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Why I Chose Paragard

Share Your Story: What Advice Convinced You to Get an IUD?

By Val

Updated July 01, 2012

What Lead You to Consider IUD Use?

I had tried ALL the hormonal birth control and it made me crazy. I was 26 and had no children and the Paragard has been great. I don't worry about getting pregnant now. However, the cramps/ bleeding/ duration of my period sucks. But just stay well hydrated and take vitamines and its better!

Helpful Questions that You Asked your Doctor

I did lots of research before going to the DR and getting my Paragard. It turned out exactly as the reviews said. The DR just told me everything I already knew. It was a difficult insertion but I knew it would be as I've never had kids.

How Did These Questions Help in Your IUD Decision?

I knew I didn't want a hormonal BC and I didn't want to have to remember to change or take something. I have only one partner at a time and ensure they are STD free, so the IUD was the best option. I've had mine for over a year and no pregnancys or scares, just worry-free sex!

What I'd Do Differently

  • Nothing. But I would say that you should also be healthy, take a daily multi-vitamin and stay well hydrated to avoid bad cramping and discomfort. My periods last 1 1/2 to 2 weeks though, and that stinks. But this is the best option for me.
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