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Readers Respond: What Led You to Choose an IUD Insertion?

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Updated August 31, 2009

During an IUD insertion, an IUD (a small, flexible device) is inserted in the uterus. The IUD is long-lasting, safe and very effective. Many women prefer an IUD because it's hassle-free and doesn’t require taking a pill everyday. Some like how the Paragard IUD doesn’t contain hormones and lasts for 10 years, or that Mirena is an easy progestin-only method lasting 5 years. Planned Parenthood reports that the IUD is the most popular form of reversible birth control in the world -- 99% of IUD users are happy with their choice.

We are lucky that we have choices when choosing contraception. What led YOU to choose an IUD?


While on the pill, I gained 40 pounds, was bloated most of the month, and was very hormonal to thenpoint i would cry for the slightest thing. I've only hadnparagard a few day but I am already happy with my choice. It did not hurt that much. The cramps are bearable, and I do not have to deal with pill hormones.
—Guest Green

Moving abroad

I chose to get an IUD (Mirena) because I am moving from the US to Taiwan. I don't have healthcare set up for Taiwan yet, and I don't want to have to deal with prescriptions (for the pill) and such when I get there. I'm 25 years old, and I know I don't want to have kids for the next 5 years or so, so the fact that this is long-term and very low-maintenance (as well as highly effective) made it sound like a great option for me. For a while, I was worried about the cost and potential risks, but it turned out my insurance covered the entire procedure because of the ACA (my copay was just $15), and since perforation and such is rare, the benefits definitely outweighed the risks for me. I also got more courage because one of my very good friends recently got an IUD and was recommending it to me. She says hers is doing very well, and I expect to spread the word about it as well!
—Guest Sabinchen


never had kids got the Mirena put in about a year ago had lots of pain afterward but am doing great had the depo shot so never have had a period while have it in love it still have some pain from the endometriosis but this has left me with the least amount of pain of any thing else i have tried love it will get another when needed
—Guest lynnett

My experience

I just got a paraguard inserted today. They gave me 1mg of Xanax and some Vicodin before going in. The whole process was super quick and easy. For me it wasn't painful at all, but I was on mess so who knows. I had minor cramping for a few hours but took some more Vicodin and a nap and that was it! I feel exactly normal now for me so far it is awesome!
—Guest Susie

Paragard: My 10yr plan

As a teen mother, I chose the 10 year (Paragard) plan as I was overwhelmed to accept, that unless I was 25yrs old or already had 4 kids, the doctors around here will not tie my tubes. I know I did not want more kids in the future and that I am totally done! I also know my health insurance would not be with me forever, SO I chose the longest (and one of the most effective) birth control options available. I should now be covered until I reach the age that I can receive a tubal ligation.
—Guest mletty

IUD's are the best!

I have had the Copper IUD for a month & a half. I'm 22, never had a kid, and I have 1 partner. It hurt like hell when they put it in- I thought I was going to faint, but it only lasted a minute and a minute worth of pain is so worth 10 years of no hormones (who knows what those really do to you), I don't have to even think about birth control! My partner can't feel it at all which really thrills me, and I like that I can check to make sure its still there - I love it! I highly recommend it, after all, it is the most widely used BC method in the world- U.S. gave it a bad rap. Go for it!
—Guest IUDlover


I just got my paragard inserted yesterday. It took like 5 min. Had a little cramping during the procedure only because I was on my period. I have 2 kids. I've been on hormonal bc for 12 years. I've been on every birth control that's on the market. From the hormones my cycles haven't been normal. My cycles were coming twice a month or I was spotting. I got sick and tired if it. I'm so glad to be hormone free and that I don't have to worry about bc for 10 yrs. Would definitely recommend!!!!
—Guest Hips

30 years of IUD's

When I was 19 years old, I tried the pill but the hormones caused too many symptoms. My ob/gyn suggested I try the 'Copper 7' IUD which I loved. But there were some problems and it was pulled from the U.S. market and for the next 2 IUD's, I had to travel to Canada. Finally, Paragard was made available in the U.S. and I have used it for the past 20 years. I am grateful for the natural, easy, trustworthy and inexpensive birth control method that I used throughout my life.
—Guest Mary

First IUD

I just had one placed today. I chose Paraguard because I have never liked the way the pill affects me. It makes me emotional and makes my breasts larger (which is a big problem for someone who had a breast reduction 4 years ago!). I have never had children so I knew going in that it would be a little painful/uncomfortable at first. I did faint which was a surprise for me. I have had 6 kidney stones so my pain threshhold is pretty high. The doctor told me the dizziness/fainting has happened before and she typically saw it in women who never had children. It also didn't help that I skipped breakfast. After about 15 minutes, a couple ibuprofen and some sugar water, I was fine. The discomfort right after had been nothing more than my typical period cramps.
—Guest Kelley

ParaGard because of Blood Clots

I got a horrible DVT in my left leg after a knee surgery, from behind my knee solid all the way to my pelvis. I also found out I have Factor V and Factor VII after that. So I was told I shouldn't use hormones anymore because they could cause more clots. My only choice was the Paragard. I got it put in 2 years ago, and haven't got any problems with it at all. Some of the other things that caused the DVT was hormone BC, Immobility after knee surgery, car ride form AZ to SC and back, Smoking, and the Factors. Please get seen if you think you might have a DVT! They can kill you, and almost killed me! I spent a week strapped to a hospital bed so I didn't throw it to a lung, then a year and a half on Coumadin for a blood thinner. Getting Paragard without having any kids was a little painful, but nothing I couldn't handle. It is extremely low maintenance, and I feel protected.
—Guest Emily


I decided that hormone free was the way for me, it works with my body since I tend to be sensitive to hormones...I like the worry free IUD and my options are limited!
—Guest Emily

Hectic Schedule

My hectic work schedule doesn't allow me to take the pill regularly and I kept forgetting, also I don't feel comfortable being on the pill for 10 years, so I chose to get an IUD. Also my Dr recommended overlapping the iud with the pill for a month to minimize spotting.
—Guest Natasha

Reason for my choice of IUD.

I have has the IUD for two years and love it. I had postpartum depression. My doctor explained that other birth control would make it worse. This is the best birth control! Highly recommend!
—Guest Christina


Just got the Mirena for the 2nd time. It hurt more this time than the first but only for a few minutes. Love it! No problems, and no periods. Highly recommend it.
—Guest DJ


it was recommended because i have heavy flow, cramping, pms and long periods.
—Guest gyglygirl
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