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Readers Respond: What Is Your IUD Removal or IUD Insertion Experience?

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Updated November 01, 2010

Happy it's over

I got the Mirena placed yesterday (May 2010). I was tired of taking the pill everyday or ripping off a patch every week. I had never had any children so I was very anxious about the procedure and took a Xanax before hand. I didn't feel any of the prep work (cleaning, numbing, measuring, etc.), but as soon as she began to insert the device, I felt as if my uterus was being ripped out, but then again, I have a low pain tolerance. It hurt so bad I was in tears, and then I started getting hot flashes (probably a precursor to syncope, although I didn't pass out). The NP was very kind and empathetic though and kept asking me if I wanted to stop the procedure, but I was determined to get the IUD. It's been 24 hours now and I feel great. A little tightness in my abdomen and spotting but that's all. The insertion was ridiculously painful, but all in all I'm glad I did it.
—Guest Angie

content with mirena device

the device was inserted almost 2 years ago and the procedure was painful since i was 23 at the time and i have not had children. the doctor adviced me that it had about a 50% chance of being inserted since my cervix was small due to no children. I no longer get periods with the device and get moderate painful cramps in the week that i should have had my period but the pain is lessen with ibprofen. my doctor informed me on the follow up that the no periods were my body's reaction to the device and to just be careful of yeast infections. the pain can be lessen with medication but if it gets too painful i can have the device removed. overall i am content with the device and my husband states he cant feel it at all, we have noticed in certain positions may hurt me later due to the device. i had tried the pill and depo shots but my body refused to respond to them.
—Guest jenn

Love my IUD but would not do it again

After getting the IUD inserted, I was dizzy. I had cramping for half the day but haven't had any IUD problems since. I had my IUD inserted 5 months ago, but am already scared to have it removed. Thank you very much for your responses on IUD removal. You have made me feel a little relieved.
—Guest Salli

My Mirena Time is almost up!!!

I am so fortunate to have chosen the Mirena! I loved it...I had my 1 and only child at the age of 29, my hunny and I at the time had been dating for 5yrz(never used any birth control or condoms). I got my Mirena in Nov 05'. I've had no issues/complaints. I am getting it removed in November only b/c, it'll have been 5 yrz that I've reaped the benefits of having it. I could never understand seeing some mother's who have stair-step children(pushing one or two in the buggy, one in the arm or over the shoulder and one in the oven)...I mean WTH??? I'm glad that itz good for 5 yearsz b/c although we absolutly adore our 4 3/4 yr old , she iz a handful. I don't know WHAT we'd have done IF we had one after she was a year or two. Now I am ready to have another child.I think that they should FORCE underage mother's to get the Mirena IF they want assistance from the State or Welfare Dept. It'll give them a chance to finish growing up themselves w/o the extra burden of having more kids too quickly!!
—Guest Brizee Gal

My Mirena Story

I have had my Mirena for 5 years now. It hurt really bad but my cervix has never had a baby come through it. I had C-sections. I am having problems getting it out because the docor who put it in cut my string too short, so they are thinking they are going to put me out to take it out. I go for another consult on how to get this done tomorrow. I don't have any periods, and I LOVE IT!!!!! It does cause some uncomfortable pain during intercourse, and I have gained about 15 pounds in the past 5 years (but I also quit smoking so I don't know which one made me put on weight). I am getting the implanon put in as soon as they take the Mirena out. I hope I am a little more satisfied with it.
—Guest Rachel

Mirena Woes

I just had the Mirena removed after seven months of horrendous side effects. The Mirena made me bitchy, severely depleted my milk supply, killed my libido (which kind of defeated the purpose of having it in the first place). I was tired and unable to focus. I bled for two months after insertion, and I started experiencing a butterfly-like sensation in my abdomen to the point that I felt compelled to take a pregnancy test (negative, thank God). When I started feeling suicidal, I knew the Mirena had to go. I had it removed five days ago, and I'm starting to feel normal again. Milk production is slowly increasing. I did enjoy having no period after the initial bleed-out, but I'll never use the Mirena again. Maybe I'll try an IUD without hormones next time.
—Guest Kids Avani

Never again IUD

I had Mirena IUD put in. The most pain/bleeding/cramping/bloating I have ever experienced. I could barely walk or function for the first two days. The pain was a little less but continued all week. I was also emotional and began getting huge painful ACNE in places I have never seen before. It didnt feel like my own uterus anymore. I could tell something was shoved in there. Let me stress, lots of pain, bloating, cramping. So yeah I didn't get pregnant but that's because there is no way I could have had sex. I got it removed this past Wednesday, much LESS painful than insertion. However it is friday and I am still spotting from the removal. But all in all having it OUT of my body feels a million times better. Think HARD before you put in an IUD. It's a foreign piece of metal inserted inside of you... does not feel good.
—Guest Julia

LOVED the mirena but NOT ANYMORE!!!

