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Readers Respond: Where Do You Discretely Store Condoms?

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Updated August 24, 2011

From the article: Condoms
A condom stored properly can usually last four years if kept in its original, sealed packaging in a cool, dry and dark place (away from humidity, heat, air, and sunlight). Unless you’re planning condom use that day, don’t carry it in a wallet or pocket as the friction caused by opening/closing a wallet or from walking may cause tiny holes in the condom.

After you have mastered the overwhelming step of choosing a condom that you like, where do you store your favorite condom type? Are you discreet? Do you have a special hiding spot like a condom cube, case or compact? Before condom use, where do you keep your condoms? Share Your Condom Tip

Hand Puppet

I have this furry hand puppet that my cat likes to play with, so I store condoms in it because nobody would check there.
—Guest Melissa

Make Up Box

I have this tin metal make up box, it opens up so fancy and I have many compartments, each having their own brand and type. It's fancy and it locks.
—Guest Carmen Castillo

Early Familiarity

If you are the parent of a boy entering puberty, when he is likely to be learning about masturbation, make sure he always has a pack of condoms in his bedroom, so that he can practice putting them on & become familiar with how they feel.
—Guest PineMan


iphone case in the closet for at home. I have one in the car but it is in a hot spot, so I don't think this is a good place to store.
—Guest Jeff

Secret Pocket

I have a pocket in my wallet for spare change in my wallet, and it's the perfect size for a single condom. I keep one in there all the time so I'm always prepared!
—Guest Paolo

M M's

I keep mine in an M&M's tin I got for Christmas a while back with some video games in a tote in my closet
—Guest Ginger

School project

I keep my condoms in my Woodshop project. It has a little drawer and a hinged top. No one would ever look there because its a school project
—Guest Thai

Makeup Bag!

I store one condom in side of a makeup bag that I keep tampons and panty-liners in! I'm a virgin and am not planning on having sex anytime soon but I keep one with me just in case. (:
—Guest Guest

Big man

I am married so I do not feel the need to have condoms around, besides i teach celebacy. If I were dating though, i would keep them in the bathroom.
—Guest Mr. finley

Airsoft container!!!

I put stored atleast 24 condoms in my airsoft container, covered the container with duct tape and put airsoft pellets on top of the condoms. :) no one ever checks the container
—Guest Anomynous

GET A MOJO Lifesaver

Check out www.themojobags.com it is an airtight waterproof sealed and concealed condom holder. Whether you carry on a keychain, put it in your pocket or toss it in your purse, backpack, tool, tackle or glove box you can rest assure your condoms are protected from the elements.
—Guest MOJO Michele


I store condoms inside my phone box and put it in my closet! Mom would Never know! You can also use Altoids buuut what if your mom is in a mood for a mint.. O.O
—Guest Someone

tin box

Can fit about 12 in there. It's discreet and can put it in a drawer.
—Guest forrest

Altoid Tin

I keep my condoms in an altoid tin can; i like mints alot so i always have them and my mom would never check there for condoms if i leave em in my room hahaa
—Guest Ben Dover

Altoids Tin

I keep all of my condoms in an altoids tin. It is very discreet and gives my condoms a "Minty Flavor" (;
—Guest Jason

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Where Do You Discretely Store Condoms?

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