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Hormonal Contraception

Discussion and definition of hormonal birth control as well as the issues surrounding it. Learn about estrogen and progestin and how these hormones prevent ovulation. Discover how hormonal birth control methods, like the Pill, Depo Provera Shot, Patch, Ring, and Implants work to protect against pregnancy. Details about common side effects and medical risk factors are also included.
  1. Benefits of Birth Control (13)

Benefits of Hormonal Birth Control
More than 80% of U.S. women will use hormonal contraception sometime during their reproductive years, yet many women are unaware of the noncontraceptive benefits of using this type of birth control. Besides offering protection against pregnancy, learn about some noncontraceptive benefits of birth control.

Top Questions About Hormonal Birth Control
Hormonal birth control tends to be enormously popular due to its ease of use and effectiveness. These contraceptives use estrogen and/or progestin to help prevent ovulation. Like other contraception, hormonal birth control has common side effects and medical risk factors. There are also many myths about hormone birth control. Learn answers to...

Can Hormonal Birth Control Increase Your Risk of VTE (Venous Thromboembolism)?
Hormonal birth control may increase your risk of VTE, DVT and blood clots. What does the FDA say? Is hormonal birth control safe?

Hormone Birth Control Facts
What questions do you have about hormone birth control? Here are some of the most common FAQs asked to me. You can even email me your own.

What is Combination Birth Control?
Did you know that there are other combination birth control options - not just the pill?

Can Women Use Hormonal Contraception After Age 40?
Women age 40 or older, listen up! It seems that your available birth control options have expanded - no longer will your choices be limited to having your tubes tied or relying on permanent birth control. Research shows that hormonal contraception after age 40 may now be an option, so sex after age 40 can sizzle. Learn how broader birth control options may lead to carefree sexual encounters.

Obesity and Contraception Effectiveness
One of the issues that may contribute to birth control failure is a woman’s weight. Obesity can compromise contraceptive effectiveness. Learn more about how contraceptive effectiveness can be reduced by obesity and find out contraceptive options for overweight women.

What is Hormonal Contraception?
Introduction to Hormonal Birth Control

What is Ethinyl Estradiol?
Ethinyl estradiol is a type of estrogen included in many combination hormonal birth control formulations. Find out more about this synthetic drug and where you can find it.

How Hormonal Contraception Works
Learn how hormonal contraception works to effectively prevent pregnancy.

How Does A Little Pill Prevent Pregnancy?
Explanation of how hormonal and oral contraceptives (The Pill) prevent pregnancy.

How Can a Single Pill Do All That?
Explanation of how hormonal birth control methods work within the female body.

How Do Hormones Cause Ovulation?
Explanation of how hormones work together in the female body to cause ovulation.

How Does The Pill Prevent Ovulation?
Explanation of hormonal and oral contraceptives (The Pill) prevent ovulation from occurring .

What if This Method Backfires and Ovulation Occurs Anyway?
Explanation of additional ways that hormonal contraceptives help to prevent pregnancy.

What if a Woman Doesn’t Like to Take Pills?
Explanation of alternative ways that a woman can use hormonal contraceptives.

Do Combination Contraceptives Have Side Effects?
Explanation of the common side effects and potential health complications of combination contraceptives (birth control that contains both Estrogen and Progestin)

What Are the Side Effects for Progestin Only Contraceptives?
Explanation of the common side effects and potential health complications of Progestin only contraceptives.

Are There Women Who Should Not Use Hormonal Contraceptives?
Explanation of factors that may influence whether or not hormonal birth control is the right and safest option for certain women.

Does a Woman Need to Use Other Contraceptives While on the Pill?
Explanation about whether or not women need to use back-up contraception while taking hormonal birth control.

Do Hormonal Contraceptives Protect Against STD’s?
Explanation about hormonal contraceptives and sexually transmitted infections.

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