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Readers Respond: What Led You to Choose an IUD Insertion?

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Updated August 31, 2009

During an IUD insertion, an IUD (a small, flexible device) is inserted in the uterus. The IUD is long-lasting, safe and very effective. Many women prefer an IUD because it's hassle-free and doesn’t require taking a pill everyday. Some like how the Paragard IUD doesn’t contain hormones and lasts for 10 years, or that Mirena is an easy progestin-only method lasting 5 years. Planned Parenthood reports that the IUD is the most popular form of reversible birth control in the world -- 99% of IUD users are happy with their choice.

We are lucky that we have choices when choosing contraception. What led YOU to choose an IUD? Share Your Reason

Paraguard insertion

I just got the paraguard put in yesterday feb. 20, 2014. I chose it because hormonal birth control does not work for me. I felt sick all the time, no sex drive and fatigue. After my second child I changed birth control three times. I had ortho evra patch and two other types of pills. 7 weeks after giving birth to my 3rd baby I had the paragaurd inserted. I didn't feel a thing it was quick and painless. No cramping just some light bleeding so far. Also I had vaginal births and the last two were natural. So getting this procedure was a cake walk. My husband and I are very happy with this choice.
—Guest mom of 3

Love My Mirena

Has my Mirena inserted just over a year ago and have no complaints. I did a lot of online research and talked to my dr a few times before making the decision. Insertion was painful as I have never had kids, but overall I am very satisfied. Heavier cramping than I had before insertion, but overall worth it. Maxidol kills any pain and the worry free, error free control I have is amazing. Don't let the internet scare you girls, its the best thing I ever did for myself, and for my partner too!
—Guest Mel

New Mirena IUD

I just had my IUD inserted this morning. I get extremely heavy periods and cant remember to take the pill for the life of me! So mirena was perfect, im 18 and have a speratic schedule, so the insert and forget factor is great. Insertion was pretty uncomfortable. I had some bad cramps for a couple hours but they are gone now. So far im pleased:)
—Guest Sky


I just had paragard inserted a few hours ago. My body has never tolerated hormones well and my husband and I want to get through school before having kids, so paragard was a good choice. The one thing I wish I had known was that it is a painful insertion - I'm on my period so they didn't have to dialate my cervix, and I took some ibuprofen and thought I'd be good to go. But since I haven't had kids its been pretty painful - I was dizzy and nauseous in the Dr office and still don't feel great. Lots of intense cramping. My pain tolerance is pretty high but this is testing it for sure. Still, its far better than hormones and I know my body just has to get used to it and stop trying to push it out!
—Guest eav3013

Mirena saved my life

About 3 years ago, I had an awful time with my periods. Heavy flows and 2 periods a month for about 3 months. Went to my PCP and he told me to go to my Gyn when he saw my iron levels were very low. After doing a normal pap, he suggested exploratory surgery and an insertion of an IUD. I said yes. Very glad I did. Found out I had a grapefruit sized polyp and other smaller ones attached to my uterine walls! These caused the intense bleeding and pain I experienced. Since I got the IUD inserted while under Anesthesia, I felt no pain. I did feel discomfort for a few months when my periods came and I had cramping and felt the IUD there. Now, 3 years later, I have light or no periods and very happy I had it done. I am still anemic but I could have become seriously ill due to blood loss, more than I was w/o the surgery. In 2 years, I am due for a new IUD and will definitely have a new one in. I am 41 now and don't want kids. So I am good until menopause! Yay, I think! LOL
—Guest wendyh

Follow up

Its been about 2 months now with the paraguard... At first it felt kinda pokey... And I blead ALOT... I cant feel it at all now :) my husband has felt it a couple of times during intercourse but nothing tragic :)
—Guest Odd.One

