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How Pregnancy Occurs

Information about the female reproductive system and how you become pregnant. Definitions of ovulation, conception, and menstruation. Explanation of fertile periods and when you are most likely to conceive.

Understanding Conception - A Guide to the Female Body
Understanding the Female Body and Reproductive Health - Definitions of Conception, Menstruation, and Ovulation

When Do You Ovulate?
Do you want to know when you ovulate? Learn about what happens each month that causes ovulation to occur, so you can determine when you ovulate.

What defines the start of a pregnancy... fertilization? Implantation? Come see!

Are There Certain Times To Be More Careful?
A woman is more likely to get pregnant when having intercourse around the time that she ovulates - read more on determining when one is most fertile.

Fertility Chart iPhone Apps
Have you ever though of using iphone apps to help manage your fertility? Oh, yes, there's an app for that!

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