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Readers Respond: Why Did You Choose Adoption?

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Updated April 04, 2011

From the article: Adoption

When faced with an unplanned pregnancy, one option available is to choose adoption. There are many reasons why an expectant mother may choose adoption. Even though many regard adoption as an act of great courage, this is a topic that isn’t always openly discussed.

If you have chosen adoption, what was your reason for doing so? Did you place the baby up for adoption at birth, a few days later, months later? Share your story in making this difficult decision as well as your emotional journey throughout the experience. Please know that your privacy will be maintained, and your choice will be respected and not debated here. The intent is to provide guidance for other women considering this decision in the context of their own lives.

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My Parents Made Me

My parents basically coerced me into giving my son up for adoption. I didn’t want to, but they wouldn’t consent to an abortion and refused to provide me with any help if I wanted to parent my son. I was only 16, so I couldn’t care for a baby by myself. It sucks because I didn’t want to give him up. I hate my parents for making me do this. I am saving up money and almost done with my senior year – then I am moving far away from them. Hopefully, I will be blessed with another baby when I am older.
—Guest Lara

Too late

To be honest, when I found out that I was pregnant, it was too late for an abortion (or I would have gone that route). I was 18, unmarried and unemployed. There was no way that I could care for a child. It was tough knowing that I would be placing the baby for adoption, but not as tough as a life would have been for her living with me (since I was so not prepared). I tired to remain as detached as I could. It has been 10 years now. I have had no contact but I know that she is living with a family who adores her and wanted a baby more than anything. Although it was hard, it was the right decision for everyone involved.
—Guest Jen

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Why Did You Choose Adoption?

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