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Sometimes the best way to get advice and honest answers is by listening to friend tips. After all, women tend to gossip on things they love (and hate), and for some reason, it appears that our friends know best! When it comes to different birth control options, get advice from other women who have used these various methods. This way, you may get a unique perspective and get some advice that you may or may not have been expecting. After all, sometimes all it takes is a good girlfriend to tell you what you really need to hear!

Real Women Discuss Their Experiences with Depo Provera
Do you use Depo Provera? Are you considering switching your birth control to Depo and are concerned about Depo side effects like spotting, weight gain or bone loss? A Depo Provera or Depo-subQ Provera shot protects against pregnancy for 11-14 weeks. Depo also has FDA approval to treat endometriosis-related pain. Find out what real women, like...

Real Women Discuss Their Experiences with the Lybrel Birth Control Pill
Do you use the birth control pill, Lybrel, to prevent unplanned pregnancy? Perhaps you are considering whether to switch your pill brand to Lybrel. Are you concerned about Lybrel side effects such as migraines, weight gain, or nausea? Lybrel birth control was approved by the FDA to eliminate women's monthly periods. Find out what real women,...

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