I had the IUD inserted in July 08' and I planned on having it removed this month, May 10' to make some more babies! I loved the mirena, I thought it was the best thing ever. Yeah, I had some mood swings here and there, but other then that I love not worring about taking the pill everyday. When the mirena was inserted there was just a small pinch, buuuuut when I tried to get it removed it was the worse freakin pain ever! Worse then child birth. I was throwing up the pain was so bad and there was blood every where!!!! The doc thinks it might have attached to my uterus. I had an ultra sound done and should know more today on what the hell there gunna do to get this little sucker out of me. All I know is he better knock me out because I will not go through that horrible pain again!
—Guest Samantha

Ask Questions About Mirena Side Effects

I got the mirena thinking it would be an easy, carefree, low maintenance form of birth control and ALL I got was problems. I had severe mood swings, acne, pain, and to top it off had to have it surgically removed because dr couldn't find the string. I was NEVER warned of these horrible side effects and risks. Make sure you ask questions before getting the Mirena.
—Guest Colletta

My Mirena IUD Worked great!

I have had mirena for almost 4 years, and it has worked great! It always worked, of course, and my periods completely stopped. i havent had one for about 3 years! the only problem i ever had with it is that my husband complains that it hurt him sometimes. lol. But im having it removed next week, so we can ttc!
—Guest britney

ParaGard - Don't Worry, Be Happy

I researched and read up on the copper IUD and while doing so came across a lot of stories about women who had a bad experience and extremely painful insertion. Thses stories made me very nervous for my appointment. I just got the IUD in this morning and yes it was uncomfortable but no worse than any cramps that would come with my period every once and a while. I supposedly have a small cervix and chose not to take any prescribed drugs before hand, I did have 2 ibuprofen, and it was completely fine. I haven't had cramps since the insertion and I can't feel the IUD what-so-ever. I realize that everyone is different so it's hard to know how it'll feel for you but this is just another story to add to the positive side of things and reduce stress and fear of those about to get an IUD. Don't worry, focus on breath, and be happy :)
—Guest BC

My Mirena Story

I have had mirena in for 9 months. I am wanting to try for baby #2. When I went to get it removed my doc was completely against it. I am 22 but look a lot younger and she just glanced at my chart, didn't even ask about some medical issues I was sure she would have asked about. I wanted mirena out and to get on the pill so that I can still plan what time of the season I wanted to get pregnant and have more control over when I can stop my BC instead of waiting for an appointment. After my appointment, I felt like I was discriminated against and was not fully heard by my doctor. She was intent on keeping mirena in me and would only remove it if I had bad problems with it. I don't want to go back, but I want to get pregnant. I'm not worried about the procedure, it seems very straight forward, I am just worried about the doctor and her comments.
—Guest iysha

Loved it!

I had Mirena put in in Sep 2004 after my daughter was gone. It wasn't bad at all and my periods stopped completely! I had zero problems with it until I had it removed in Nov of 2008. It took me 5 months to conceive my son, and I had another one put in in January. I will say that my periods were a little funky when I had it taken out, but nothing to worry about, and removal and insertion were both totally painless for me. Some people have had problems, but I can't say enough.
—Guest Beth B

Mirena, take it or leave it

I had Mirena inserted almost two years ago. The insertion was a bit uncomfortable. I mean horrible! It was short lived though. I bled for several days after it was put in and everytime I had sex after that for about two months. I was recently diagnosed with endometriosis, which is supposed to be controlled with the mirena. Not in my case!! I am hoping to have it removed tomorrow. No complaints about it though. Works wonderfully. No babies while usuing it. I do have regular periods and they are mostly normal.
—Guest Carrie

Mirena Success from IUD Veteran

I'm just back from my appointment to remove my Mirena IUD after five years and reinsert another one. I'm suprised by the many negative comments I've read here, as I think Mirena is a wonder device! I originally had the Para-guard (copper) IUD inserted five years ago, but I had a horrific experience with that one. Tremendous bleeding... couldn't change the pads fast enough. I had it removed after 3 months. Then, I tried the Mirena. Less cramping when it was inserted, a little spotting the first month... and then I haven't had a period (or even any spotting) in 5 years! Truly!! No other discomfort either. The extraction was pretty easy today but definitely felt some cramping on the reinsertion. I'm just hoping I'll be as lucky this time and be period-free again. All my girlfriends got the Mirena within a few months of mine (after my positive reviews), and I haven't heard anything but good in the past five years from them either. I say go for it!!
—Guest MamaBear
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