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Guide to Birth Control and Safe Water Sex


Updated July 02, 2014

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Water Sex in Pools (Condoms and Chlorine, Heat, and Chemicals)
Guide to Birth Control and Safe Water Sex

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Typically, condoms will not be weakened by the temperature of the water unless its very hot. Baths, hot tubs, and Jacuzzi’s, can become quite hot, so there is the possibility that this heat may cause some deterioration of the condom which could then increase the chance of it breaking.

Another area under debate is whether the chemicals used in a pool or hot tub affect the reliability of a condom. The general consensus of literature supports the idea that chlorine could cause further weakening of a condom, thereby increasing the likelihood of breakage.

Given this information, Jacuzzis or hot tubs may be even more problematic as the combination of the chemicals in the water and the high water temperature could diminish the durability of a condom.

Though there may not be any specific research confirming this conclusion, a good rule of thumb is to not use a condom in pools, Jacuzzis, or hot tubs as the possibility may exist that the temperature and/or chemicals found in these places may lead to the risk of condom failure.

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