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Readers Respond: Where Do You Discretely Store Condoms?

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Updated August 24, 2011

A condom stored properly can usually last four years if kept in its original, sealed packaging in a cool, dry and dark place (away from humidity, heat, air, and sunlight). Unless you’re planning condom use that day, don’t carry it in a wallet or pocket as the friction caused by opening/closing a wallet or from walking may cause tiny holes in the condom.

After you have mastered the overwhelming step of choosing a condom that you like, where do you store your favorite condom type? Are you discreet? Do you have a special hiding spot like a condom cube, case or compact? Before condom use, where do you keep your condoms?


I'm only young so I haven't started having sex yet but i do keep one or two in my nightstand beside my bed, just incase :)
—Guest Rebecca

Keeping my condoms

I keep mine next to my stereo but when I'm out with my girl I grab 4 or 5 and stick them in a altoids can
—Guest Iggy

Condom Case!!!

Before I met my husband. I went to rite aid for my birth control. While waiting I always look around. Long and behold I found a cute condom case. It held about four. I can put in a a little bag and no one ever knew. It was perfect for me because I always dump my stuff out my purse looking for my phone.
—Guest Mrs. Gooding

Loud and proud

I'm married and don't have any kids yet so I just keep a couple of condoms on the nightstand in plain sight - I'm pretty sure people know I'm having sex with my wife so if anyone sees a condom, well what can they say?
—Guest Marc


I just moved, so I have no furniture. I keep a shoe box next to my bed, where I keep all of my rubbers. I have pretty large feet (size 12) which means that the box is large enough to hold a lot. I have over fifty in there, and it barely covers the surface of the bottom. Plus I barely have to move to grab them, as they are right beside me.
—Guest CJ

Not just for Breath Mints!

a great place to store just about anything (not JUST condoms) is an Altoids mint tin! i have several laying around the house to store small objects, and everyone thinks they're just mints! if you wanna go for REALLY discreet, keep it under the paper that's under the mints. nobody ever looks there
—Guest Kilo

Jewelry box

I keep mine in this jewelry box my grandma gave me, I didn't think that was enought so I stuck them inside an old cross bag inside the box, thanks grandma:)
—Guest Jessigirl

Behind my Drivers License

In my wallet I have a clear drivers license slot but behind that is another slot that has cloth over it. So it stays hidden and always at easy access. I also keep one in my coin purse as a back up just in case something was to go wrong with the first. TIP: ALWAYS BRING MORE THAN ONE! Sometimes if you open the foil too hard you may damage the condom and then it becomes useless.
—Guest Alyssa

Little cases

Eyeglass cases are great for carrying condoms. So are the cases that some types of earbud-style headphones come in. And I've even used a Swatch watch case! Little drawstring bags are great too.

Coin purse

I used to have one of those oval shaped keychain coin purses with the long slot in one side. It was just big enough to slip two in, and held them securely and discretely.
—Guest meowwl

Not the best way to carry condoms

When I first started using condoms I carried several in my pocketbook. Our new puppy managed to get the strip of packets out of my purse and flung them all over the house. Not exactly the way I had planned to tell my mum what I was up to.
—Guest Beth

Store Condoms Inside my Pad

I store my condoms inside one of my pads in my purse, butI marked the pad - this way if my friend needs a pad, she won't ask me why I have a condom stored in my pad!
—Guest Tina

Tissue Box

Okay, so this might sound weird, but I always keep some condoms in the tissue box that I keep on a shelf above my bed. It is a discreet way to conceal condoms and an easy place to get them when needed!!!
—Guest Jennie

Night Stand

I know its cliche, but I keep my condoms handy in my night stand drawer. This is the closest place to my bed, so it takes the least amount of time to retrieve one when the moment is right.
—Guest Howie

My Wallet

I don’t normally keep a condom in my wallet. But, if I am going out on a date, I will put a few in my wallet just to be prepared. If things don’t work out, they go back in the box until the next time.
—Guest Jordan
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