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Readers Respond: What is Preventing You From Getting a Vasectomy?

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Updated April 27, 2012

Even though vasectomies are safer than tubal ligation, twice as many women have tubals. A vasectomy ties off the two tubes that carry sperm into the semen.

Though vasectomies are over 99% effective, men may:

If you're considering getting a vasectomy, what are your fears? What's preventing you from getting a vasectomy?

Do it, Do it!!

I had my Vasectomy after our last child was born (23 years ago) and at first I was scared. I thought that I would not be able to have "fluid" or that "O". I was wrong on both accounts. It is so "free" to be able have an "O" without pulling out and it "freed" up my wife to enjoy intimacy more!!

You Read My Mind - A Concerned Sex Lover

Okay, I don't want to sound like a wimp, but let's face it... a vasectomy is probably going to hurt. To be honest, I was more worried about my voice changing, losing some chest hair and not having any desire for sex. Up until I read Dawn's blog about this (Thanks Joey for asking the question for all us dudes), I seriously was afraid that a vasectomy would take away my manhood. To know that I will still be my macho, sex-seeking, sex-wanting, and sex-enjoyinng self will make this an easier decision to make. I can handle a few days of pain if I know that I can be back in the saddle enjoying sex again real soon!
—Guest Nathaniel

What a Relief!

I have been considering a vasectomy for over 6 months. I actually made an appointment and cancelled at the last minute. My friends said it would ruin my sex life. After reading your blog today. And the article telling the truth about how vasectomies don't make sex less enjoyable, I think that I will go ahead and make that appointment (maybe even surprise my wife!!)
—Guest TJ


All the concerns that guys have, women have as well - yet we love you enough to do it or at least think about it. When we have a tubal ligation, there is pain, its permanent, we may loss our sex drive, we may be psychologically scared, we get cut down there a lot. We might also want to have kids if we get married again. Women have to go through so much - a vasectomy is a man's way to shoulder some of the responsibility!!
—Guest upset mom

no worries

I had mine last monday.... enjoyed giving my wife some attention( jr was uninvolved) on Tuesday. Had oral received Wednesday. And each day since. Which is our routine. Was shocked and pleasantly surprised how little discomfort I had. Some pain meds first 2 days and ice first 2 days. Cut the grass Friday and a 20 mile ridr on my motorcycle yesterday. Wish I did it 7 years ago.
—Guest Rob

Secrets of V they don't talk about

Seriously wish I has never had a vasectomy why you ask? Well they say nothing changes well I can assure you it does. You go through the motions of ejaculation and it feels ok but none of the sleepiness and feelings of relief after ejaculation exist anymore. Basically your left with aching balls and thats seven months post op. This is referred to as blue balls and apparently the feeling diminishes with time and it's years it would seem.
—Guest Shaun

Best thing ever!

I have 3 kids with my wife and I didn't want anymore kids and I wanted to give my time and love to each of them equally so I decided to have the surgery done . I was very nervous about it cause who knows what can go wrong but I did and yes it was uncomfortable at first but if you get bed rest and you have someone taking care if you really helps . My recovery was awesome after like a week I was back in action and doing all the normal things. I'm so fortunate that my wife was there to take care of all my needs. Two years later I still say it's the best thing that I ever did .
—Guest Dennis miral

What a relief

I have a possible illness that could be transferred to a child, and I did not want this. I saw a genetitsist 33 years ago and she compiled a very good report at that time. I was employed at a hospital, so all of this research was at no cost to me. I was not anxious I was relieved, did not think it was fair to take that chance after this information. I am 60 and and no children, I must say it would have been great to have had a daughter or a son, but the chance was 50 percent. Its one thing not to know this information and its another to have the information and the possibility of this illness being passed on. Now it wont.
—Guest Bill


I had a vasctomy several years ago, and ended up in pain and also going through hormonal changes. I felt like I was going through a male sort of menopause. Short temper, moody, tense. I had it reversed and all those symptoms went away. The reversal was the best thing I ever did. The risks of this procedure are not fully understood.
—Guest Steve

vas vs tl

I think it's totally selfish of a man to not want to get a vasectomy after having kids. We have to go through all the aches and pains of child birth to just be told by our husbands that there is no way in hell they will get a vasectomy. There are far more risks with tubal ligation versus a vasectomy. Men if you and your wife are done having kids do your part and go get fixed. You expect us to bare and birth your children but yet can't do one tiny procedure. Grow a pair and go do it!
—Guest momof2

vasectomy vs. TL

After reading these inputs, I'm convinced that I need to go for vasectomy. No way will I allow my wife to do a TL. We've been debating on this for some time now. Thanks all for your invaluable inputs.
—Guest jj

Not all good

I had a vasectomy 2 years ago and have some side effects that were not there before the operation. And now, I get to experience this for the rest of my life. Please make sure you are aware that there may be risks. Male concerns are just as valid as female concerns. Let's all try and remember that.
—Guest Brandon M

my hubby refuses

All th above comments really help. Thanks guys for being so open on this matter. @ 1st I was feeling like my hubby was selfish for refusing to get a vas, but his concerns pull some weight. He's worried that he will lose some of the sensation that comes with ejaculating semen. He was told by a work peer that after a vas he would have a dry "O". His ability to enjoy sex is really important and I'm only worried about undergoing gen. anasthesia 4 a tubal. We've had 3 kids and we're done buildin our fam. I'd rather get myself "fixed" than go thru pregnancy and birth again. Come on ladies! If we can make it thru childbirth, then a tubal shouldn't be so scary. If ur man would do almost anything for u, then u should return the gesture. Men aren't "whimps" for being scared of a vas, they're simply human, and deserve to have their feelings taken seriously. If both partners are scared then consider a different type of birth controll!
—Guest geri

Guess I need to take care of business

I had my second and final child 8 months ago. My hubbie has been talking about having a vasectomy for a year and a half, but has never pulled the trigger. He always brings it up in front of people like he's looking for some kind of social acceptance, meanwhile the majority of men we know have had it done. Meanwhile, I don't enjoy sex as much as I used to because I'm worried about getting pregnant again. I guess it's time that I take the bull by the horns and just have my tubes tied. It didn't even cross my mind when I had my last child, otherwise I would have just had it done while I was having my C. Do your wife a favor, men, and just DO IT!!!! It'll really make your wife happy and will probably free her up sexually to just enjoy herself instead of waiting for you to ruin the moment by pulling out.
—Guest Frustrated

Long term side effects

I am not one bit, even the slightest bit scared about short term pain, but the potential long term side effects scare the living day out of me:
—Guest Peter
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