though vasectomies are over 99% effective, men may:

If you're considering getting a vasectomy, what are your fears? What's preventing you from getting a vasectomy?

Share Your Concerns

Do it, Do it!!

I had my Vasectomy after our last child was born (23 years ago) and at first I was scared. I thought that I would not be able to have "fluid" or that "O". I was wrong on both accounts. It is so "free" to be able have an "O" without pulling out and it "freed" up my wife to enjoy intimacy more!!

You Read My Mind - A Concerned Sex Lover

Okay, I don't want to sound like a wimp, but let's face it... a vasectomy is probably going to hurt. To be honest, I was more worried about my voice changing, losing some chest hair and not having any desire for sex. Up until I read Dawn's blog about this (Thanks Joey for asking the question for all us dudes), I seriously was afraid that a vasectomy would take away my manhood. To know that I will still be my macho, sex-seeking, sex-wanting, and sex-enjoyinng self will make this an easier decision to make. I can handle a few days of pain if I know that I can be back in the saddle enjoying sex again real soon!
—Guest Nathaniel

What a Relief!

I have been considering a vasectomy for over 6 months. I actually made an appointment and cancelled at the last minute. My friends said it would ruin my sex life. After reading your blog today. And the article telling the truth about how vasectomies don't make sex less enjoyable, I think that I will go ahead and make that appointment (maybe even surprise my wife!!)
—Guest TJ


All the concerns that guys have, women have as well - yet we love you enough to do it or at least think about it. When we have a tubal ligation, there is pain, its permanent, we may loss our sex drive, we may be psychologically scared, we get cut down there a lot. We might also want to have kids if we get married again. Women have to go through so much - a vasectomy is a man's way to shoulder some of the responsibility!!
—Guest upset mom

Changed My Mind After Research

I had scheduled a vas and went for the interview. I also researched the supposedly Unlikely side effects. having had a quad bypass a few years ago, I'm not the slightest put off by the procedure itself. I found more than a rare few incidences of complications especially chronic pain. The doctor could not alleviate my fear as there are complications and if you are unlucky and end up with chronic pain during sex, you're done. To me this is not acceptable risk. My ex girlfriend could not understand this concern. That's why she's my ex. I believe men should take some responsibility for Birth control but we have 2 options - Condoms & Surgery. Condoms do not work for me. Have tried often. So surgery only option left. Women I have read have some 19+ options. Surely something would be acceptable? We (Men need more options).
—Guest Fred

Women don't get it

There is no compulsion for men or women to surgically sterilize themselves. Share the responsibility during child bearing years. A year of condoms and a year of the pill etc. Menopause will eventually take care of it for you. I've been in chronic pain from my vasectomy for 5 years although the procedure did not hurt. I developed pain within the first year. My reversal helped some but things will never be the same. Say no to surgery.
—Guest Mike O

Find the right surgeon

I only had mine yesterday. That being said it only took about ten minutes. My surgeon was amazing. Of course there was a bit of discomfort but the only thing that "hurt" was the small needle to deliver the local anesthetic. My wife and I never wanted children and this was OUR decision and we will never regret it over a couple days of discomfort.
—Guest Trevor


I'm a little concerned as I have a vericose vein in my scrotum (varicocele), so I'm not sure what to expect, or if it's done local/general. If I didn't have the vericocele issue, I'd have a vasectomy tomorrow.
—Guest Dave

Vasectomy ruined my life

I had a vesectomy Jan.24,2013 and not a day has gone by where I have not been in pain and regretted my decision. It has put a strain on my marriage and I have lost alot of time with my kids, performing daily tasks is painful and putting all my problems in this post would take forever. In short i have PVPS, sperm granulomas, sex drive is not the same, I never get a arroused spontaneously, sex drive is gone, and I have pelvic floor dysfuntion from the surgery. All I can say is DO NOT DO IT.Wear a condom, way less risk.
—Guest VancouverBC-JL

It's really no big deal

If anyone out there is reading this, I just got snipped yesterday and it was a simple fast procedure. Obviously a little uncomfortable, but nothing to worry about. Fast and easy.
—Guest Lee

Vasectomy can cause life long pain

Even the AUA guidelines state that there is a 2% change of permanent chronic and sometimes debilitating pain after vasecotmy that requires additional surgery. One of those surgical options is having part or all of your testicles removed. Do your research. My vasectomy didn't hurt, but within a year I had pain. If you are older considering condoms until your wife hits menopause. Men and women should share the responsibility. Just because women have the babies does not mean men have any obligation to let someone cut them down there. That's BS. Do your research. Most guys are okay, but if you're an unlucky one you will find out that there are very few qualified doctors that will be able to help you.
—Guest Permanent Pain

Safer for me than her

We have 7 children. She went thru the pain and suffering of natural child birth, and a surgery for her tubes to be tied. Her tubes were tied, she got pregnant, and had to have surgery for a tubal and baby removal. Any birth control option for a woman has high risks of cancer and eptopic pregnancy. Its only fair for a man to suffer a little so his wife wont suffer a lot.
—Guest Shannon

I want to, but for less noble reasons

I am wanting to do it, but I don't have kids, or even a wife or girlfriend. I want to do it to make sure I never have kids, because quite frankly, I don't want any. Plus, I'll be better financially, and besides, there are already over seven billion people on the Earth. Why should I have to add to the population?
—Guest Eric

Scared shitless

I am going in for a tubal ligation my husband and I decided years ago to not have kids and i'm now 38 and still get clucky but dont want my own but now it's a case off having this op i cant stop crying because i know that that option really is shut off to me for ever and I cant wrap my head around this feeling, it's just so final when that door is closed, I cant describe what i'm feeling it just feels funny i cant exprese it has anyone had these feelings or am i the only one?

side effects and cost without insurance

I am worried about the side effects that can happen as well as how much would it cost without insurance.
—Guest roy

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What is Preventing You From Getting a Vasectomy?

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