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Readers Respond: How Do You Remember When to Take Birth Control Pills?

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Updated August 31, 2009

You may have chosen to use birth control pills as your main method of contraception. When using the pill, it's important to take your birth control pill at the same time each day. Taking the pill daily, at the same time makes it more effective. It may be helpful to pick a time of day to take the pill that can be easy to remember. Many women who use birth control pills (either combination pills or progestin-only pills) report having a hard time sticking to their pill schedule. Do you easily remember when its time to take your pill? If so, what do you do to help you remember when to take birth control pills on time? Share Your Tip

Make you alarm you RINGTONE

I set my an alarm on my phone, and make it the SAME AS MY RINGTONE. That way you'll always check the alarm immediately, and actually READ the alarm font on the screen. Also, it takes 10 seconds to take a pill, even shorter than a 2 minute phone conversation.
—Guest Lady


I have my phone alarm set for 9.40 pm every day. I turn it off during placebo week.
—Guest NY rat


I have to take two batches of medicine a day, 12 hours apart, to survive. My BC is simply part of one of those batches so it gets taken at the same time of day regardless.
—Guest DM

Time to feed the cats!

My oldest cat has diabetes, and due to this she can only eat once a day. I come home from work, feed my cats and take my pill. So when I feed my cats, I know I must take my pill! Haha.
—Guest Kat

Bedsider Birth Control Reminders

Bedsider.org has fun reminders to help women to remember to take their birth control pill. We can send them through text or email (no smart phone necessary). We even have a snooze feature for those times when you receive the message but are away from your pill. Here's an example of one of our recent daily pill reminders: http://pinterest.com/pin/150096600051835399. You set the time you want to receive them and are greeted each day with a message that you'll look forward to. Sign up here: http://bedsider.org/reminders. XOXO Bedsider

Mobile pill reminder

I use MedOnTime. It’s android application and it’s for free. Nice app. Reminders work great. I use it daily. Find it on Google play market
—Guest Liz

forgetting my pill

I bought a MED-Q Pill organizer. I set the time and it flashes and beeps every day at the exact time. Makes forgetting or wrong time impossible. I put my vitamins in it so I don't forget then too

keep it with you

I keep it with me in my makeup bag, because its always something I have in my purse. even if i do forget to take it, i have it with me to take ASAP.
—Guest Kimberly

takimg medication on time

not every has a smart phone or iphone thats great but so much easier on itspilltime.com cheap reliable no worries
—Guest mike

no worries

You got to try out itspilltime.com. Its wonderful for this reason or if you have to take any medications. I love this site!

cell phone

I set the alarm on my phone everyday at the same time to remind me to take my BC pill.
—Guest Guest6

Receive a sms

I signed up to http://pill.io about a week ago and so far so good.
—Guest Hannah

My Pill on iPhone

"My Pill by Kaeli Soft" is a free iPhone app really useful. It include an alarm (without internet requirement) and it can be recurrent (like a SMS). Also, you can set from 10 to 28 pills per blister and 0 to 14 days free. It's also useful to see next blister.
—Guest FloMo

I set an alarm

I keep my pills in my wallet so they're always with me. My boyfriend and I both have an alarm set on our phones for 10pm. His phone is three minutes faster than mine, so when his alarm goes off I'll go get a drink, and by the time I get back, my alarm will go off. If we're not together at the moment, he'll usually call me when his alarm goes off.
—Guest Terry

Remembering to take birth control pill

I have a daily alarm set to go off at 1:30pm everyday by setting it as an appointment on my cell phone calendar
—Guest Central MN Mom

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How Do You Remember When to Take Birth Control Pills?

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