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Readers Respond: What Is Your IUD Removal or IUD Insertion Experience?

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Updated November 01, 2010

not worth the pain

Im 22 and a mother of one 4 year old. I got my mirena inserted over 3 years ago. Insertion was a bit painful. It took the dr 2 tries. I felt a lot of cramps after. I recently got married and we decided we wanted to try to get pregnant. I went to my apt for the removal and it was excrutiating. The dr could not reach the strings and i could not bear the pain. I tried again with a different dr and it was horrible. She dialated my cervix and it felt like full blown labor. All for nothing since she still couldnt get it out. Im scheduled for surgery for the removal next month.
—Guest Lynn

Painful insertion

I got one 3 months after my 2nd child at the recommendation of my ob, I was breastfeeding. Insertion was soooo painful but they kept telling me it was normal and confirmed placement with ultrasound.
—Guest BETH

IUD Insertion and Removal

I've had my paragard for almost 10 yes now so it's time for me to get it removed, hopefully it won't be too painful because when I had it inserted, it was horrible and I had severe cramps and sharp pains every day for about 4 months. It was worth it though because this is definitely the best birth control I've ever used.
—Guest Lacey

paragard iud

I just got my paragard iud today. Would have been nice if they had stressed to take pain meds before. I had just ended my period and have never had a child or been pregnant am 23. Was on the pill for 5 months and before was on depoprovera shots. Didn't even see a doctor just a nurse. She put the scope?in and open it so wide not that bad then just proceeded to POP the iud in was instantly in terrible pain but it went it. Got dressed and met my bf in the lobby. He had to help me walk and was in tears because of the pain for atleast an hour. Took 800 mg tylenol and didn't help at all. Eating did seem to help and then took more tylenol prob 1200 mg and finally started to help. Slept for about 6 hours and have been unable to get back to sleep since the cramps are coming back. I'm hoping that it will be better in a few dAys excited to not have to remember pills.
—Guest Rachel

Never Again!

I just had the Mirena inserted Monday. I was one of the lucky ones which got to experience extreme and excrutiating pain when this torture device was inserted. Thank you tilted utererous for aiding and abetting in the torture.... I almost passed out on the table and once it was over took quite some time to recover enough to walk out and drive myself home the pain and cramping was so severe. I now have non-stop severe cramping, back ache and discomfort combined with bloating and an increased urge to pee. I will give this thing the 4 weeks until followup and then will probably have it removed. I don't need it for birth control but it was suggested to try it as a means of reducing severe peri-menopausal monthly bleeding. We shall see how effective if at all this thing is for that. Regardless there must be a much less invasive way to handle the same issue! "Out damnded spot" I say! Should have listened to my gut which said don't do it. Sounds too good to be true!
—Guest Annie

Mirena insertion

me and my husband both agreed that it would be good if i got the mirena because i would always forget to take my birth contol pills. When i got the Mirena it was the worse thing i have expirenced. i had cramping but i couldn't get over the part where they steady your uterus was the worse part i cramped horribly for about 2 and a half wks after that. ive had my mirena for a little over a yr now and me and my husband have chosen to take it out because of the complications i have had on it. It wasnt a very good experience when it was placed but i hope i don't experience the same pain when they take it out.
—Guest Kirsten


I had the Mirena placed after my 2nd child april 2005. I had one period after and then none for the entire time. Last April my 5 years was up and I had it removed. a little cramping but not much pain, and a new one was placed. I just had the 2nd one removed 2 weeks ago and now trying to have a baby.
—Guest Tiffany

love iud

i got my iud in nov of 07 and had it removed on 2-17-11 as we decided to try for another baby it has been 10 days since its removal and still havent had any form of bleeding yet no spotting nothing i am curious if anyone else has had a similar experience or if i just so happened to get pregnant immediately any know
—Guest gin


Like many other women, I got the paragard and it hurt SO bad. I also have never had a child, which I am assuming is why it was so bad, but it was one of the worst pains I've ever felt. It's nice to not have to worry about taking a pill on time every day now, because I am super bad at that and there were some days that I would worry. Now it's not even on my mind.
—Guest Lia

painful,but fine now

I had the paraguard inserted yesterday,I am 26 and have never had a baby so insertion was a bit difficult,I wasnt anxious but when the sound was inserted the pain became severe and I had to ask my doctor to stop as i was sweating and felt as if I would vomit.This was an involuntary action as I tried my hardest to get past it mentally after about five minutes rest I was ok and then she was able to insert the coil quickly.I would compare most of the pain to having a root canal done but mine was an exceptional case pain wise as I havent had kids.I would just say to be prepared take pain medication and if possible go during your period (which I didnt do).I had no bleeding whatsoever and today some mild pinching nothing bad at all so if it is what you want just be prepared.
—Guest maiseycakes26

Wait until you have given birth

I had my Mirena inserted yesterday. I was told that it might be good to take Motrin beforehand and asked the nurse for some who forgot to get it to me and then asked the doctor inserting it who also forgot so I figured it wouldn't be a huge deal or they would have remembered. WRONG. Insertion is really fast but unfortunately it is really REALLY painful. I almost fainted and the staff told me people regularly faint from the procedure though women who have given birth tolerate it much better.
—Guest Justine

IUD Insertion

Just got my IUD put in a few days ago. I heard that you may experience some discomfort and to take some tylenol before hand. I must say it was the WORST pain I have ever experienced and I have a high tolerance to pain. I am 18 and never had any children. It only took a few minutes, but the pain was so bad that I fainted. I am also quite crampy and am hoping that it will pass soon. I am not looking forward to removal.
—Guest Kaitlyn


Im getting ready to get my mirena taken out so I can have my second child. I'm not sure how it will go. I never had problems getting it put in so I'm hoping it will be the same when i get it taken out.
—Guest Stacey

Love my Mirena

I had my Mirena inserted at my 6 week follow-up appointment after the birth of my second child. Like some of the other posts, there was a bit of cramping initially but certainly nothing unbearable for me personally. I spotted on and off for a month and since then, no more periods, cramping, etc which has been amazing for me since I had really heavy bleeding prior to having it inserted. June 2011 will be 5 years and I will definitely be getting a replacement at the time this one is removed and I recommend Mirena!
—Guest ChristineM

my IUD experience

well i have never had a child. i got the IUD when i was 18. the first week i got it, it was awful! i had the worst cramping ever. i was put on narcotics for the pain and actually had to go to the emergency room one night it got to hurting so bad. but after about the 3rd month, the pain started to ease off. now i just have a little cramping here and there
—Guest Tessa

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What Is Your IUD Removal or IUD Insertion Experience?

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