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Readers Respond: What Are Your Favorite Condom Types or Condom Brands?

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Updated July 17, 2009

Ribbed... For Her Pleasure

I like it when my fiancé uses ribbed condoms (the studded ones are also good). He doesn't mind wearing them, and I definitely notice the difference! In fact, I think the best ones are the condoms (I don’t know the brand) where there are ridges top and at the base – double the pleasure for me! My fiancé prefers the ones that have bumps inside as well, so he can have some “extra” stimulation, too.
—Guest Meredith


I prefer Kimono Micro Thin condoms. These are great because they come in a "large" size, so they fit nice and allow for a lot more sensation.
—Guest Tony

Lifestyles SKYN

Lifestyles SKYN are the best condoms ever. These condoms have the perfect stretch, so they never feel tight. I am not sure as to why, but I definitely feel way more sensation while wearing these. I am so sensitive that I completely forget that I have one of these condoms on. 5 stars from me – you have to try these!
—Guest Nick

Thicker Condoms

You know what? I would prefer thicker condoms because rather than being safe, due to its extra thick layer, it helps lasting longer for males and giving more pleasure to the partner! Try them sometime!!
—Guest kasra

Trojan Ultra Pleasure Condoms

For me, the Trojan Ultra Pleasure condoms are the way to go. For those men who are more “endowed”, these condoms seem to be wider than most, especially at the tip-part. What is cool is the extra latex at the top causes more friction – you get the idea! I have tried others, but so far, this is the one kind both me and my girl agree on.
—Guest Joey

Warm Me Up and Tingle Me Down!

Without a doubt, if you have to use condoms, you MUST try warming condoms - they seem thinner and the warming bursts really heighten my pleasure. Also, tingling condoms are pretty cool. They have sort of a minty smell and somehow really intensifies things down there! Hey - if you must use condoms, might as well find some good ones :-)
—Guest Jimbo

Am I Lame?

Maybe I am lame, but I find regular, lubricated condoms to be just fine. Personally, I don't like wearing condoms, but I can't take any chances with HIV and STDs. Maybe I won't have to use them once I am in a committed relationship. I am only 19 though. I am going to try the ones mentioned on this site (the polyurethane and also the non-latex ones). I just want ones that are a bit looser, but then I get afraid they may slip off. Inthe past, we used a female condom - that was funny (kinda noisy), so it took away some of "the mood." I'll keep you all updated on my condom quest!
—Guest Gerald

Glow-in-the-Dark Condoms

These condoms are TOO FUNNY! I was having a rough day at work and the last thing that I wanted was to come home and have sex with my husband. I felt bad because I knew he was "in the mood." After I got changed for bed, I entered my dark bedroom and nothing could have prepared me for what I saw. You can use your imagination – but let’s say there was one tall beacon of light glowing from the middle of my bed. I just couldn’t stop laughing. What a great invention... and what a great night my husband and I ended up having!
—Guest Janie

Non-Latex Condoms

These non-latex condoms are the best. My girlfriend can’t use the pill, so we have to use condoms. I tried so many, I was beginning to feel hopeless. My friend recommended these condoms and WOW! They are more expensive than the typical latex ones but are well worth it! I love how they feel and they allow for a lot of sensitivity. Not to mention that I find them to be considerably softer and thicker than other condoms. Sometimes, I can hardly notice that I have one on. This equals one happy man and one happy woman!
—Guest Patrick
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