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Male Condoms

Everything you need to know about male condoms. Find out about where to buy condoms as well as advantages vs. disadvantages of condom use. Learn how condoms should be stored, how reliable they are, and excuses men give for not wanting to wear them. Condom tips and even a condom quiz await you!
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All About Condoms
How much do you know about male condoms? Find out about condom use, types of condoms, condom brands, and where to buy condoms.

Best Condom Apps
10 handy condom apps.

Condom Quiz
Are you looking for some condom tips? Condoms cover a man's penis during sexual intercourse and collect semen before, during, and after he ejaculates and can provide STD protection. Plus, choosing a condom type may be confusing. Take our Condom Quiz to test your “condom sense" and to learn important information about condom use

Concerned About How Companies Make Condoms?
Are you concerned about how your condoms are made and what chemicals may be added? What have you done to ease your mind?

Sir Richard's Condom Company
Learn about this unique condom company as well as its buy-one, give-one condom initiative.

Condom Types and Styles
There are many condom types available. How do you pick from all the condom brands? When choosing a condom style, consider condom use: is the condom for sex play or for contraception? Learn about colored condoms, flavored condoms, and warming condoms. Plus, find out about pleasure shaped, glow-in-the-dark, and French tickler condom types.

Top 10 Condom Myths
Learn the top 10 myths about condoms. Make sure you know the truth about condom use before you have sex.

What are the Best Condoms or the Worst Condoms?
Wondering what the best condoms are? How about the worst condoms? I’m asking you. I’ve created this place for you to rate and review the condom brands and types of condoms that you (or your partner) have tried – all in the attempt to inform other readers about the best condoms out there (or maybe the worst condoms). If you love (or hate) a condom, this is your platform to share your opinion with the world. See submissions

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