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Condom Companies... What's in My Condom?

Condom Myths Harm Your Health

Did you ever stop to wonder if your condoms may be making you sick? How much do you really know about what’s in your condoms? I have found that it is very hard to find out what chemicals may have been used in the making of specific condom brands. What has been your experience?

Condom Concerns...
Contraception Spotlight10

So You Want to Get an IUD?

Wondering about how to get an IUD? Mirena, Skyla and ParaGard are great IUD options. Are you a good IUD candidate?

Skyla vs. Mirena

How does the Skyla IUD differ from Mirena? Skyla, Mirena, and ParaGard IUDs have some things in common, but not all IUDs are created equally.

Skyla IUD

Introducing Skyla, the new mini IUD, Mirena's little sister. Want long-term, effective protection and haven't had a child? Sklya may be for you!

IUD Risks and Complications

Are IUDs safe? There is so much stigma around IUD safety. Here's the truth about IUD risks and possible Mirena, Skyla, and ParaGard IUD complications.

Is There a Birth Control Pill Brand That Stops Spotting?

Breakthrough bleeding on the pill? Want it to stop? Here's some help in picking out a birth control pill brand that stops spotting once and for all.

Trojan Double Ecstasy Condoms

Trojan Double Ecstasy Condoms - twice the pleasure! Ultrasmooth lubricant for him and a warming intensified lubricant for her. Feels like nothing’s there.

You Can't Get Pregnant if You Stand Up... Or Can You?

I love receiving comments and email from you all! I would like to share this antidotal story from one of my readers concerning birth control myths. Suzy

Why Do I Still Need to Pay for My Contraception?

Have health insurance? Then your birth control should be free. If you're paying for contraception, find out your contraceptive benefits under the Affordable Care Act.

Birth Control Coverage Under the Affordable Care Act

What types of birth control are covered under the Affordable Care Act? Answers to all your birth control coverage questions.

Take Action Morning-After Pill

Did you have unprotected sex? If so, take action! Really, Take Action is a morning-after pill and the generic alternative to Teva's Plan B One-Step. Is it for you?

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