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Talking to Mom About Getting Birth Control

Share Your Story: Talking to Parents About Sex and How To Get Birth Control

By Lilia

Updated July 23, 2010

Who Initiated the Sex Talk and Who Was Present?

I did! My mother and I were watching the Secret Life of the American Teenager. After the episode, I asked her what she thought - especially about the part where the non-sexually active daughter wanted to be on the Pill... just incase.

The Major Points That Were Discussed

My mother was very open to this discussion and we talked at great length about the pros and cons of being put on birth control (we already had the "sex talk" when I was younger, so this discussion focused more on birth control). My mother wasn't 100% keen on me being put on birth control, but she agreed that I can at least go talk to the doctor about my different options and where to get birth control from. She also stressed the importance of condoms.


  • Don't be scared to talk to your parents.
  • Be honest - I had to tell my mom the truth about being sexually active. It was hard, but I feel so much closer to het now.

How Old Were You When You Had the Sex Talk?


What Questions Did You Ask? Were They All Answered?

The main question I asked had to do with her feelings about being put on the pill. She answered it honestly.

How Were You Feeling During the Sex Talk?

A little nervous, but happy because I knew I was doing the responsible thing.

How Satisfied Were You After the Sex Talk?

VERY!!! I now have an appintment with my doctor. I am no longer lying to my mom, and I can be the most responsible that I can by protecting myself from an unplanned pregnancy.

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