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Readers Respond: How Do You Remember When to Take Birth Control Pills?

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Updated August 31, 2009

routine and partnership

I take my pill every morning when I brush my teeth. Since I ALWAYS brush my teeth in the A.M. I never forget my pill, and to reinforce that I keep my pill pack next to the toothpaste. Also, my boyfriend always checks my pill pack each night at bedtime to make sure i took that day's pill. It's a good safety net and works like a charm. It also gets him involved and reminds us that birth control is a joint venture. :-)
—Guest Heather


I typically wake up during the week at 7 AM, so I always put my alarm clock and my alarm on my phone (just in case) set to 7 AM to take my pill and wake up. And on weekends I just take it at 7 AM and then just go back to bed! :)
—Guest lara

Cell Phone

I use an alarm clock on my cell phone as my cell phone is never more than a hand grasp away. My girlfriend and I both have are cell phones set and I text her when the alarm goes off and she confirms she took it. Works for us.
—Guest membername

Tip to Remember Taking the Pill

I have been taking birth control pill successfully for about 8 years. I have gotten very accustomed to take my pill right after brushing my teeth before going to bed at night - it is my routine, and I never forget it.
—Guest Daiane

My Children

That's easy...everytime I hear my existing children fighting with each other and wanting me to take sides! I remember to pop that pill!!
—Guest Rachel

At bedtime

I just take my pill every night before I brush my teeth. This usually works well - unless I happen to stay up extra late. Even then, I am never more than maybe 2 hours late taking the pill, so this method seems to work for me. Hope it helps you, too!
—Guest Alexa

Coffee & Birth Control

I keep my pill pack next to the coffee pot. The coffee pot is programmed to make coffee in the morning. I take my pill right before I pour that morning cup. It works out perfectly. I start my day protected against pregnancy and with a nice caffeine boost!
—Guest Jenn

How I Remember to Take My Pill

A lot of cell phones have alarms that you can set to go of at the same time everyday. I set my cell alarm and take my birth control pill when the alarm goes off.
—Guest sarah

My Alarm Clock

I get up at the same time every day. Each night, i set my alarm click to wake me up at 7:30 AM. I also leave my pill compact and a glass of water on my nightstand. As soon as I shut off my alarm clock, I reach for my pill and water. I have never missed taking a pill in 2 and half years!
—Guest Roxanne

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How Do You Remember When to Take Birth Control Pills?

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