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Sir Richard's Condoms


Updated June 12, 2012

Sir Richard's Condoms

Sir Richard's Condoms

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The Story Behind Sir Richard's Condoms:

Sir Richard’s Condoms were created as a way to address the growing global health crisis of lack of condom accessibility. One of the goals of the manufacturer of Sir Richard’s Condoms was to produce a superior-quality, safe condom while harnessing the power of this business to donate condoms in regions where condom availability is lacking. For every Sir Richard Condom you buy, the company will provide a condom to a developing area.

The Ingredients of Sir Richard's Condoms:

The Sir Richard’s Condom manufacturer makes it simple to determine what you can (and will not) find in its condoms. All Sir Richard’s condoms are made from 100% natural latex. They come pre-packaged with a premium lubricant, designed for optimal gliding. Plus, this lubricant is free of parabens, glycerin and spermicide. Another thing that makes Sir Richard’s Condoms different from many other types of condoms on the market is that they are vegan friendly. None of their condoms contain casein, which is a milk protein (or any other dairy product). Because of this, Sir Richard’s Condoms are one of only a handful of condom brands that have been certified by the American Vegetarian Association (AVA). The AVA has created a certification program that examines manufacturer’s claims and ingredients. Once a product has obtained AVA certification, you can be confident that the item is 100% vegan and user friendly for daily consumption. Sir Richard’s Condoms are also manufactured to ensure that they have a very minimal latex odor.

Sir Richard's Condoms: Quality and Safety:

At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter what is in your condom if it doesn’t work! If you are choosing to use a condom for contraception then chances are fairly good that you are using a condom to avoid pregnancy. Plus, given that latex condoms are one of the most effective products in reducing the transmission of sexually transmitted infections, it is even more vital that the condom you choose to use does its job. Each one of Sir Richard’s Condoms must pass tests to ensure that you will find their use pleasurable. Additionally, each one of their condoms has been electronically tested for safety and reliability. Sir Richard’s Condoms are FDA-approved for contraceptive use and effectiveness.

Sir Richard's Condom Options:

There are four options of Sir Richard's Condoms for you to choose between. If you are not sure which type will best suit your tastes, Sir Richard's also offers their "Collection Pack" that contains a sample of their Ultra Thin, Classic Ribbed, and Pleasure Dots condoms. Each pack of Sir Richard's Condoms contain 12 individually-wrapped condoms.

  • Sir Richard's Classic Ribbed Condoms: these condoms, in the green box, are transparent and traditionally designed with a ribbed texture. They are straight-sided and have a reservoir tip. These Classic Ribbed condoms are 2.08"/53mm (+/- 2 mm) wide; 7.08"/180mm long and have a thickness of .003"/.073mm.
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  • Sir Richard's Ultra Thin Condoms: these condoms, in the orange box, are designed to allows for maximum pleasure and sensitivity because they are so sheer. But, don't worry... even though these condoms are super thin with a smooth texture, they are also extremely strong. These condoms are transparent in color, are straight-sided and have a rounded, reservoir tip. These Ultra Thin condoms are 2.08"/53mm (+/- 2 mm) wide; 7.08"/180mm long and have a thickness of just .002"/.059 mm.
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  • Sir Richard's Pleasure Dots Condoms: these condoms, the the pink box, are straight-sided and transparent. In addition to having a reservoir tip, these condoms are covered from base to just below the tip with studded dots. These dots are designed to provide additional stimulation and pleasure for an exciting sexual experience. These Pleasure Dots condoms are 2.08"/53mm (+/- 2 mm) wide; 7.08"/180mm long and .003"/.073mm thick.
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  • Sir Richard's Extra Large Condoms: these condoms, in the blue box, were created to meet the needs for all of you well-endowed men. These transparent, straight-sided condoms are designed to provide a more comfortable fit for those of you men needing more roomier condoms (in either width or length). These condoms also have a rounded, reservoir tip and a smooth, silky texture. These Extra Large condoms are 2.2"/56mm (+/- 2 mm) wide; 7.28"/185mm long and have a thickness of .003"/.084mm.
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Sir Richard's Condoms Subscription Service:

Once you have determined that Sir Richard's Condoms are for you, the manufacturer offers a discreet subscription service. This service allows you to create your own order -- customized to your unique needs. To help with your customization, Sir Richard's designed a "Getting Lucky" meter that suggests how many boxes of condoms you may need each month. You can save 20% off each box of Sir Richard's condoms by using this service. You can tailor your order to the number or boxes you'd like as well as which type or types (Ultra Thin, Pleasure Dots, Classic Ribbed, Extra Large or the Collection Pack) -- not all of your monthly boxes need to be the same type. You are not obligated to stay with your original order, either... if your "needs" change, simply log in and either increase or decrease your supply. From time to time, you may even find a special gift in one of your packages and Sir Richards may even seek your input on new product development (for example, the company is currently looking into developing a polyurethane or polyisporene condom options). Not only do you receive a discount on price, but all Sir Richard's Condoms are shipped directly to you with free standard shipping... so you can save some serious money -- plus don't forget, your purchase is also going to a great cause. Even with the subscription service, one condom will be donated for each one that you buy. It's a win-win for everybody!

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