No trouble at all with Mirena

I've had my Mirena coil in for 5 years now come June 2013. My NHS gynacologist put it in for me for very very heavy periods. I had already had a tubal ligation so it was not needed for birth control. I did not even know I was having the Mirena coil put in that day! She just said "Right, what do you think of the Mirena coil?" (I shrugged my shoulders because it was the first I knew of it) "It stops very heavy periods and flooding. We will put it in today for you. Are you ok with that? Well - up on the couch then dear". And that was it - legs akimbo -wham, bam, coil in place mam all within 15 mins! Don't get me wrong, she is a brilliant gynocologist! It did not hurt that much, just uncomfortable more than anything and the nurses with me were great and put me at my ease. One even held my hand while I was having it done bless her. I have never had any trouble at all with this coil and I recommend it for the problem I had. Go for it - you won't be sorry!
—Guest welsh rarebit

first time

I am 17, never pregnant, and wanted a form of birth control that is long lasting and low maintenance for while im in college. Insertion and several hours after were as painful as bad menstrual cramps. In the lobby I almost fainted but it was not bad, pain and discomfort generally disappeared after a long nap and a day off. Bleeding was very intense and scary immediately after insertion so be prepared. I had Mirena inserted on the second day of my period and it has been 5 days since. One thing I did not expect was very.. interesting discharge. A google search shows that many women have experienced this after insertion.
—Guest helia

Great Experience - Virgin, no kids

I got the Paragard copper IUD inserted last Thursday, so 5 days ago, and honestly it could not have gone better. I am a virgin and so obviously have never had kids, and though it was uncomfortable, it wasn't bad at all. Though I will admit that I took some old pain meds from a back surgery (Percocet, 1.5 tablets) an hour before the insertion. I was scared it was gonna hurt! But it was fine. And there was some cramping afterwards, but just like a mild period cramping. When the Percocet wore off a few hours later, I didn't actually feel bad, just crampy. The next day and the day after that, I kept forgetting it was in there. I remember running up the stairs this weekend, and then thinking... Wow, I'm feeling great! SO, even if you've read a million horror stories, and you've never had kids, you should be just fine. Take some pain meds! Take your boyfriend/husband with you to hold your hand! My fiance came and distracted me and it really helped. Great experience!! Highly recommend. :)
—Guest Katherine


I only had the Mirena in for about 10 months in betewen #1's birth and trying for #2. I think it was totally worth it! Also we got pregnant our first month trying after the removal. The doctor advised that we wait one cycle after the removal so they'd have a more accurate due date, my period returned less than a month later, and then we got pregnant again immediately!
—Guest lnOGyAMARMWeErse

Hormone free

I chose to have the Paragard copper iud since I could not tolerate the hormones in other birth control methods. I had been trying for two years bc pills and no brand seemed to work for me. Although I tried to protect myself in more than two ways, I always used condoms and every time they slipped out of place I had to get Plan B. For two years this happened, and my dr. got tired of hearing that I had used plan b and recommended the Paragard hormone free iud. I must confess that I was afraid of this device because I had heard horrible stories about it. However I had no choice and could not be taking plan b every time I had an accident and since I'm 21and a college student who can not afford to have a child I went through with the procedure which was not very comfortable but it wasn't painful either. Now after a month I am happy with it. My menstrual flow is not heavy with the iud in place. I love it! Although I can only feel one string, I'm calling my dr. to have it checked and fixed
—Guest Anna

I Love and Trust my IUD

I got my iud during my first abortion. It was a very difficult time of my life. I was 17 years old and i got pregnant during my first sex. I was so scared and. Blamed myself for not being smart enough. I had to get the iud to protect myself and to ensure that i never ever go through the process of an abortion. The insertation of the abortion was painless but months after, my period became lighter. My iud has been amazing and still in place. Im now 20 years old and proud of myself for making a really good decision. I love my iud and wished that i knew about it earlier. The paragard iud was the best for me and im happy with it. I have no interion of removing it until it expires or untill im ready to get pregnant, which is wouldnt be anytime soon.
—Guest Comfort

Compleatly painless :)(:

Just got mine 20 mins ago... So far no pain bleedibg or cramps.. Compleatly painless procedure . I had my DD on Febuary 9th 2013. I do not wish to bear any more children and hormines make me INSANE.. I took a loritab 7.5 about 30 mins before the procedure.. My only complaint was that ny doctor did not clense me with any anticeptic before insertian.. Thank God I showerd this mornin.. Hopefully everything will turn out splendidly
—Guest Odd.One

Para Gard solution

I am 10 weeks post partem and wanted a non hormonal solution because I am breast feeding. I've also had less then desirable reactions to the pill. Insertion was easy, and painless. I've had mild cramps for the last 5 hours, but totally tolerable.
—Guest Mommy of 2 and done

Why choose IUD?

I am at an advanced age and still want to have a child when the time is right. Hormonal methods may interfere with my body to become fertile at short notice. Physical methods restricts the spontaneity.

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What Led You to Choose an IUD Insertion?

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