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Readers Respond: What Is Your IUD Removal or IUD Insertion Experience?

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Updated November 01, 2010

Never felt a thing

I had the mirena inserted nearly 5 years ago, after my 4th child. I felt no more discomfort than a smear test, maybe because I had 4 normal vaginal births and my cervix had stretched. I am currently contemplating having a second one fitted!
—Guest Tonia

Mirena-8 week postpartum

I just had my first child 11-11-10 and I was 8 weeks postpartum when my OB/GYN asked me what birth control I preferred. I asked about Mirena, and it was scheduled the following Tuesday. She talked me through it, and yes it was a little uncomfortable, but it was nothing like any of the other "traumatic" experiences. I was a little uncomfortable walking, had cramps, and was bleeding a bit. It has almost been 2 weeks since the insertion, and I've been bleeding off and on. I'm glad I got it, I would definitely be in trouble with the pill or the shot or anything else. It was IUD or Implant. Something long term because I'm unmarried and my son was conceived spontaneously on the first occasion. I would definitely recommend this to those who are able to get it done, it's nice not having to worry so much.
—Guest CClark

Insertion not bad

I had my mirena inserted almost 3 years ago by an ob-gyn in Jackson, MS. It was not that bad. It hurt a lot the day I had it inserted and then I had very irregular spotting for about a month. I am having it removed Feb. 2 to start trying to get pregnant. I am not worried about the removal at all.
—Guest Rachel

Loved my IUD

I had a Mirena IUD inserted after the birth of my second daughter back in 2008. The insertion was at worst uncomfortable. My doctor was amazing. I loved having my IUD - no periods, not having to worry about anything, etc - but my husband and I have recently decided to try to become pregnant again so I had my IUD removed a week ago. I will admit that I hate this bleeding nonsense going on, but am looking forward to being pregnant again (hopefully soon). The removal time was about 10 seconds. I was totally amazed at how quick and easy it was. After our next baby I will definitely be getting another Mirena IUD!
—Guest Candice

Mirena Insertion not too bad

I had the mirena inserted about 6 weeks after the the birth of my second child as I was advised this would be less painful. The insertion itself was not pleasant. At 1.5 years ago, I assume if I can't remember it, it must not have been that bad.
—Guest Dana

My experience with mirena

I got mirena put in when my son was 6 weeks old i just knew that it was my best choice for birth contro.l i was only 20 when i got pregnant. I absolutly love it i havn't had any problems with it. An take it from me IT WORKS very well. I reccommended it to my best friend an she now has it i would also recommend It to any parent that has a child but would like to wait awhile for another. I love my mirena like i love my son lol. Mirena would be my number one choice of birth control.
—Guest Amber

Breezy Insertion

I read these stories a few days before I had my Paraguard inserted, and they made me so scared that I took a leftover pain pill I had from surgery a few months ago. I'm glad I did, to be fair, but it wasn't as bad as all of these stories. I've never had kids, never been pregnant, so my situation is as high risk for pain as it gets, but my nurse really knew her stuff and gave me some misopristol to use 12 hours before the insertion. I also stopped taking my active pills so I was bleeding, and the misopristol further softened my cervix, so that it was an in and out in under a couple of minutes. The worst part was the sound, which was quite a sharp pain, but it was almost like a shot, in that it was there and then gone. I didn't have any cramping worse than minor period cramps, and those were gone within 30 minutes. Maybe the pain pill helped, but it was a low dose and mostly worn off by the time I actually got to the doctor. Less than 4 seconds of pain is worth 10 years of protection!

Insertion far worse than removal.

I have no children and wanted to keep it that way, so I got my Mirena IUD in November of 2009. Doing as I was told, I scheduled my insertion appointment during my period so that my cervix was more "relaxed." I guess it was too close to the end of my cycle - my cervix was closed tighter than a drum. My doc attempted to dilate me, but it didn't do anything. They ended up having to (for lack of a better word) shove it in there, which was REALLY uncomfortable, but it was over before I knew it. I did have some wicked cramping, but that ended in a couple of days. I had my IUD removed today as my husband and I will start TTC in August and also because lately I've heard a few too many IUD pregnancy stories. I was very nervous. I rolled my annual & removal all into one appointment. After the exam, Doc inserted the speculum and in less than 5 seconds, pulled the IUD and got the sample for the PAP. I was shocked! I barely felt it come out. I got worked up for nothing.
—Guest Laarien

3rd IUD

i got my first IUD when my first daughter was a yr old, had it in for 4 yrs and was nervous thinking i would forget when i needed to get it taken out so i got it out, and then didn't get a new one put in right away, got pregnant with my second child, this time i got the iud put back in a couple months after she was born and had it taken out 4 yrs later again, wanted a 3rd but changed my mind am going to get the 3rd one put in tomorrow i love not having periods, and not having to worry about condoms was great :D
—Guest Dawn

A Breeze

I have had my IUD for 5 years. I am about to have it removed and replaced. I love not taking a pill everyday and not having heavy periods. The insertion was a breeze. Iam not worried at all for the removal and re-insertion. Its not for everyone. but I think its worth it.
—Guest guest kimmie

Painful IUD experience

I had my IUD inserted in 2008. They said it was the best birth control method since I had a child. The insertion was extremely painful. They said the cramping would go away. My advice is to go to a doctor who is experienced in IUD insertions.
—Guest Erin


I just Removed my Mirena after two yrs because i would like to get pregnant again. It was sooo much easier at removal, although i have to admit to have a glass of red wine before my insetion appointment , after hearing all the horror stories i had no chioice :) I am going to get it reimplanted after my second child. I really enjoyed the freedom and the moodiness i was no longer bound to.
—Guest RoeynsMom

On my 2nd

I have no children/miscarriages/abortions and I am on my 2nd Mirena IUD. My first was inserted by and OBGYN and it was a horrible, painful experience, my cervix clamped on insertion and she had to re-do it, thought I would passout from the pain and I have a very high pain threshold. It expired last year, my regular doctor removed it and removal was a breeze. I went on birth control pills for five months but couldn't stand the moodiness, periods and other side effects. This January is my first year on my second Mirena. My regular doctor inserted the 2nd and it was not horribly painful, more than a pinch uncomfortable, but I wasn't walking around needing to be by a wall in case a cramp struck like the 1st insert. I think who you have insert the IUD has a great deal to do with the pain. It is strange that a regular MD was less painful than an OBGYN, but he beat the woman! I do have cramps on and off with it and some pain with intercourse, but not enough to offset the benefits.
—Guest Courtney


I had the Mirena inserted on Dec.10th,2010. It was extremely painful, and I could barely walk out of the office. I took Advil every 3-4 hours. I was in so much pain that I couldn't function in anyway. After 8 days I had the IUD taken out. Doctor said the IUD was probably stuck in the wall of my uterus. Doctor wants to try again January 24,2011. I don't know if I will try it again. The reason the doctor wanted me to try the IUD to begin with is because I have ENDOMYOIS, which is a thickening of the uterus wall and causes everyday severe pain. IUD was suppose to help, and eventually I would have no more pelvic/abdominal pain.
—Guest Kim

Paraguard Painful Insertion

I can tolerate a lot of pain, but this was on a whole new level. I've never been pregnant and the doctor warned it would hurt, but WOW! It was excruciating. I thought I was going to pass out. I would definatley recommend getting a local anesthetic. I don't regret getting it though- no more pills or condoms with the hubby.
—Guest Kristine

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What Is Your IUD Removal or IUD Insertion Experience?

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