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Readers Respond: Common Birth Control Myths

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Updated May 01, 2009

not having sex for years

well i heard that if a woman didnt have sex for years after being deflowered, her vagina will get dry and she wont be able to get pregnant anymore. From Dawn Stacey - this is definately a myth. As long as a women is ovulating and having a period, she is fertile and can become pregnant.
—Guest maria

Response to Carlatteniese

Although your chances of getting pregnant are significantly reduced if there is no contact between the penis and the vagina, there is still a chnace that a woman can become pregnant if seminal fluid or pre-ejactulate fluid comes in to contact with the vagina. Sperm can live up to 5 days and can swim once entering the vagina. There can be thousands (300,000+) of sperm in this fluid and it only takes one to fertilize an egg.
—Guest Educated User


What is the incidence of pregnancy due to masturbation with seminal or preseminal fluid having been on the hands?

Response to Tigergurl

If you have sex everyday, then you are, just by the odds, more at risk for being pregnant. That being said, if you take the pill every day (correctly), then you will not ovulate. If you do not ovulate, then there is no egg for a sperm to fertilize. This means that you won't get pregnant. So, as long as you take your pill correctly and on time, have as much sex as you want -- even every day -- You can even have sex during the fourth week (the placebo week) of your pill pack without the risk of getting pregnant. Have fun!
—Guest Educated User


can a women have a greater chance of getting pregnant while on the pill if she has sex a lot during the day everyday?
—Guest tigergurl


Even though we are told not to do it, withdrawal can actually can work quite well if the man is committed to it - but it can be difficult for teens. It has a much worse reputation than it deserves.
—Guest Irvin


What can be done to make the female climax be faster than usual? Is this possible?... I have not felt the climax while be sexual active. Is this because of the pill?
—Guest Suricka


I was told that the pill would make me depressed and unhappy all the time, but I found when I took it that I didn't have any bad mood swings or feel upset like I used to when I had PMS - it has been really nice to be more in control of how I'm feeling.
—Guest deamondea

Response to K. H.

Tubal ligation is more than 99% effective in the first year. This means that that out of every 100 women who have this procedure done, less than one will become pregnant during the first year of use. Up to one out of every 100 women will become pregnant in EACH subsequent year following the first year (when the procedure was done). This is due to a slight possibility that fallopian tubes may reconnect by themselves. Of every 1,000 women who have undergone tubal ligation, approximately 18.5 will become pregnant within 10 years. These statistics were concluded by the U.S. Collaborative Review of Sterilization in their hallmark Crest study. However, depending on the method used and the age of the woman when she has the procedure done, this rate might be higher or lower. Also, if a pregnancy does occur after a tubal ligation, there is a 33% chance of it being an ectopic pregnancy.
—Guest Educated User

Pregnant After a Tubal?

I had my tubes tied 10 years ago... I have missed one full month...can tubes just grow back together?
—Guest k.h.

Response to KOLEYA

You can DEFINITELY still get pregnant even if you urinate (or pee) immediately after sex. This is also true even if you douche immediately after sexual intercourse. Urinating, douching or taking a bath or shower will not wash sperm out. Sperm are too quick and too tiny, so by the time you get to the bathroom to pee, the sperm have already made it up into the uterus, so urinating, douching or cleaning yourself will not reach the sperm (who have traveled to far for you to get them). Along the same lines, sneezing, coughing and/or jumping up and down after sex will also not prevent sperm from reaching its destination. Many feel that these actions will dislodge sperm – this is not the case. Finally, you can also get pregnant even if you are standing up while having sex.
—Guest Educated User

Peeing After Sex?

My boyfriend told me that if I urinate right after sex, I wont get pregnant.

Response to The Girls

The pill does not affect a women's ability to have an orgasm. Hope this helps to clear up that myth. The myth may stem from the idea that for women who do not use the pill, sexual desire, masturbation, and instances of sexual initiation fluctuate over the menstrual cycle. Because women using the pill do not experience the same amount of hormonal fluctuations (the pill keeps the hormones more steady) one would expect them to have lower and less variable sexual motivation than cycling women. That being said, this has no affect on climaxing!
—Guest Educated User

Birth Control Myth

Is it true that it is more difficult to reach climax while on the pill??
—Guest thegirls

Depo Provera Shot

This shot has caused severe acne on my daughters face, indentions in her legs, musle weekness and major mood swings.
—Guest June
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